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Do you log the small nibbles you take in your MFP diary?



  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    Depends on how much you're nibbling and what you're nibbling on...a lot of nibbling though out the day on calorie dense foods is going to add up. When I logged back in the day that was one of the habits that I tried to break out of right away and instead planned for actual snacks that were properly portioned out throughout the day. Nibbling can be a very counterproductive activity.
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,953 Member
    edited July 2016
    Yes. Because one chip can still be 10 calories. 5 chips, still a nibble, is 50ish... a nibble of avocado might be 30 calories. It adds up. After one year of eating 50 calories over your maintenance everyday (and not logging it) you would have gained 5 pounds.

    Just 50 calories a day.
  • klm62505
    klm62505 Posts: 17 Member
    I log everything and when I don't I start seeing the scale go up. I once logged two grapes, that I weighed. I like to be accurate and I want my numbers to be as close to accurate as possible. And I want to lose weight, too and that means for me, I have to be accurate. As I am slowly and painfully learning.
  • leanjogreen18
    leanjogreen18 Posts: 2,492 Member
    Yes I logged one bite of blueberry cobbler :).
  • michellesz
    michellesz Posts: 429 Member
    Are you in maintenance? Then your choice may vary especially if you have hundreds of calories to spare. If you're aiming to lose, then it depends on how honest or serious you want be or how badly you want to see changes! Little nibbles here and there can add up to be big calories in the end. It's purely up to you. Logging keeps you accountable and is there for you to see patterns if the weight isn't moving in the right direction. Your choice!
  • stephenearllucas
    stephenearllucas Posts: 255 Member
    Yep, I log everything. Commitment to logging every little nibble has kept me from "taking just a bite" many times--it's too much trouble to find my phone, log into MFP, and enter the info, so I don't take the bite. This is one of the few times that my inherent laziness is a benefit to me....
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    I log every nibble. They add up really fast.

    To be fair though, I really don't nibble much (one of the peaks of having Invisalign, got to take my teeth aligners when I want to eat, which isn't always convenient, then wash your teeth, which is a pain).
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,048 Member
    Yes, I strive to log everything as accurately as I can, including nibbles.

    I'm a data geek. When I was getting close to maintenance, it helped to have accurate-as-feasible personal calorie & weight-loss-rate data, so I could estimate my maintenance calories from actual data, instead of just using some web-based calculator that is based on large-group research studies. (Good thing, because it turned out that the calculators are pretty far wrong, for me.)

    Of course, there's some estimating involved, some margin of error. But better data, even if not perfect, is still helpful.
  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,049 Member
    arditarose wrote: »
    No. But I'm also not being successful at losing weight. Go me. If you don't have much wiggle room, log your bites people.

    Haha same here. Lately i haven't been logging the hand full of chips out of hubby's packet or the odd cookie here or there. I know exactly what i need to do to get the scale moving again, I'm just burnt out at this stage and only a few lbs away from goal weight, so I'm not particularly desperate to lose any more weight, which makes cheating that much easier :grumble: