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    Afternoon all, I am just stopping in to say hi. I am going to try to get on later, but got little sleep last night and want to take a nap while baby girl is laying down. I didn't track everything yesterday...going to try to get it logged today..wasn't a good day, no out door walks..just a weird day period.

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    @trooworld Weekends are harder because I don't have as much structure. I got 25% today. I love the bamboo. I didn't realize they could get so tall. Yeah, everyone seems to have their own definition of what is comfortable and acceptable for mask usage. My son had a party at his house. An old friend came to town and no masks that I could see. I called it his covid party. I said, could you wait until your insurance kicks in before you try and catch covid? You don't know who these other people have been around and it seems like you all aren't taking the mask thing seriously. So..... I'm sure he rolled his eyes at my text. Did you earn any activity points? I don't think I would like them setting my goal. Can you customize it? Doubling a goal on your first week seems unmotivating. Even if you went over the goal. Too me that is more motivating. But like mask usage, we all have our own sense of what we like. I'm changing my intentional movement calorie goal from 275 to 300 starting today.

    @mswatson0777 Its an IOS app called Tally. Android might have it. It's just a basic counting app. You can customize it anyway you want. Those same three boxes used to be called Today, Tomorrow, Later. I was using it as a procrastination tool. See how many times I put off tasks in a day. I added in a note so I would know which tasks. I need simple, simple, or I stop using it. Sorry about your feelings of dread. One thing are you trying to do everything perfectly. So you are putting too much stress on yourself and it causes fear and shutdown. Can you pick one small task of what you are supposed to be doing and laser focus on that. For your doctorate and your job. Then what's the next action. Seeing the step in front of you instead of the whole stair case can make it easier. Keep in mind, this too shall pass. Hugs.

    I have to go take care of something for hubby. I'll be back. (said in Schwarzenegger voice)
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    @teresaw1020 Here's my nutrition game rules:

    Staying within boundaries of carbs =30 per day
    Staying within boundaries of cals=30 per day
    210 nutrition points needed per category

    Carb Boundaries:

    Penalty points: going over carb boundaries- Maximum points deducted is 30 per day per category
    If over Subract ½ the number of carbs

    Bonus Points: staying under carb boundaries
    If under Add ½ the number of carbs if under boundaries

    Calorie Boundaries-

    Penalty points: going over cals boundaries- Maximum points deducted is 30 per day per category

    If over 1-100 calories subtract 5 points
    If over 101-200 calories subtract 10 points
    If over 201-300 calories subtract 20 points
    If over 301+ calories subtract 30 points

    Bonus Points: staying under cals boundaries

    If under 1-100 calories add 5 points
    If under 101-200 calories add 10 points
    If under 201-300 calories add 20 points
    If under 300+ calories add 30 points

    activity minutes: 2 pt for every 100 calories burned. (Equals 6 pts per day for meeting exercise goal)

    Your train ride day sounds so nice.

    @retiredandlovitit My Versa shows the zone minutes easily. I'd like something with my blood pressure if it was remotely accurate. OMG Still cleaning up trees. How many weeks has it been now? Yikes on snow already. Can't wait to tell my son. he's just loving the 25 min commute to work right now. He sent me a pic of him and his friend by the pool in their apt complex. Living the life now I guess. Oh that 3 lb loss was a while ago. I was just giving an example. lol I'm kind of stuck in place which is why the nutrition game was born. How is your nutrition lately?

    @Its_cleo Your goals sound good. I have a monthly weight goal this month to meet and I've been so slow on the first half of the month I have to go above and beyond this last two weeks. So I'm trying to concentrate just on the next meal and getting in my workouts. It's the food that's killing me. Is it easier for you to break down your 1700 cals into meal goals? You could do 400 breakfast, 500 lunch, 500 dinner and two 150 snacks. For me I always have a larger breakfast planned and lighter lunch cause I love breakfast. I remember the Achilles heel problem. I hope it doesn't come to that. Your cookbooks sound fun. I want to give away mine since I don't use them anymore but mainly from Pinterest but I think of one day the internet goes down everywhere for a long time and I won't have access to recipes. So they still sit there. I once read a book about this scenario. Things we just take for granted was suddenly gone.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 99/100
    Intentional movement: Rest Day
    0 zone minutes

    October goals; Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water :| Burn 300 calories *** Preplan food :(
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    Hi all. First off, I want to say that I might have come off as preachy yesterday about COVID and I didn't mean to and I'm sorry. Most of the community outbreaks around here are in restaurants so when friends tell me they are going to restaurants, it unnerves me. Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with FOR THEM. But for me, in my situation, I have to be very, very careful. What others do affects me and what I do affects my loved ones. So I need to consider that when I consider whom I hang out with. That is all about COVID! :)

    @mswatson0777 Yeah, I just can't take chances. She just didn't seem to get it. Great job tracking everything! I hope you enjoy the pancakes. What makes them savory? Are they filled with anything? I think if I was trying to get a doctorate degree AND working a high-stress job AND doing it during the most stressful time in history, I'd find it hard to be motivated, too. I think you need to give yourself some grace.

