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There are a group of us that have been on the WW site for years and we are starting over here. We are hoping to keep our group and add to our group with more interaction here. Some of us do WW tracking, some do MFP, some just do on their own. The most important thing is accountability and encouragement. We strive to encourage, as we all have our own things we are working on to improve. However, it all comes down to HEALTH. We can't take back the years of abuse, but our bodies are amazing and heal themselves when given the opportunity. We will post on this THREAD every day, we will not start a new one. So bookmark this thread and come visit us everyday.


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    Great we can attach images here if we want to. No exercise yesterday :( I was tired. TTOM came and just no energy. So today is a new day.

    Peru, I tried tracking both but couldn't keep up. So now I'm just tracking here. I'm on a modified carb eating plan now because of my prediabetes. 40% carbs 30% fats 30% protein Protein is my hardest, So my challenge for this next week is to increase my avg from this week I will do that by having smoothies 3 times a week and yogurt parfait 3 times a week for lunch.

    cbabie have you been keeping up with your challenge?
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    Hey guys, I didn't get on here today. My Sunday's are always busy crazy. I will post tomorrow, just wanted you to know I was here. I think last time I got notifications on my phone when someone posted. Maybe I am just dreaming.LOL You are all in bed, so I will see you tomorrow in the AM
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    jjansen, welcome aboard. Free is always good. I'm working on consistency.

    peru Let's get out of the prediabetes range All the tools we need is here. We just have to use them each day

    cbabie How was your food on your busy crazy Sunday. How about a crockpot meal?

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    Oh I sucked yesterday. But been on track today and I have been working from home. So that is a positive. I did get my walk in, I have just been fighting a headache I swear since Friday
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    Hi. Jjensen glad to have you aboard. Yes I like that this gives me my nutrients. I am a lifetime at WW. , won't be if I don't gonWI this month. But I may not. Since I can track this way I don't need the points. But we will see. LOL.
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    Hello ladies!!
    About to put the kids to bed, so don't gave much time to write!!
    @cbabie I was really busy yesterday too and didn't eat all that great!! I'm really struggling with getting back on track!!
    @theslightedgeforever : yes we do have to get out of the pre-diabetes phase. I'm having a hard time!! I was doing so good a few weeks ago and I'm having a hard time getting back on track. I'm feeling like paying for WW has been a waste ughhh!!!
    @jackie_van_d : welcome!! Please come again!! I recently joined WW, but doing the online version only. But I'm having a hard time getting on track. I might have to quit because it'll be a waste!!
    Have you used MFP before??

    Ok ladies have a good night!! I'm really liking this board!!

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    Note: you know what I think??!! When you write personals if you put @ and their full name then that person gets a notice that she has a message on the board or something.
    Are you ladies getting a notification that your name has been mentioned on here?
    I've been doing the @ and using the full name!!
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    Hi everyone! I found it. Still need to download the phone app. My phone battery doesn't last so long with Pokemon Go running on it though, haha. I'm still recuperating from my long weekend...the heat doesn't help that any. I'm chicken sitting my son and daughter-in-law's 2 hens for a week. The fire up in the mountain blew smoke and ash over to their house in the desert and the air in they took off to a timeshare in Vegas and I get to watch the hens. They used to be my hens, so it will be fun to have them around this week. Are we still doing the whole "challenge" theme? I need to do a challenge, lol. OK, it's super late and I have to get up before it gets too hot to deal with stuff in my garden....being away from it for 5 hot days was not a good thing.
    Oh, my screen name here is bugmom92 instead of kfreeman92. That's my name most everywhere else anyway.
    I think I may need to try Simply Filling for a bit. I have to get out of the sugary/junky food habit fast.
    Until tomorrow (or today...I think it's after midnight!)
    Karla :-)
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    Well, today's goal was more water,
    As I stated earlier I usually drink in total about 1 cup a day
    So far I'm at 3 cups and a very iced down Coke !