July (2016) Running Challenge



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    Oh my goodness, @ROBOTFOOD ! Praying for your complete recovery. I had to look up what rhabdomyolysis is...it sounds horrible. Please rest and take care of yourself!
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    I read about Rhabdomyolysis today.

    I'd only heard of it after hearing horror stories about CrossFit, of which is said has an unduly large occurrence of it.

    Ironic that you might have been dehydrated during a flood!

    My best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!
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    @louubelle16 & @Orphia thanks so much for you thoughts! I am a newbie runner since I was off running completely for several years & just started up again. Prior to that I had only run a few years, and then way back in high school I did sprints in track rather than longer distances. So I am definitely new to distance running.

    You are right: it makes sense to just be patient & listen to my body & not try to run every day. Slow but consistent is way better than fast, frequent, and then injured! I do do a lot of cross training - - biking (stationary & "real"), weights, walking, swimming...and it definitely helps with over all fitness.

    Thanks again!

    @cljoe7 Very good reply! :smile:
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    @ROBOTFOOD so glad you are okay! How horrible and scary. I was wondering where I'd heard of that syndrome and it was as @Orphia mentioned in reference to Crossfit.

    Good running everyone.
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    7/2 - 5.5 miles


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    Wow - @ROBOTFOOD!! I am so glad you went to the hospital! Hoping they test your kidneys and that all is ok!
    I did have to laugh at the HR comment. I had a similar experience when I had my hand surgery and kept setting off alarms and the nurses would all come running. When they saw I was fine and I explained about my HR being low, they just turned the alarms off :)
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    @ROBOTFOOD Duuudeee that sucks. I hope you make a quick recovery. Had to google Rhabdomyolysis cause I never heard of it. Wikipedia says one of the causes can be extreme physical exercise (particularly when poorly hydrated). You didn't happen to engage in any extreme physical exercise particularly when poorly hydrated didn't you?

    Date.....Distance..Avg hr/Pace/km
    July 1 - 7.7 km - 148/6:09
    July 2 - 5.8 km - 147/6:56
    July 3 - 11.6km - 151/6:22


    03/04: Bucharest 10k and Family run 48:28
    16/04: Color Run Bucharest
    17/04: Forest Run 5k 22:05
    04/06: Happy Run 5k 21:57
    22/07: Bucharest After9Cross 9.5k
    28/08: Fox Trail Half Marathon (10k)
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    @ROBOTFOOD Glad you're okay!! That's a harrowing story, my friend! Stay safe out there in that LV heat!
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    7/1: Rest/moving day
    7/2: 8 miles
    7/3: 3 miles

    My body has forsaken me! I slept in a dry room 2 nights ago, and that triggered a gross mucus-y immune response. So I feel like I have an awful cold, but for no good reason; my lymph nodes aren't swollen and my throat doesn't hurt, but I have all the nose-throat-lung gunk that would come with it. Sleep has been awful, I'm tired from moving, and now I can't breathe and run at the same time. Went out for a 3 mile trial loop, and my running buddy and I both agreed I should just go home and take it easy. It really sucked because we had the first not-awfully-humid morning in weeks, and I can't even enjoy it! Boooo!

    LUCKILY, this whole "nose-only cold" should be resolved by tomorrow and I don't work Tuesday, so I can re-do my "long" run then (I was only going to do 10-12 anyway since this was an impromptu, life-related cutback week). Today my plan is to eat, nap and try to make a dent in the tome of a novel I'm reading (IT by Stephen King, which is, for all intents and purposes, a million pages long, and according to Kindle, I'm 44% done).


    Upcoming Races:
    7/9: Belmar 5 miler (Belmar, NJ)
    9/11: Lehigh Valley Via Marathon (Allentown, PA)
    11/20: Philadelphia Marathon (Philly, PA)

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    Lots of rain today and tomorrow for the holiday long weekend, so unsure of when I'm running again.

    @kristinegift My body has also forsaken me. Running in summer humidity seems to give me a constant feeling of needing to cough something up. My nose has been constantly stuffy despite not feeling sick. I hope your issues are short-lived.

    @Orphia Sounds like you are really making progress!
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    @ROBOTFOOD -Holy carp kittens!! Glad you are OK! I think I'll just donate all of my miles this month. Sort of like Red Nose Day, only for a month and for runners who can't run. Maybe we can call it Black Toe Month.

    @kristinegift - I recall reading that book. A double whammy. It just keeps going and going forever, yet you just can't put it down.
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    edited July 2016
    Very slow and easy short 2.5 mile jog today since I have a 5k tomorrow morning.

    7/1 - 0 miles for me but 3 for Black Toe Month (BTM)
    7/2 - Nada, just strength exercises (sorry BTM)
    7/3 - 0 miles for me but 2.5 for BTM

    0 of 100 miles completed for me
    5.5 of XXX miles completed for BTM

  • Mathsrunner
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    1/7: 4.5 Miles
    3/7: 8.1 Miles


  • kristinegift
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    edited July 2016

    @kristinegift - I recall reading that book. A double whammy. It just keeps going and going forever, yet you just can't put it down.

    @WhatMeRunning I usually read pretty fast and can knock out a 300-400 page book in a weekend with time to spare. But goodness gracious, IT is just so long and so wordy! I'm almost halfway through and we're just starting to get to the actual action. Double whammy, indeed!
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    @ROBOTFOOD Oh man! I'm so glad you went to the hospital & survived that scariness! I also had to google rhabdomyolysis as I've never heard of it. Please rest & take care of yourself so you can recover without any lasting damage.

    @Elise4270 Thanks for your suggestions re: the knee pain. I think I will go back to PT if it continues to plague me. I wish I could offer some advice about your son's amazing HM running potential, but instead all I have to say is: I'm hugely impressed & somewhat jealous. Wow!

    @greenolivetree (((HUGS))) for the spider run! Yikes!!!

    @Stoshew71 Great pics! Have a fantastic hike.

    Did about 2 miles of walk/ running on the treadmill yesterday & slowed the running pace waay down from what I had been doing. Knees seemed to appreciate that. I feel like I can do a lot more re: cardiovascular-wise, but the knees don't want to take it yet. Patience! (and biking :wink: ) I think this means if I want to make my Black Toe Month goal I will have to count some walk-only miles, which I haven't wanted to do. We'll see.

    7/2....2.01 miles walk/run on treadmill

    Goal: 35 + 2 for Black Toe Month
    2.01 Done, 34.99 to go
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    I hate waiting. Carb loading and hydration are in full swing...I'm so gonna be heavier tomorrow....
  • 5512bf
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    7/1 - 11.5 Easy
    7/2 - 5.86 Recovery
    7/3 - 18.11 Long Run

    Today's run sucked as we had about 7 inches of rain over night so humidity was 92% with 72 degree temperatures. I actually wished it would have been raining. This also concluded week 4 of my marathon training with 63.6 miles. Next week has the first 20 miler, yeah!