July (2016) Running Challenge



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    @mnlittlefinn. Kill it! Good luck
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    lporter229 wrote: »
    Okay, here's the deal. Everyone in the challenge has to run a donation mile for @Elise4270 and @ceciliaslater which means that everyone has to exceed their goal by two miles. Deal?

    I finished June right around 150. I am going to put in for 175 (er, 177?) in July.

    Great idea!
    I didn't manage my last month's total nor did I manage my 6km continuous running so I will keep them both:
    6km non stop.
    So that will be 112km 2km to donate to those unable to run. Anything over that will be donated too!
    Happy running everyone
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    No run today. Chilling with family today and tomorrow, have 3 full days off of running between Thursday's Fartlek and my HM on Monday. Current forecast has 64 degrees F and 64% humidity at start time. Should be pretty nice.
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    Date.....Distance..Avg hr/Pace/km
    July 1 - 7.7 km - 148/6:09
    July 2 - 5.8 km - 147/6:56


    03/04: Bucharest 10k and Family run 48:28
    16/04: Color Run Bucharest
    17/04: Forest Run 5k 22:05
    04/06: Happy Run 5k 21:57
    22/07: Bucharest After9Cross 9.5k
    28/08: Fox Trail Half Marathon (10k)
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    Not a great run today (but not bad either) - had to cut it a bit short. Went to get some new shoes last night and Academy has discontinued the style I love (even online). Picked up a different style - it's a tad heavier, but I've also run in Mizuno Wave Rider 18s, and those feel heavy compared to the Evade, so...not a big deal, I guess.

    Knew I needed to run in 'em to decide yea or nay for Monday's race, so headed out this morning, planning on 10ish. Around 4 or so, started feeling a little soreness around the back of the right ankle. Reached down - just a little rub spot. Decided to cut it short at 6.45, and will wear an "old" pair of Evades for the race.

    Might head out again later this evening (if the stars align) to bump over 30 for the week. Yeah, I know, I was intentionally cutting back for the 10K Monday, but c'mon - less than 30 for a whole week? Fuggedaboudit!
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    7/1: Rest/moving day
    7/2: 8 miles

    I was going to do about 10 today, but I was unexpectedly sore in the legs from moving on Thursday/Friday. I thought for sure I'd be feeling it in my arms/back, but it was mostly my legs/glutes that were feeling tired today! Going to laze around for most of today (I'm trying to conquer the bulk of IT by Stephen King before I go back to work Wednesday) and go for 12+ tomorrow with some fresher legs.


    Upcoming Races:
    7/9: Belmar 5 miler (Belmar, NJ)
    9/11: Lehigh Valley Via Marathon (Allentown, PA)
    11/20: Philadelphia Marathon (Philly, PA)[/quote]

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    edited July 2016
    Stoshew71 wrote: »
    Back in it for the 200 club for July! Count me in for anything north of 200, probably 220-230 if I follow my schedule to a T.

    Upcoming Races:
    7/9: Belmar 5 miler (Belmar, NJ)
    9/11: Lehigh Valley Via Marathon (Allentown, PA)
    11/20: Philadelphia Marathon (Philly, PA)

    @kristinegift I just noticed. Are you doing full marathons in both September & November? :open_mouth:

    @Stoshew71 I am indeed! But that means no fall HM since I've got to recover and maintain between the two (which sucks, because I am a far better HM runner at this point). I am trying to BQ at both; Lehigh Valley will be for 2017 (unless it's really hot, then it will just be good 26.2 practice to avoid hitting the mental wall) and Philly will be for 2018. I've gone full marathon crazy.
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    Good morning! Beautiful cool morning and perfect running conditions today. I ran with some of the Y Running group, but because I already did my long run yesterday, I went with a much slower, easier, and shorter run today. It was fun to chat with people and enjoy the day.

    2.87 miles done today

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    I have a question. I don't want to steer my son wrong. Alex is 21, very small frame ~140lbs, 5'9"ish, no athletic background, but ideal runner! He is in week 2 of his training program, (Its a 5k in 30 days). He is up to 2 miles solid already, 10-12MPW, pace is 8-9min/mile in the heat :astonished: . Sheesh, took me month's-years to do 2 miles straight and break that 10 MPW barrier, and get sub 9.

    I think he should be able to do the Jenks half with us in early November. Does anyone think that could be a stretch?

    I ran my first half marathon in about the same amount of time, going from 0-13 in about 4 months with absolutely no level of prior fitness from having done nothing resembling exercise for well over 3 years. It wasn't pretty, but I did it, and it was enough to catch the running bug!