    @TeresaW1020 You should totally go! :D Exactly. If she was upfront about it, I would have been fine with telling her I wouldn't meet with her. I have rarely met with friends because of this virus. I am very selective about meeting with people. If they tell me casually about high-risk behaviors they are doing, I note it mentally and don't make in-person plans with them. I can certainly understand your friend not leaving her home since March! I bet you and the kids had fun yesterday and you were probably tired out as well lol. Happy Anniversary (early)! Your anniversary trip sounds amazing!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I bet those maples are beautiful! I think you are smart to skip being in a car with others for 8 hours. My Amazon Halo doesn't do BP nor O2 readings but if you have any other questions about it, just ask. It does do a good job with active minutes. Yes, it is too bad about the ex-coworker. :(

    @its_cleo Thanks! 11.5 hours of intentional movement would be fantastic.

    @cbabie Sorry you had a weird day. I hope today is better. I also hope your weigh-in goes well today! ;)

    @theslightedgeforever I got 100% yesterday. Yeah, I didn't either, I guess they get really tall. LOL to your son's COVID behavior. Did I earn any activity points yesterday? Nope. Maybe 5. It was a rest day of sorts. I can't customize it, I wish I could. It didn't even congratulate me when I hit my goal, which would have been nice.

    Hello again everyone. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I intentionally went over my WW points. I did no exercise (it was my rest day). I just relaxed. Today, I will do some exercise of sorts. Probably ride the spin bike. I do want to hit my goal again this week.

    Goals for Oct 18-Oct 24:
    - rate my hunger on a scale of 1-10 before eating
    - track 90% of food intake
    - get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
    - drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
    - meditate for at least 15 minutes a day
    - put my utensil down between bites
    - ask myself if I'm really hungry before eating anything
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    @TeresaW1020 Happy Anniversary! What a fun plan to celebrate, I hope you have a great time. You sound like an amazing teacher, high energy games AND candy?! No wonder you're the favorite!

    @its_cleo So sorry to hear your achilles tendonitis is acting up. I know how frustrating it is when insurance doesn't cover things. Before we got married, my husband's insurance had an extremely high deductible so we were always making medical decisions based on cost which stinks. And Bite Me Balance sounds hilarious!

    @RetiredandLovingIt We did a Finnish sausage and onion savory pancake tops with ligonberry jam. It was pretty good although the meat pies the week before were way better. Sorry to hear you got hit with snow. I think ours is coming on Tuesday. And sadly I won't graduate until spring 2021if everything goes to plan so I've got quite a bit of time left.

    @trooworld You didn't sound preachy. We're in a pandemic...and I don't think people understand that. The pancakes were pretty good. They were baked with sausage, onions, and cheese and then topped with ligonberry jam which was fun. And I'm trying to give myself grace, but also recognizing that I feel like I'm dropping the ball everywhere.

    @theslightedgeforever Sadly I feel like I'm doing everything half-a**edly, but it's the only way I'm surviving. I think I'll feel better once I've got rough drafts of chapters 1-3 done, because that is a lot of extra stress on top of everything else. And i'll have to check out that Tally app, thanks for the tip!

    @cbabie Sorry to hear yesterday was a weird day, did anything in particular happen?

    I had a mini-binge yesterday. I was just feeling really run down and I spiraled a bit. Sadly that means I don't feel great this morning. I still did a 30 minute arms workout this morning and will hopefully take the dogs for a walk after work. I didn't even cook for the week so I've got to whip something up when I get home (I've got an easy slow cooker kung pao chickpea recipe that hopefully shouldn't take too long to throw together). I also barely did any grad work after Friday and I've got piles of laundry downstairs that needs folding...yeah I really didn't set myself up for success this week. Oh well...the world isn't going to end if I live in wrinkly clothes from a laundry basket for a week.
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    Morning all.. I had everyone answered, my post done and my stupid mouse decided to hit the back arrow. I don't have time to repost. My DH is waiting on me to finish this so he can go work on a car. I am seriously stressed right now. So highlights about my post. I will answer others I can't believe this is putting me in tears. What does that says GET REAL Cbabie.

