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    I'm in for 250 miles this month.

    06/02 - 13.50
    06/04 - 12.00
    06/05 - 16.00
    06/11 - 13.00
    06/12 - 12.00...66.50 miles so far
    06/13 - 14.00
    06/14 - 17.00
    06/15 - 14.25
    06/17 - 16.00
    06/18 - 12.75

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    June 2nd 8.56 Miles -- Duration 1:12:37
    June 3rd 7.2 Miles -- Duration 0:56:13
    June 5th 17.9 Miles -- Duration 1:44:19
    June 7th 33.3 Miles -- Duration 2:24:30
    June 9th 22.1 Miles -- Duration 1:49:08
    June 10th 6.23 Miles -- Duration 0:57:51
    June 11th 9.73 Miles -- Duration 1:11:21 (MTB Race)
    June 12th 43 Miles -- Duration 3:03:55
    June 14th 9.65 Miles -- Duration 0:45:43
    June 15th 18.9 Miles -- Duration 1:33:21
    June 16th 13.6 Miles -- Duration 1:00:03
    June 17th 5.88 Miles -- Duration 0:33:52
    June 18th 13.9 Miles -- Duration 1:02:56

    June Total Miles: 209.95
    June Total Duration: 18:15:19
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    6/1 11.44
    6/2 13.92
    6/4 11.74
    6/5 14.42
    6/7 15.21
    6/8 15.49
    6/9 9.72
    6/11 10.58
    6/12 21.36
    6/14 10.95
    6/15 16.42
    6/18 13.36

    MTD: 164.61

    Jan: 49.93
    Feb: 177.8
    Mar: 279.94
    Apr: 198.79
    May: 110.02

    YTD: 816.48
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    sijomial wrote: »
    sijomial wrote: »
    Well that's my main challenge for June completed!

    Ditchling Devil Audax - 129 miles @ 14mph, 6,975 feet of elevation gain. SW London to the coast and back via seemingly every possible big hill.

    That was really tough, very warm day and think I got dehydrated as really struggled on the third quarter and had to take a long cake/water break (the cakes were epic!). Nothing left in my legs for the climbs so had to crawl up the later hills and make up time on the flat'ish sections.

    Was supposed to be 127 miles but thanks to Garmin taking me on a couple of detours it turned it into a new PB for me. Happy to get any new PBs at my advanced age. :smile:

    Here's a link if anyone is interested, brilliantly organised event and the route takes you through beautiful countryside.

    Had a quiet start to the week recovering from my big ride, very sore bum and exercise induced asthma. :(

    Tail end of the week got in a couple of 20+ rides and a nice 50+ mile circuit in perfect weather taking in a couple of local climbs (in the Surrey Hills A.O.N.B.).
    Combe Lane https://www.strava.com/segments/8161359
    Staple Lane https://www.strava.com/segments/628859

    99.8 miles for the week (If I had known I would have taken a little detour to make it a round 100 !!)

    229 miles for the month so far.

    Over my exercise induced asthma now and lungs back to normal.
    Wish I could say the same for my bum! When saddle soreness become a saddle sore it takes the joy out of cycling. New shorts ordered and will go shopping for saddles if that doesn't improve things.

    Tuesday - 4 miles to the gym on my "Boneshaker" hybrid and a session on the Wattbike Pro - now that thing has an epically awful saddle!

    Saturday - 50 fast and fairly flat miles with a nice high average speed (for an old fart). That really hurt despite spending far more time than normal on the drops trying to keep my sore spot off the saddle. Now my neck hurts too, it's no fun being old sometimes.... :(

    Sunday - a spot of DIY surgery and wearing a corn plaster in a very unusual spot really helped! :) Another 50 miles including attacking my personal test hill (1.5 miles of false summits). Really pleased to take 30 seconds off my previous PR. Think that elevates me from awful hill climber to poor hill climber!
    I'm aspiring to be an average hill climber.... ;)

    104 miles for the week.
    333 miles for the month.
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    6/1 - 23 miles
    6/2 - 23 miles
    6/3 - 7 miles
    6/6 - 23 miles
    6/7 - 23 miles
    6/8 - 23 miles
    6/9 - 16 miles
    6/10 - 23 miles
    6/11 - 17 miles
    6/14 - 9 miles
    6/15 - 26 miles
    6/16 - 27 miles
    6/18 - 3 miles
    6/19 - 5 miles - slow weekend for bike riding. Meant to ride in the evening yesterday but it was too hot, so I just rode to the grocery store. Today rode to the lake for another open swim session this morning. Meant to ride later in the day but it's still too dang hot. Also been meaning to go for a run but again, too dang hot.

