Looking for 5'8"-ish girls! goal weight?



  • 37434958
    37434958 Posts: 457 Member
    I have a pretty wide frame, so my goal weight is 140-150sh.
  • beastmodekittyx
    beastmodekittyx Posts: 97 Member
    I'm 5ft8 and my weight goal for now is 145lbs
  • StarChanger
    StarChanger Posts: 605 Member
    I'm 5'8" and am at my goal weight of 117.

    This is UNDERWEIGHT...not even a BMI of 18. Even if you're modeling, this is unhealthy.

    And for myself, 5'8" and looking for 145-160 lbs
  • NumbrsNerd
    NumbrsNerd Posts: 202 Member
    I'm 5'8. Started at 222 - aiming for 140. I'm 168 now and a size 10 Misses - 11/13 Juniors.
  • pkw58
    pkw58 Posts: 2,039 Member
    My goal weight is 128... perfectly happy down two pounds or up a pound. I am 5'8" .
  • teelynn35
    teelynn35 Posts: 239 Member
    My lightest was 123, not a healthy weight for me. I'd like 133 I'm 5'8 and currently at 153 lbs
  • Mustang_Susie
    Mustang_Susie Posts: 7,045 Member
    5' 7.5"
    Very small frame
    I'm at 116# now
  • CoffeeNBooze
    CoffeeNBooze Posts: 966 Member
    it depends on your frame size and also how you feel comfortable. If you don't know what size frame you have, you can measure your wrist and look it up on google. I am 5'7 and a small frame, right now I'm about 126 and start to look lumpy at 130 (I'm also naturally muscular). You can also look up your ideal weight range for your frame size. Hope this helps! It helped me.
  • annakow
    annakow Posts: 385 Member
    Hi I am 5.7 , 52 lbs lost and counting:)
  • Kai81109
    Kai81109 Posts: 52 Member
    i'm 5'9 and before i put on all my weight i weighed 125 and was constantly told i look sickly so i dont think goin that low would be good again so i switched my goal weight to 135-145 as long as i stay in that range im happy..
  • vytamindi
    vytamindi Posts: 845 Member
    Dang... and here I was thinking I was getting close to my goal of 160. It's probably not my ultimate goal, but a good place for me to start assessing body comp.
  • waterwaif
    waterwaif Posts: 31 Member
    I am 5'10" with a small frame and my goal weight is 130-135.

    Everyone's mileage varies, though, and two women the same height will still carry weight differently. My 135 might look totally different on you.
  • salleymo
    salleymo Posts: 50 Member
    I am 5'8" and I've always been around 148-150, I was never a big girl but wasn't quite skinny either. I am currently 211 and aiming to get to at least 164-155, after all, I'm not trying to get back to high school weight b/c that was 11 years ago. I just want to be in the correct BMI
  • ashandloggiesmom
    ashandloggiesmom Posts: 92 Member
    I'm 5.7 and I felt the most comfy at 160 pounds. I have a medium frame. I was lean but still had curves, but not as much as I do now
    KAYRRIE Posts: 201 Member
    I'm 5'7 and have a bigger frame. My goal is 150, however, I would be completely ok if I stood at 170 as long as it's more muscle mass than fat. I need some meat on my bones for the hubby.
  • mommyrocks5
    mommyrocks5 Posts: 49 Member
    I'm 5'9" my goal weight is 125-127. I am currently 141.5 ( I was at goal last summer but fell off the food and exercise wagon) want to get back to that comfortable in my own skin weight. Medium build and naturally muscular.
  • JanAlyssa825
    JanAlyssa825 Posts: 43 Member
    I'm 5'8" and would ultimately like to be 140 - I keep hitting plateaus, but I'm trying to power through it. When I get to 140, I may think about 135, but I'm not sure that's doable for me. Currently working my butt off at the gym and counting calories religiously!
  • haymancm
    haymancm Posts: 280 Member
    My goal is 130 and am 5'7". This is what I was before kids & eating out & diet coke addiction took effect 20 years ago! lol
  • Im 5'8 weighing 115. My goal weight is 145. I want to gain muscle weight but my problem is I have a high metabolism.