    I lost 2 lbs, did my WI and was glad, because I ate crap Sat and Sunday. I know why I did and have to work on that. Can't get rid of the cause, have to handle how I handle the cause. My goals are to walk each day, even if its once around our block. I find the night walks relax me and clear my head of garbage. I did take a walk LATE last night with Baby girl. I plan to track each day. l

    I will post response later..I am so sorry guys. have a great day

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    I like that I can see the total for 7 days. This is my fitbit desktop app
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    @trooworld I had to go back and read you post on Covid...LOL you weren't preachy. I would and do feel the same. What is good for you, may not be good for me. I have to deal with that when I go to church. A lot don't wear mask in service. I don't because I sing...kind of hard. LOL. But I am careful who I get "close" to. LOL I didn't track Sat and Sunday, went off the trail..but I am back on. I lost 2 lbs according to my WI today.

    @mswatson0777 Don't be so hard on you, us people who like to do EVERYTHING perfect and on time will go to an early grave, IF we don't change our habits and thought process. I read a book call One Thing..was a great book if I would apply it all the time. I need little reminders, to help me keep trying. If you do all things you will do them all poorly..If you work on ONE THING, then when that is accomplished and in place..go to the next. It had you doing more that one thing but not at the same time. LOL, but it was the focus..what one thing can you focus on for today.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Me and thank you.. thats why I am in warm climate. My grandson who just moved to Alaska this year, got his first Light snow yesterday. I pray for him. LOL. Glad to know we are close in age. LOL

    @TeresaW1020 sounds like Children's church was fun. I always tried to teach the lesson in a game..they remember it better. LOL. Happy Anniversary!!! You can tell my sister loves games..:)

    @its_cleo I am so sorry you are having issues still. It really stinks that we have to make choices on our health based on financial. just think if fruits, veggies and meat were as cheap as chips. love the names of your cookbooks. Let us know if you find any good recipes. LOL

    @theslightedgeforever Do you these games up yourself? wouldn't surprise me. LOL. Funny I never look at Pinterest for anything. I have tons of cookbooks and never use them.. I use google.LOL which usually takes me to all LOL

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    @trooworld I got 35% today. No my Fitbit is still alive and kicking. Just the battery died. It only holds a charge now 2-3 days it seems. Itchiness: basically I just rub my eyelid. Although I'm not supposed to be touching my eye in covid times. lol I'll just be glad to be done with all these medications. I'm tired of taking a bunch of pills. Good for you for exercising. Hang in there. Exercising is not all about the scale. Go write in your journal all of the other benefits that riding that spin bike is giving you. The opposite happened to me. I went over calories and ate salty food and then loss 3 lbs. Never go by the scale as your success monitor. It's too out of control. Think of how good you felt after riding that bike. Looking at your Halo. Your success is in your habits. That's what I'm telling myself. :D How come they raised your goal to 300?

    @mswatson077 Sounds like you are doing all the right things today. Keep it up. I like botanic gardens too. A fun way to get in some movement.

    @gemwolf110 Fingers crossed for the new job. So give us a review of the Garmin. At least pacing keeps you moving. How has the nutrition been this week?

    @cbabie I'm so sick of chicken. Dh can't eat red meat because of a blood disorder so it's been chicken for about 20 years. Blech! I'm too lazy to cook two meats so I try to order it when I'm out. I became anemic when he first got diagnosed. Still low hemoglobin. I'm on iron pills. I make sheet pan chicken fajitas once a week since they are so easy.

    @its_cleo So start again today on making good choices. I wish there was technology where you could share your pumpkin pie with us. Kind of like a 3-D printer. Then everyone would get just one piece and we would help you not overeat. lol Win Win. Dh and I looked all over for a new house and we always kept coming back to this neighborhood. It just felt right. You'll find what you are looking for. So is baseball season almost over? I'm so behind. Are we in the playoffs?

    @teresaw1020 Yes, jumping is not for me right now. I hope one day it will be though. That's good that your family is so supportive of your fasts. Just keep tweaking. That's Dory's new motto.