    Month to date: 249 miles
    Year to date: 1811 miles

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    01 - 13.15 Miles
    04 - 18.37
    05 - 14.80
    07 - 20.09
    09 - 17.63
    14 - 15.94
    15 - 11.14
    16 - 16.08
    18 - 16.92
    19 - 10.28
    154.40 Miles - Total

    All miles on the KATY, MKT, and Hinkson Creek Trails in Central Missouri.
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    Did a longer ride with a neighbor yesterday as it was too hot to run (mid 90s with 90% humidity - at one point the heat index hit 117), and got in an early morning run/bike workout this morning, pushing up my total to a better number for the month. It'll be tough covering the remaining mileage in the last 11 days as I'm falling behind on my running target, but it should be doable as I'm riding nearly every day for commuting purposes during the next week and can get in a few leisure rides as well. On the plus side, I noticed my front brake was rubbing when heading out the door on my TT bike this morning, which may explain all of the drops on my Friday AM hammer-fest ride. Still, I plan to do a FTP watt power test once I'm back in the gym on my usual trainer tomorrow.

    6/1 - 33 miles
    6/3 - 17 miles
    6/5 - 31 miles
    6/6 - 11 miles
    6/7 - 11 miles
    6/8 - 7 miles
    6/10 - 11 miles
    6/11 - 13 miles
    6/12 - 13 miles
    6/15 - 10 miles
    6/16 - 35 miles
    6/17 - 25 miles
    6/18 - 43 miles
    6/19 - 30 miles

    Total: 290 miles
    Goal: 500 miles
    Remaining: 210 miles

    2016 Races:
    Gran Fondo Florida Century - March - 23.1 mph avg on TT segments (draft legal)
    Ironman 70.3 Florida - April - 2:39 / 21.0 mph (no drafting)

    Ironman 70.3 Augusta - September
    Ironman Florida - November
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    June running total: 783km
    Target: 1300km

    Too lazy to type :#
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    I'm in for 250 miles this month.

    06/02 - 13.50
    06/04 - 12.00
    06/05 - 16.00
    06/11 - 13.00
    06/12 - 12.00...66.50 miles so far
    06/13 - 14.00
    06/14 - 17.00
    06/15 - 14.25
    06/17 - 16.00
    06/18 - 12.75
    06/19 - 12.50...153.00 miles so far

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    Late to the party as per usual...


    556km so far.

    Oh - and while I'm here - one or two people in this challenge may be aware I run a few cycle race themed challenges over in the Century+ Cycling Group...

    Well - early next month, we're running one that's themed on the Tour de France. And, we're currently signing people up for it. Rather than completely hijack this thread, I'll simply link to the signup/discussion thread, and if anyone's interested, let them have a look for themselves...

    At the moment there's 3 places available - but any additional people can go on a reserves list, and, if we get enough people to make a 5th 9 person team, then we'll certainly do so...

    Signup thread with pretty much all is here...


    Idea is to ride, over the duration of the TdF, the same distance as the TdF Route BETWEEN a 9 person Team.

    So, the route is 3519km long, or, 391km per person, over 21 days of riding (in 23 days), or just over 18.6km ( just over 11.5 miles for the "metrically challenged" )

    Only Stipulation is that you need to be able to log/record your rides on Strava, as this is what we use to "hoover up" all the ride data for logging and reporting purposes.

    Hope to see a few of you over there :)

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    Just started biking to work. Today was day 1- 2.6 miles seems so much shorter in the car!
  • 35dollars
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    Horrible weather this morning, so I wussed out. In retrospect, I wouldn't have got any wetter on the bike than I did walking. Back on the bike tomorrow
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    Goal for June: 1400

    1st: 72.8 miles
    2nd: 74.8
    3rd: 22.2...needed an easy day
    4th: 72 miles...mailed my bike from Wisconsin to Georgia (I own 5 bikes so it's pretty easy)...got to ride even when on vacation: Second ride: 18.8 miles
    5th: 2 rides again: 43.3 miles and 21.5
    6th: Easy day...tired from the past three weeks...1 hour on the spin bike...so 15 miles I would guess...150 watt average
    7th: 61 miles...only one ride today
    8th: 18.8 miles...easy day, back home
    9th: Two rides...one hour in the morning on the trainer so around 20 miles, afternoon ride outside, 51.1 miles
    10th: 22.1 miles easy
    11th: Two rides: 24.1 miles, very hard, 1600 feet of climbing in the 24, 21.1 average speed as I hit every hill hard: Second ride of the day...22.3 miles
    12th: Two rides...13 miles in the morning (got wet). Second ride to get to 300 miles for the week...51.5 miles
    13th: Two short rides (I was tired)...both 35 minutes...so around 20 miles (both were on the trainer)
    14th: Better today, slept and ate well, 71 miles outside (20.6 average which is good for me)
    15th: Two rides again...22 miles in the morning and then 44 in the late afternoon
    16th: Two rides...13 and 14 miles (big weekend ride coming up)
    17th: 60 miles over two rides...50 and 10...during the 10 I was testing a new Garmin
    18th: 115 miles with 7000 feet of climbing...going after KOMs on Strava
    19th: Two rides...28 in the morning and then a 23 mile ride in the evening

