July (2016) Running Challenge



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    Brans34 wrote: »
    7/1 - 4.81 miles

    7/2 - 2.58 miles

    Running total: 7.39

    7/3 - 4.1 miles
    Running total: 11.49 miles
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    I have to get to working out. I want to set a goal of 45 miles.
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    @MNLittleFinn you are so ready for this. Can't wait to hear all about it. Kill it!!!!
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    edited July 2016
    @9voice9 Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure that cheesecake will make you run fast!

    @MNLittleFinn Good luck to you too!

    And of course, Good luck to anyone else! Looking forward to race reports. My son runs tomorrow morning. It's his second 5k the first was probably 5 years ago the day after he got a DUI. He wasn't much fun that day. Ya, he was 16.

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    @vandinem Good luck with the new shoes!
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    @MNLittleFinn Good luck with your race tomorrow! You've got this. Have fun and have a great run.

    @9voice9 good luck with your 10K! Mmmm, that cheesecake looks good and I'm sure will be the key to a good run.

    Anyone else running a race tomorrow for the 4th have a great one!

    It was a gorgeous summer day here today, after how cool it was yesterday it was a pretty normal 80 degrees today. I tried out a new to me trail. It was a 3 mile loop around a small lake, and part of it was boardwalk over some boggy areas. The trail was really nicely maintained. I did an extra little loop of confusion at the beginning and ended up with a 3.29 mile run. I was pretty sweaty at the end.

    Fortunately I had brought an extra shirt change because I took a little drive and ended up having dinner afterward at a pub overlooking the river. The weather was PERFECT at that time with gorgeous breeze across the water. The restaurant/bar across the river had a live band and it made for a really nice evening.

    I ended up 22.5 miles for the week. For the month of July I'm at 12.44:


    I debated running a 5k tomorrow but I don't want to get up that early. So I think I'll take another drive and try out a state park I've been wanting to check out.

    Happy 4th to everyone.
  • HonuNui
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    July goal.....run

    7/1 snorkel 4 hours
    7/2 7.53
    7/3 3.23

    Total 10.76

    Upcoming races:
    SHEPower Virtual Half: July 18
    Las Vegas RocknRoll Virtual runs--making the band
    ......Guitar Solo 6/28 3.85
    ......Drum Solo in August
    ......Lead Singer in September
    Las Vegas RocknRoll Half 11/13/16
    @MNLittleFinn and @9voice9 (and everyone else running) go get'em! I'll think of you while I'm slogging thru a 12 hour work day.....don't worry 'bout me....

    Ticker is my goal for 2016 and accumulation to date:
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    @MNLittleFinn and @9voice9 - good luck with your races today!
  • djspacecaptain
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    Day 3: 5 mile hike on the beach

    Monthly total: 17.25/75 miles
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    Happy Independence Day and good luck to all who are running races today.

    I won't get a chance to start running in July until Tuesday. Increasing my goal to 60 miles for this month...I plan to work a couple of overtime shifts to help pay for a new "tear-off" roof. So probably won't be able to run as much as I would like.
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    2/7: 2.3 km run to try out new shoes
    4/7: 3.3 km; still not sure about the shoes, but had a great run

  • juliet3455
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    I have been back at it for a few weeks now and I have done some slow intervals, which have been going well! I have been doing about 2-3 miles at a time of running/walking combined, so I think I am going to go for 45 in July!
    And one question.. there is a local half marathon/5k coming up September 24. And I kind of got the idea it might be fun to walk/run the half!!

    @TresaAswegan Have you taken part in previous races?
    If the answer is no I would suggest you start with some 5km events - all the speed demons will be at the front of the starting pack so to prevent potential passing conflicts start near the back of the pack in front of the walkers.
    Once you have completed a few 5 km events and managed to get a few longer runs ( 7-9km ) then find a 10km event. Have fun.
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    Way to crush that half @MNLittleFinn!!
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    I'm planning to do at least 120km in July. 4 days in an I'm at 25km (a single 10K and 3 x 5K), which is a good start!