    So I finally got my new game ready to play called Nutrition Points. I'm doing it both for carbs and cals since I really track both anyway. 30 points a day for staying in boundary. (210 a week) I can earn bonus points and penalty points. I get 6 bonus points for meeting my intentional movement goal each day. I gave myself 3 points for exercising on a planned rest day. I went back and recorded last weeks numbers to see how this would work. I got zero points the first day on Sunday. It was a bad day. lol I'm using the app Tally.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 188/238
    Intentional movement: 23 min walk
    15 zone minutes

    October goals; Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water :| Burn 275 calories :| Preplan food :(

    Urgh I’ve been awful lately. Just been stressed about the potential new job, COVID 19 and everything. So I canceled ww but then they gave me an offer to extend it for 2 months for free. I also called my gym to freeze my account for 3 more months. Just don’t feel comfortable to run into a gym quit yet. I have been doing Zumba via Zoom and met new Zumba instructors but one of my favs lives in TX. I live in RI...hoping she doesn’t end the virtual. She also doesn’t charge for classes, one can donate if the want but it’s not required.

    Thank you for all! I will post as soon as I know the outcome.

    Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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    @trooworld I didn't feel preached too but we probably share same concerns. But even if you did preach, that's okay too. I've been preached too my entire life. I can choose to listen or not. ;) I haven't seen my friends since February. I'm getting close though with my own special rules. Five activity points is better than zero. Like I got on my rest day. I don't feel guilty one bit about resting my two days. I just work harder on the other five days to make up for it. Yaaay on your water I got 100%

    @mswatson0777 Wouldn't you love to be in @teresaw1020's class? Games and candy are up my alley. I know what you mean about the half-@ss part. I was raised in an environment of do it well or else. I'm still trying to break those habits. More like Nike's motto. just do it. B's get degrees. Add some fun to it. Yada yada yada Keep focusing on what you did right this week and add to that list. In my journal, I keep a list of small wins for the day. It keeps me from feeling like a failure most days. I remember the days I couldn't even be consistent keeping a journal. That has changed now. I think 2 years I've been writing in it. Well, typing. I prefer digital.

    @cbabie I think MFP should fix this "bug" that if you accidentally go backwards or your cursor clicks on a link cause it hovered over it too long. (I had that happen) that your post is still there. I know other sites do it. So it can be done. On the other hand, we could just type out our post in Google Docs or something and copy/paste here. But that seems to be too much of an extra step for me. lol Woohoo on your weigh in. Keep doing what you are doing. Even once around the block is a good goal as it keeps the habit going. I never use the Fitbit desktop to check my stats but did so after looking at yours and I'm still trying to figure out what this graph represents. Is it all day long stats? Cause mine doesn't mesh up with my fitbit app info. Oh well, I guess I'll stick with my app. Yes I do these games myself. I did get the creative gene. It just didn't show up in knitting and crocheting, nor quilting. You can find anything on Pinterest. I found my wall design on there. I'm currently in the process of updating my family room.

    @gemwolf110 We've all got our comfort zone line. I won't cross mine for anyone but myself. My daughter says I'm in my all about me stage of life right now. :D Just keep finding something that works for you right now. We are all in a kind of transition period. Just waiting to go back to normal. Sometimes I worry we may never go back to there but we'll have to create a new normal. The song Don't Worry Be Happy just popped up into my head.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 99/100
    Intentional movement: 30 min dancing 8 min walk 2 hrs and 8 min yard work
    119 zone minutes

    October goals; Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water o:) Burn 300 calories o:) Preplan food o:)

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    @mswatson0777 Oh good. I don't think they do, either. The pancakes sound good! I like savory things more than sweet. Do you just feel like you are dropping the ball everywhere or is there actual evidence that you are? Sorry about the mini-binge. I'm glad you have something easy to throw together. I hate it when I have a day/week like that. I feel so unprepared and stressed.

    @cbabie Oh dear friend, I am sorry you lost your post! Congrats on the loss! Woo hoo! Yeah, it would be hard to sing with a mask on and you'd sound funny lol.

    @theslightedgeforever Thanks. Maybe I'd make a good preacher? ;) That's great you got 100%. Yesterday I thought I would get 0. I was busy all day and didn't MAKE THE TIME to drink water. Until 4:45 pm and then I drank half my water. I would also love to be in @TeresaW1020's class! :)

    Hi all. Like @mswatson0777, I also had a sort of mini-binge. I binged on half a pretty big Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar. :( I was so busy yesterday, I didn't meditate and I didn't exercise. I got up late and had to go on-site to work. After that, I had to make a bunch of phone calls and then pick up my husband. I'm disappointed in how yesterday went but today is going to be better.

    Goals for Oct 18-Oct 24:
    - rate my hunger on a scale of 1-10 before eating
    - track 90% of food intake
    - get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
    - drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
    - meditate for at least 15 minutes a day
    - put my utensil down between bites
    - ask myself if I'm really hungry before eating anything
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    @cbabie Thank you for your kind words. And I'm so sorry you're feeling so stressed, I totally get being in tears when something goes wrong, because it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. I hope your evening walk helped to calm you down. Congrats on the 2lb loss!