    So around 1070 miles for the month so far

    410 hours for the year (my goal is 800 hours for the year)

    If interested my Strava user name is: Angry Minnow
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    6/1 - 23 miles
    6/2 - 23 miles
    6/3 - 7 miles
    6/6 - 23 miles
    6/7 - 23 miles
    6/8 - 23 miles
    6/9 - 16 miles
    6/10 - 23 miles
    6/11 - 17 miles
    6/14 - 9 miles
    6/15 - 26 miles
    6/16 - 27 miles
    6/18 - 3 miles
    6/19 - 5 miles
    6/20 - 25 miles - got halfway to work and realized I forgot my lock. Luckily I live in cyclist paradise, so I could stop by a bike shop that opens up at 7 and got another. Biked home after work and then ran a 5k. So not a fan of running.

    Month to date: 274 miles
    Year to date: 1836 miles
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    It gets easier! And quicker the more you ride :)
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote:
    Review ...
    Distances include cycling + walking
    March: 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    April: 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May: 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    June: 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    July: 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug: 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep: 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct: 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov: 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec: 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan: 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb: 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    March: 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    April: 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May: 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min

    Last June is going to be hard to beat. Last June, we spent 3 weeks in summertime in Canada cycling and hiking etc. etc. This June, we'll be in the depths of winter here in Tasmania.

    However, I will make an attempt to get somewhere close to last June in terms of time or distance ... or both if I can manage it. :)

    June 2 - 45 min cycling indoors on my trainer
    June Cycling Outside: 0 km (0 min)
    June Cycling Inside: 45 min
    June Walking: 6.1 km (70 min)
    June Stairs: 60 flights (48 min)
    June Time Total: 163 min = 2 hours 43 min
    June Distance Total: 6.1 km = 3.8 miles

    June 4 - 77.7 km (260 min)

    There's a major storm coming. They've been advertising it for days now ... supposed to roll in this evening. So we set off relatively early (11 am) in order to get this ride in before the storm arrived, and yet late enough so that the frost would have melted off the roads.

    It was about 10C where we live when we set off, and climbed up the Southern Outlet. That's about a 12 km climb and by the time we got to the top, we were both overheating because we had dressed for cold. I figured I'd be shedding clothes as soon as we got to the bottom of the descent.

    But when we got to the bottom of the descent, it was indeed cold ... it had dropped to 8C and then down to 7C while we were riding. That was combined with a little breeze and heavy mist all the way out making it feel quite chilly. I was wishing for winter cycling boots! My toe covers weren't quite up to the job.

    We turned around and fortunately the mist/drizzle stopped, and what little wind there was dropped off to practically nothing.

    We had thought about stopping for lunch, but opted to just keep riding back home instead. A hot shower and coffee were calling! So we kept cycling back to Hobart and then up and over Bonnet Hill.

    Our elevation profile shows one big climb at the beginning, then almost flat, and then another big climb at the end. Variety!

    Happily, we did the ride within randonneuring time. Mission accomplished!

    There were a number of cyclists out there today ... all bundled up and looking rather cold. So we weren't the only ones.

    Weekend adventures ...

    June 4 - 77.7 km cycling (260 min)

    June 5 - 2.8 km (20 min) running on treadmill!! Go me!! I usually reserve running for chasing buses and things like that!! :grin:
    3.6 km (40 min) walking on treadmill.
    1.5 km (10 min) rowing
    June Cycling Outside: 77.7 km (260 min)
    June Cycling Inside: 45 min
    June Walking: 15.7 km (170 min)
    June Stairs: 90 flights (72 min)
    June Rowing: 1.5 km (10 min)
    June Time Total: 557 min = 9 hours 17 min
    June Distance Total: 94.9 km = 58.9 miles

    I'm back!! I was madly studying for a final exam worth 50% of my mark. Thankfully, that is done now! There will be a long wait to find out how I did, but at least the course is finished and I've got a month till the next one starts. With only full-time work to do (instead of full-time work + a grad course), I am hoping to get more cycling in. :)