    Thanks! That's amazing. It took me along time to get race ready!
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    @louubelle16 & @Orphia thanks so much for you thoughts! I am a newbie runner since I was off running completely for several years & just started up again. Prior to that I had only run a few years, and then way back in high school I did sprints in track rather than longer distances. So I am definitely new to distance running.

    You are right: it makes sense to just be patient & listen to my body & not try to run every day. Slow but consistent is way better than fast, frequent, and then injured! I do do a lot of cross training - - biking (stationary & "real"), weights, walking, swimming...and it definitely helps with over all fitness.

    Thanks again!
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    cljoe7 wrote: »

    Yay for all the newbies! And thanks to all the seasoned runners for all your good advice. @Stoshew71 & @Elise4270 thanks for sharing about your running beginnings. It helps to know that even the really good endurance runners struggled at the beginning also.

    So here's a question: how do you know when to push through aches & pains vs. stopping to prevent an injury? I always start my runs with achy knees. I'm super paranoid about reinjuring them & being sidelined forever. I had planned to run today, but my legs & knees are achy & so I was thinking to do the bike instead. My knees seem to complain less if I don't run two days in a row. But it seems like I'll never improve if I don't push myself more. I wonder if I'm being smart by being conservative, or if I'm being too cautious & paranoid. Any thoughts?

    I just got a mention lumped in with Stan the man? Whoo! Movin' on up! *Insert dance party*

    To answer your query, my take on when to add some recovery time:

    1..If it gets worse during a run, obviously.

    2..If I'm obsessing on it.

    3..It alters my gait.

    I'm a nerd. I love anatomy.

    I have a few books that are helpful. Anatomy for Runners by Dicharry and Running Strong by Dr. Jordan Metzl, Runner's World's sports doctor.

    If your knees are bother you it could be your hip alignment , or IT band, or both, or true knee pain. Maybe even your shoes. But the rule is hip down evaluation for women, feet up for men.

    I had knee pain for a while. It turned out to be the result an altered gait due to hypermobility in my hips and the effects down the chain, classic. I can actually see that one hip is 1-2 inches higher. It is opposite of the piriformis muscle that caused so much pain. Tight gluteal muscles/IT band opposite the knee could be the issue. See? Maybe even weak medial glutes- if you sit, they are weak. (Everyone should address this muscle).

    I though I was just deformed until a good PT got a look at me (2 chiropractors and 1 pt overlooked it). Now I know how to spot it and correct it before it gets bad, or go for help. I have developed a regular pre-run check list, everything is check for placement, flexibility and alignment!

    I hope this helps and keeps you running! Pain sucks. Nothing wrong with being conservative. The difference between a runner and an athlete is knowing when to rest.
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    2nd July: 5km and a PB


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    @greenolivetree The trails like that, my husband runs in front of me. :wink: We have had an abundance of them here this last week. Seems like we're relocating 2-3 a day. They might have had a population explosion with the inchworm infestation a few weeks ago.

    I'll take spiders over ticks any day!

    ((Hugs)) :smiley:
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    Working toward first HM.

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    @greenolivetree - That right there is my worst nightmare and would keep me from ever venturing back on that trail, maybe any trail! UGH!!!
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    @Elise4270 and @shanaber I've been going to this trail since 1999 and never had this happen. The whole place was just web after web. I also saw a rat. Lol! And this heron. 4eluw2kfblm4.jpg
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    Date      Miles      MTD
    -------   -----    -------
    July  2     6.5      6.5 


    First post and already 128 in front of me. This group is lean, mean, and out of control!
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    My goal for July is to have no running or exercise fitness goal, just run as much as I can, workout, and see where I end up. I know it sounds weird but i think I'll do more and better not having a "goal".

    I decided that I want to run the Princess Half Marathon in February 2017. Not as a goal but hopefully this will give me something to look forward to, to keep me focused and training for something exciting. I've been on a weight loss plateau/struggle for the past 2.5 years it seems like. I lost lots of weight before and maybe I need to do some things that I did before. I signed up for a Disney 5k, trained for it, and was able to run the whole thing and lost weight during the process.

    I've been wanting to run the princess HM since 2012 but life kept getting in the way....so I hate to wait till 2018 so I'm gonna try to make it happen 2017. I know I'll have so much fun doing it but I have no one to do it with. My friends aren't in to running or fitness for that matter. I think I'm gonna save up for some good running sneakers and just do the damn thing!

    Anyone planning to do the upcoming Princess HM 2017?