    @trooworld I'm with you, today is going to be better! I think I'm keeping up a decent facade that I'm on top of things but it just feels like a constant juggling act.

    @theslightedgeforever That is so impressive you've kept a journal for two years! I write on occasion, but it's very sporadic. I always feel better when I do. And every New Years I go back and list my accomplishments for the year and everything I did. That giant list always makes me feel amazing. And too funny, Bs get degrees is my catchphrase! (although ironically I haven't gotten a B yet, so I guess I'm doing better than I think I am)

    @gemwolf I think you're so smart to freeze your gym membership. I haven't been going either because it just doesn't feel right.

    I actually had a pretty good night last night. It was so chilly so I didn't do a dog walk, but I did get caught up on laundry, got my cooking in for the week, and spent some quality time with the SO so I'm calling it a win.

    Today I'm hopeful to get a lot more gradwork done, and to bundle up to take the dogs out. They've got cute Halloween sweatshirts to wear so they don't get too chilly. It looks to be a quiet day at work which I'm really, really looking forward to (but I don't want to jinx myself).
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    Morning all, writing this while all are still sleeping. Baby girl got me up at 4:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep, she did, but not I. LOL. I did track yesterday, got 1 walk in and that was it..but better than zero. Today, for some reason I was hungry early..oh duh..I have been up since 4:30..LOL I was like what am I going to eat that doesn't make eye spotted a bagel. I haven't had one in forever. Well I had 1/2 and 1/2 cream cheese. So I made a good choice..over eating it all LOL.

    @gemwolf110 I think you are making wise choices, not that my opinion matters...I just mean it for encouragement. Yes please keep us posted, we are rooting for you!

    @theslightedgeforever LOL yes you have a creative always amaze me. (in a good way) Yes the graph is for the whole day per day. Did you also look at the graph for steps, (goals?). I thought that was interesting. The only reason I even used the desktop is to print screen so I could post it. I use my phone app most of the time. (cause I am on my phone) LOL. Don't worry be happy..I can hear that now.

    @trooworld I tracked yesterday, I don't want to get out of the habit. Thank you for being my accountability sister is too..but you know I can tune her out sometimes. LOL I laughed when I thought of singing with my mask might get the breathy sound..LOL. I just heard the song...mama said there would be days like this when I read you it's okay. Yes you will have a much better day today.

    @mswatson0777 You're welcome..I just heard in my head baby girl say welchom ( that's how she says it.). But she says that instead of saying Thank you..I am trying to reverse her thinking. LOL I hate's almost as bad as cleaning the's the folding and putting away that I hate..glad you got yours done. I hope you get all your goals met today!!!

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    @theslightedgeforever Wow! Did you make up that nutrition game or get it from somewhere? Looks intense but I like it! :grin:

    @trooworld You didn’t sound preachy at all. I do agree that we all have to do what works best for us. :)

    @mswatson0777 It sounds like winter is heading your way for sure! I bet your dogs are so adorable in their sweatshirts. :grin:

    @cbabie I love bagels and it’s been forever since I’ve had one too. Hopefully, you will be able to catch up on your sleep. :)

    Hi everyone! My anniversary trip with hubby was great! It was a two-hour drive north through some VERY twisty roads that were fun to drive but challenging. Yes, I do the driving when we are together! :grin: The train ride was fun but super noisy. We had an open car and the wheels rubbing along the tracks was very loud. The weather was incredible. Not too warm and not too cool with just the perfect amount of breeze. In the small border towns, there wasn’t much to do or see. We had Mexican for lunch and then walked around looking at the shops. Hubby bought me a 1000 piece puzzle at the train’s depot gift store that I will have fun doing. :) Once back to town we went to the brewery/restaurant and sat outside drinking craft beers and having dinner. I had this flatbread with wild mushrooms, goat cheese, figs, and a balsamic glaze. Sooooo good!! <3 We will definitely be making this our new favorite place to go and it’s practically in our back yard! The best news of the whole day was that I never had an instant of back pain. We are now wondering if it’s my office chair or my workouts that are causing the issue. I really don’t want to give up my Beachbody workouts!! I’m going to take off tomorrow and Thursday from workouts and really watch how the chair makes me feel. Ohhh and my weight was down this morning. I swear the body is a bizarre thing. :D

    Here are a few pics.


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    @TeresaW1020 great pictures! Looks like a beautiful area. Sounds like a really nice anniversary.

