1200 calories per day goal, who else?



  • Mixedcoffees
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    I am supposed to be allowed 1200 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week given my current weight. I also use the hunger scale to verify my daily diet choices combined with intermittent fasting. I was at a good weight in two Thursdays ago then starched up carbed up on that day. I gained some water weight since then. Just trying to make the best of it for the rest of the month then hit it hard again for June. I tried adding everyone on this post, feel free to add me as well.
  • hocha626
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    just started doing 1200 calories a day ... seems very difficult.... carb and sugar over limit every day .. feeling frustrated .. :(
  • eliasig
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    Hi i am also doing the 1200 could also use the support
  • mbdean86
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    I just dropped my goal to 1200 and am now struggling to ignore the "hunger" signals that my body is screaming out. Looking for support and motivation.
  • crevtion
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    Hi everyone! Need some inspiration for my diary so would be fab to add some of you! I'm trying to eat 1200 but I often eat what my mum makes so there'd only so much I can do at the moment. Also, does anyone else find that they are worried that their calorie counting isn't accurate and you could be way off? X
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    I am on the hunt for delicious food a lot of it for least amount of calories! Lol any advice?
  • Maria_Fatima
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    Hey, feel free to send me a request!
    Except I wish for the day to be near when my goal goes down to 1200. I'm too overweight for that right now
  • Maria_Fatima
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    I'd,like to however what low calorie foods could I eat? Thanks

    My goal is higher but I find that I'm mostly consuming around 1200 calories a day. I take cereal in the morning (120 cals an average bowl). For lunch, I eat homemade food. Rice or whole wheat bread and some sort of gravy, preferably of lean meat or vegetables. I cut down the quantity there though. At night, it's usually boiled egg with homemade wholewheat bread again, and tea. But this is still not really 1200 if your quantities are low. So, I can enjoy a biscuit or tea rusk or a slice of jam or some other snacks. Low calorie homemade juices are also really effective, and pretty necessary if you live in a hot country.
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    I was on 1200 for about 7/8 weeks and have now hit my maintenance! It is achievable so good luck guys.
    If you need some low calorie meal ideas and recipes take a look here http://skinnybitch.wordpress.com
  • emmadonaldson95
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    I'd,like to however what low calorie foods could I eat? Thanks

    Take a look here for some low calorie meal ideas http://skinnybitch.wordpress.com

    Also the way i went about keeping to 1200 was thinking about what lower calorie options i could use as substitutions for my usual foods. E.g. i switched to weetabix and cornflakes instead of sugary cereal and skimmed milk not semi skimmed. I got light bread not ordinary and more or less had to cut out pasta but i did experiment a little with zoodles.
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    I have hypothyroidism, specifically Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I am also on a 1200 calorie goal because I'm a shortie (5'2). I have trouble sticking to it occasionally but between that and going to the gym and just being more active in general, I'm down 70lbs from my highest weight. Good luck! It's definitely doable.
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    I have been on a 1200 calories for 2 years. At first is seemed so small and hard, now some days I can't eat 1200 calories. However when I first started off I found that when I thought I was hungry but wasn't hot tea, black coffee, or flavored water helped those cravings or just wanting food out of boredom. Veggies and proteins will help keep you filling fuller longer. I found having a "plan" helped. I aimed to have 3, 300 calories meals and 3,100 calories snacks. Just keep with it during the hard times, it will get easier!
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    Also on 1200 calories - it's challenging for me but giving it a good try!!! Friend me if you need support!!!
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    i'm on 1000cal a day due to my height.most of the days it's really easy to achieve. lost 23 kgs since october and have 15 to go.i also have hypothyroidism.
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    Feel free to add me! I'm in the 1200 club and I have my food diary public. I need to be more consistent with tracking though
  • I'm having a hard time sticking to 1200 calories... Anyone want to share exactly what they are eating??
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    1200 a day! Feel free to add me. I have a 32 lb. weight loss goal.

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    Just started today and you've guessed it 1200 a day. Feel free to add me. Aiming to lose 44lbs.
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    also in the 1200 plan.