    June 12 - 40.2 km cycling (125 min)
    June 13 - 47 km cycling (148 min)
    June Cycling Outside: 164.9 km (533 min)
    June Cycling Inside: 45 min
    June Walking: 31.7 km (354 min)
    June Stairs: 215 flights (172 min)
    June Rowing: 2 km (13 min)
    June Time Total: 1117 min = 18 hours 37 min
    June Distance Total: 198.6 km = 123.4 miles

    June 14 - 20 minutes cycling on my bicycle on the trainer
    June 15 - 30 minutes cycling on my bicycle on the trainer

    I'm trying to find a really comfortable saddle and set up on the trainer so that I can go for an hour or more.
    June Cycling Outside: 164.9 km (533 min)
    June Cycling Inside: 95 min
    June Walking: 48 km (544 min)
    June Stairs: 305 flights (244 min)
    June Rowing: 2 km (13 min)
    June Time Total: 1429 min = 23 hours 49 min
    June Distance Total: 214.9 km = 133.5 miles

    Dark Bikefo 200K - Saturday 18 June

    Rowan and I cycled 200.23 km with 2227.58 metres of climbing. It was a 200K randonnee to celebrate the winter solstice.

    6 riders set off at 7 am, just as the sky was lightening slightly and we could make out the yachts and birds on the bay. The temperature was a chilly 4.3C with a bit of a headwind bringing the "feels like" temperature down to 1.8C.

    Our route took us out the cycleway, a common cycling route. Unfortunately some drunks had been out there during the night and there were large patches of broken glass here and there along the way, so large that we had to lift our bicycles over.

    Once on the road, the glass problem disappeared, and a little further up the road, the temperature dropped to 3.3C. Funny thing was, just before Rowan told me it had gotten colder, my feet and hands started feeling very cold and I was doing windmills (rotating my arms around like windmills) to try to warm my hands.

    Onward to New Norfolk and then Bushy Park, the first control. Up till that point, there wasn't much climbing at all. But soon after the climbing began. One of the first climbs was a long steep thing that left me feeling quite nauseated and dizzy at the top. It was a tough climb! I saw it on the way back and thought, "I climbed that???"

    At that point, I wondered about the possibility of finishing the event because I knew there would be more climbing for a while yet and I just didn't feel up to it! But I kept slogging away ... up and up ... and then, all of a sudden, I got a second wind or something and had energy for the rest of the 200K.

    Unfortunately Rowan had issues with cramping again which kind of slowed him down.

    We arrived in Bothwell, the turn-around point, with about half an hour to spare ... and got some salty food + ice cream. We were hungry! But it was a quick stop and we were back on the road again and heading back.

    Everyone said that it's downhill on the way back from Bothwell. Well ... um ... not really. There is quite a bit of climbing for the first 32 km out of Bothwell ... and then, finally, it's downhill. I really enjoyed the downhill bit. That was fun!

    For some reason, the section from the 145 km point to the 159.99 km point took forever!! I felt like I was watching those kilometres tick by for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 12 hours. Several times I watched to make sure that my computer was actually working ... at times the numbers seemed to freeze. I began to long for numbers in the 160 range ... just for something different, just to prove that we were actually getting somewhere. I had to laugh when I figured it had to be 160-something already, looked down at my computer and it read: 159.99. I couldn't catch a break!

    Darkness was falling as we rolled into New Norfolk again and stopped at a little shop with a very friendly lady behind the counter. We chatted a bit about long distance cycling. She may have been there the last time we got our cards signed on the "So you want to ride 100 miles" event we did several months ago.

    The next bit was my least favourite. It's a busy 16 km or so with narrow shoulders that sort of come and go, and includes a 2 km stretch with no shoulders. I'm not fond of it in the daylight ... the night was no better. Although I do have to say that most drivers were pretty good. It's just that there were lots of them.

    I was relieved when we got off the main road onto a quieter road, and even happier when we got back onto the cycleway again. Fortunately the broken glass had been cleared away.

    And we rolled into the finish area after 12 hours and 36 minutes. :)


    Just adding it to my totals ...

    June 18 - 200.23 km cycling (12 hours and 36 minutes in total!)

    I've done a couple recovery walks on the two days after that event, but hope to start ramping up the exercise again today.

    June Cycling Outside: 365.13 km (1289 min)
    June Cycling Inside: 95 min
    June Walking: 54.2 km (619 min)
    June Stairs: 340 flights (272 min)
    June Rowing: 2 km (13 min)
    June Time Total: 2288 min = 38 hours 8 min
    June Distance Total: 421.33 km = 261.8 miles