    @cbabie yep half bagel is better than all. I do have a weakness for raisin cinnamon bagels myself. Glad you got a walk in.

    @mswatson0777 glad you had a nice day, and yes the sweatshirts sound adorbs.

    @trooworld we all have those days, just carry on and don’t look back. You weren’t being preachy about the mask. It is much less an issue here, everybody just wears them. Well actually I guess here they have passed bylaws- all stores, public buildings, even when I leave my apt if I'm in the hallway they passed a bylaw we have to wear a mask. I'm used to it now. Actually in the winter, I feel like it will keep me warm!

    @theslightedgeforever that must be hard not seeing your friends. I haven’t either but I’m not so close to them…the calories- I’m almost the opposite I tend to have a lighter lunch and a bigger breakfast. I do pretty good with the meal portions and am almost always within 400-500 calories. It’s the mid afternoon and evening snacking. Mid-afternoon- like right now I’m hungry and I don’t know what to eat. Should stick to 200 cals. I think I will get a salad with some chick peas and salad. Though I would like a big pumpkin muffin from starbucks, but that’s like 400 cals. So I will skip it. ….good luck with trying to meet your weight goal. I used to do that with calories- set a weekly goal, overdo it for 3 days then struggle the last few to try to make it up. Now I’m just trying to go by the day.

    @gemwolf110 good luck with the job. Yes it’s a hard situation with the gyms.

    Calorie goal checkin- was on track Sunday. Yesterday I was over by 100 bc I forgot to track a protein bar I ate. Today I am so far, but baseball is on tonight and I really want to snack but trying not to. Or snack on carrots lol.

    Exercise- I think I’m doing ok. I have been in a super bad mood yesterday and today and today I was like – I have to just bike it out. So I got on my bike and turned up some music and biked for 2 hours. I think my mood is better. I’m too tired to tell lol. I can barely move now.

    On my bike I stopped to have some water and a bold squirrel literally climbed up my front tire and sat there staring at me. I guess he wanted a ride.

    Mobility- have not done this at all which is awful bc I really need too. Being hunched over the bike, my hips and back need help after. My goal today is to do 30 minutes so hopefully I will get it done! Lol. I hate it.
    Will try my new cookbooks later this week/weekend.
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    @trooworld So your day didn't go as planned. But silver lining, you only binged on HALF of the chocolate bar. You still got in 50% water. Count your small wins. I got 75%. I started late and just don't want to be up all night peeing

    @mswatson0777 I do better with a journal template and just fill in the blanks. So I created one and have tweaked it a couple of times over the two years to fit me. Plus I have designated times to write. For instance half I do in the morning while I'm eating breakfast. The other half is in the evening so I can report on what I did right for the day and what I didn't do right and then set some strategies. Plus I pick a couple of emotions that I felt for the day and free-write about them and the circumstances around them. So it's out of my head before I sleep.

    @cbabie Set your goal for one walk a day so then when you get 3 in, they are viewed as bonuses. Versus setting the goal at 3 and you ONLY got in one walk. See the difference in perception. The first one will keep you motivated because you are going above and beyond. That's a good feeling to have, so your body/mind will want more of that. You could screenshot the graph from your phone next time. I find that easier. Come on, you know you tune me out MOST of the time. I always put on a good podcast or music when I'm folding laundry and taking clothes out of the dryer to hang. I'd rather fold.

    @teresaw1020 No the nutrition game came from my brain. I had to find a way to motivate myself. It's working so far. I lost 2.2 lbs this week. Yaaay on your trip. Looks and sounds so fun. Yaaay on the weight being down. That's great about no back pain. I guess sniff out the culprit.

    @its_cleo I love cinnamon raisin bagels toasted with melted butter on them. I could eat a whole pack of those small Lender's bagels. Do you have those in Canada? I know they say 1/2 is a serving but...... Bagel thins are a nice substitute. So how about 1/2 of the pumpkin muffin in Starbucks. You could take the other half home and freeze it for another day. Give it to a homeless person on the street. Of course as your accountability buddy, the salad is more healthier so choose that, but....once in a while, it's nice to get what you really want. It goes along with all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I hate when I remember to track food and then it puts me over. It sounds like you are really focusing on your food so keep it up.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 87/100
    Intentional movement: 22 min dancing 25 min walk strength training 1 hrs and 33 min yard work
    46 zone minutes

    October goals; Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water :| Burn 300 calories o:) Preplan food o:)

  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 4,436 Member
    @mswatson0777 I hope today is you. Yesterday was better for me, food-wise. That's good that you got those things done, now you are all set for the week. I hope the day at work is quiet for you.

    @cbabie 1 walk is better than a lot of people do. Good idea to eat just half, well done! :) Well done tracking, too. You are welcome. LOL I can't imagine tuning her out but if you can, go for it! ;) I did have a much better day yesterday, thanks.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm so glad you had a good time. I do the driving for the two of us, too! That's good you got a new puzzle. I wonder how long you'll take to get it done? What's it's theme? That flatbread sounds amazing! That's interesting that you didn't have any back pain. You guys look so happy and make such a cute couple. Beautiful pictures. I would love a trip like that.

    @its_cleo Thanks. That's good that people wear the masks there. You know America, gotta be different lol. 2 hours on the bike, wow, impressive! I am happy if I do 16 minutes lol. That's cute about the squirrel. I hope you like your new cookbooks. Let us know what you try.

    @theslightedgeforever That's true. 75% is great for having a late start.

    Hello everyone. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I rode the spin bike. I went to the spine clinic about my back and the doctor said my Xrays looks really good, my spine looks like the spine of a 30 year old and he doesn't necessarily think I have degenerative disc disease. He doesn't think the arthritis is going to be a problem in 10 years (I asked him what it's going to look like in 10 years). He said that the pain I'm experiencing is likely from something I'm doing in day-to-day life without realizing it. So he told me to download this app and gave me an access code. The app is kind of like physical therapy for the back but at home. 3 times a week, I will do exercises and then the app will give me a survey on how I'm doing.

    On another topic, I didn't track that half a chocolate bar initially because I just didn't want to see what it did to my week. I buried my head in the sand about it. But last night I went back and tracked it: 24 points! (For reference, I get 30 points for the day)

    On yet another topic, we were just falling asleep last night when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise and the bed collapsed. :( Our bed frames is one of those that has wooden slats and you don't use a box spring. Well, it gave out on us and now we need to fix it. I don't know how yet. My husband isn't as handy as he thinks he is lol. I really don't want to pay anyone to fix it though. We'll figure something out. Last night, my husband had to sleep on the couch and I slept on my side of the bed, which hadn't collapsed.

    Goals for Oct 18-Oct 24:
    - rate my hunger on a scale of 1-10 before eating
    - track 90% of food intake
    - get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
    - drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
    - meditate for at least 15 minutes a day
    - put my utensil down between bites
    - ask myself if I'm really hungry before eating anything
  • mswatson0777
    mswatson0777 Posts: 290 Member
    @trooworld Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about your bed! That's the worst! I hope he's either able to fix it or you're able to get a relatively inexpensive one as a replacement. Congrats on having the back of a 30 year old, that's awesome news to get from the doctor. I hope the app helps. And my day was much calmer. I'm so thankful I'm finally getting a week at work to breathe!

    @theslightedgeforever I love the idea of getting stuff out of your head before bed. I ended up picking up my journal last night for just that reason!

    @its_cleo I've never seen a squirrel quite that bold! He must be used to getting treats from humans. I love that you were able to bike out your feelings. It's always the best to get that kind of stress release.

    @TeresaW1020 You both look so cute and happy! I love it! Your anniversary sounds like so much fun, and the food sounded incredible. I hope the back stress is from your chair and not the workouts since that would be a really easy fix.

    @cbabie 4:30 is an awful time to have to get up! I hope you were able to sneak a nap in. And sometimes a bagel just calls our name! I bought harvest bagels a few weeks back and they were so tasty!

    Good Morning Everyone! I'm headed into work late today because we have a meeting with our financial advisor (bleh). I'd almost rather be at work honestly. This week has been such a refresh for me. Work has been dare I say calm, and I've had the mental energy to actually get caught up on some grad work which has felt amazing.

    The SO and I finished the Amazon show Upload last night. It's like a darker version of the Good Place, we both really loved it (even though the end of the season was ROUGH!). I'm glad they're getting a season two because they can't leave it on that note.

    I didn't get my walk in last night because it snowed half a foot! It just kept coming down! I'm hoping it clears up a bit today so we can get out tonight. I did get 30 minutes of yoga in so I wasn't entirely a bum.
  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    Hi all..trying to get on here more often, lol. Should go out to the farm & finish up, but its too wet out. We had about 5" of snow Monday (places about 20 miles from here got about 9) but it is warm enough it has all melted already. It is supposed to rain tonight & tomorrow, then get pretty cold, so we will probably wait until next week.

    @its_cleo Love that you are still able to ride your bike. Dd has a bird feeder up that the squirrels love. She has tried everything to keep them off & I think has given up. Cleaning up trees--Iowa had that derecho (inland hurricane) in Aug & it broke off a lot of trees & uprooted others. We still own the small farm that dh grew up on, so had to go clean the trees out of the fields & now the lane in the timber. We have been out there about 15 times already & I think one more day will do it for now. The very end dh wants to leave (about 3-4 big trees across the lane) so that people aren't driving thru our timber. Wouldn't be so bad, but it is close to the town we used to live, so it is about 100 miles from here! (It is where we have grown our pumpkins, too) Dh & SIL go deer hunting in Dec..not sure how they will do it this year, it is such a mess, & so hard to walk thru, let alone drag it out.

    @mswatson0777 Glad things are being a little calmer for you. Our snow stayed on the ground, but streets were still pretty clear. Were yours? My BIL put a picture of the snow in Mpls on Facebook.

    @TeresaW1020 Happy Anniversary!! Your train trip sounded like a lot of fun! We did something similar here a few years ago. Cute picture of you two! Your desk chair could probably be the reason for your back ache. I sat at the computer a little too long on Sunday & boy, was my back sore! I have put a pillow behind my back now & it seems to be helping. I think I slouch too much without it.

    @cbabie Yeah for getting a walk in. I agree with slightedge..make your goal one & then the rest are bonus! Dont think I could get up at 4:30..I set my alarm for 7:00 & decide "nope, still dark!" LOL guess it is a perk of being retired, lol. Although I really prefer getting up a little earlier, lol.

    @trooworld Yikes about the bed! Hope you can fix it! Yay, for the good news about your back. At least it doesn't need surgery! Hope the exercises help.

    @theslightedgeforever Your journaling sounds good. They always say you should write things out before bed so it doesn't interfere with your sleep. I laughed at giving 1/2 muffin to a homeless person. Sounds like a good idea, tho. You're lucky ds isn't still in Iowa..our numbers are terrible. Highest hospitalization rates for the whole pandemic! We still see dd & fam & don't usually wear masks with them, but the more I hear about them doing (gd having someone sleep over, etc) I am beginning to wonder if we should be avoiding them and/or wearing our masks. She says school seems to be going well, tho.

    Well, gs in OK has his birthday on Monday & we usually would go down there, but have decided we better skip it this year. We had to miss his sisters in March, too, so its better this way. We are still hoping for Christmas? She did say that working from home has helped her..she is one to let things go around the house, but being home all the time & seeing it, she has started to work on it. Took out the broken dog door & filling it in and things like that.

    Well, almost lunch time, so guess I will go. Have a good day everyone!
  • TeresaW1020
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    @its_cleo That is funny with the squirrel climbing on your bike. Very bold! :grin:

    @theslightedgeforever That is great that your nutrition game is helping you! I on the other hand would go gang-busters for about a week and then would fizzle out. Long term motivation and commitment seem to be a struggle for me. But I’m NOT giving up! ;)

    @trooworld Thanks, we are a very happy couple! Especially when I took over the driving. :D The puzzle is a pic of the train at the depot with a big red maple tree. It’s only 1000 pieces so I should get it done fairly quickly. Maybe I should go to a spine doctor for my back? I swear I would love to know exactly what’s wrong, but I hate spending money when I’m not sure there will be an outcome to make it worthwhile. Yes, I make my husband crazy. ;) That is too bad about your bed. I assume that it has slats across it to hold up your mattress. You can either get more slats or a big piece of plywood to make a solid surface.

    @mswatson0777 Thanks! We had a really good time. I don’t know what to do about my back. Today, I wasn’t in the chair that much or did a workout. I spent a couple of hours doing housework and it has been killing me ever since. Very annoying! I’m glad to read that work has been better this week. I LOVE The Good Place. <3 We only have a couple more episodes left of the show. I’m sad to see it end.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Wow 5” of snow already! :| You are in for a very cold winter, aren’t you? I think I slouch too much and I have been trying really hard to correct that behavior. It’s hard to know if you should wear a mask or not with your family. I would hate having to but if it keeps you and your husband safer then you might need to.

    Hi everyone! So, I skipped workout this morning and did a bunch of housework which of course hurt my back. :s I went to get my hair done today but my stylist never showed up. One of the other ladies said that her sister was in the hospital, so I’m praying everything is ok. She canceled last week and now with this week, I need my gray covered! Tomorrow is our all-day staff meeting where we will attempt to figure out what we can and can’t do in 2021. It looks like we will have to plan for if all is back to normal and if all isn’t normal. Should make for a long day! OK, I have to go get ready for church tonight. It’s snack night so the 5-year-olds should be VERY happy with me. :D