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  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member

    I have to drink 3 of these today to reach my goal!! This is my first bottle.. 2 more to go!!! Lol
  • bugmom92bugmom92 Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    For water intake I use an app called Aqualert (in Google Playstore). It's very annoying with the reminders (not a bad thing!) and when you log a cup of water it makes a pouring sound and my husband says it sounds like a toilet, but really it doesn't. I like to add 3 or 4 cups of water at a time to annoy him lol. It does help you figure out how much you should be drinking too.
    Half-tracked today. Not sure why I'm off the path a little, but I'm pulling it together right now. Seriously, I think it's because my hubby had a dr appt (for a physical, since he hasn't been to a dr in 10 years) and all the dr did about his weight is give him a paper about getting the BMI down and told him to have me make his lunches because homemade lunches would be healthier, and less sodium. I'm not sure why he said anything about sodium, as his blood pressure is great and "sodium" doesn't make you fat. So hubby left there with no change in his attitude, which just ticked me off. So I had soda and fries. (sigh)... At least I refilled with unsweetened iced tea to take home.
    OK back on track. I need to get some cantaloupe and watermelon for my sweets this week. I guess I'll go to the store when I'm out to feed the beagles we're dog sitting tonight.
    Need to go drink water now. Not enough to report so far today, lol.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    kate it looks like your program is working

    karla nice goals You will get there with your sugars

    cbabie I had cantaloupe today too. I could eat a whole melon though by myself

    peru Yaaay on no sweets. Me too. This will be a challenging week as I have lots of social engagements.

    Goals met today
    yogurt smoothie
    carbs on track
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    thanks so far so good got good news at oncologist yesterday too they dont want to proceed with radiotherapy unless its needed so ive to go fr scan in a few weeks then back to oncologit 29/8 im happy about that im going to up steps to 11000 & drinks 2 litres of water a day keep you posted good luck all kate xx
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Good morning ladies!!
    So, yesterday I reached my goal of drinking 8 glasses of water. I actually had 9 lol.
    I didn't have any sweets
    And I did some cleaning for activity, but no Zumba :(

    My goals for today:
    Continue the water intake
    Get some exercise in (was planning to go for a walk at the park, but it looks like it's raining ughhh)
    No sweets
    Limit the carbs and add more veggies to my food!!

    @dankas001 yayyyy!! That's great news! I hope and pray all turns out well and you will not need radiology.
    @theslightedgeforever you can do it!!! I have a birthday party on Saturday, so I need to watch to be careful, but we can do this!! Plan ahead and take something healthy with you, if you can, so you won't eat all the sweets that they might offer.
    @bugmom92 My hubby is the same way when it comes to going to the Dr. He thinks they just want the insurance money and he doesn't trust them much. He hasn't been to the Dr in 2 years and I'm trying to convince him to go!!! I've been eating watermelon all week!! I love it!! And it really fills you up!! Have a great op day!!!
    @cbabie Hope you have a great day!!!
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Good Tuesday Morning:
    I went over again yesterday. I am still trying and will continue. Thanks to this group of gals!!

    I did walk, but didn't get in my 10K, :( I did my weights, I did water...just ate too much. (had lunch with a friend)

    @dankas001: That is great news. You are doing great.
    @theslightedgeforever I am so proud of you! You are doing great!
    @bugmom92 Great job, Karla. I am going to look up the water ap!
    @peruviansweetie You are doing great, just keep posting..don't give up..
    @jackie: good job on the water and walking!!!

    Okay gals I am behind. I am going to go try to walk and pray. Then in the shower to start my day...

    I am loving reading all these post!!!

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    danka woohoo what wonderful news. Here's to your goals

    peru Yaaay on your water and no sweets. Today I took some brocolli cheddar bites and removed my bun from bbq beef and only ate the meat. Spit a piece of date cake with my friend and had one bite. second gathering I told her not to make anything but she had an unexpected guest and I are half piece :(

    cbabie what can you turn to so you don't go overboard? You are doing well with your walking

    Goals met today
    carbs on track
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Good Wednesday Morning:

    Well I wish I was like the rest of you..I have for sure went off the edge...sweets? OH YEA Baby!!! all mine! So today I have decided to do a little bit of a stop the boat....I plan to eat my protein shake, and then I haven't yet decided if I can take it for lunch or if I have to have a different substance..then protein shake for dinner...then back to adding solids or do it again for one more day. Sometimes I just need a restart!!

    slightedge: great job on the spitting of the cake..I had to laugh, I knew you meant split!

    Okay gotta run..early appt this morning.

  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Good morning ladies!!!!
    Ok, so I went overboard with the sweets yesterday. I had 1/2 of panera bread cookie and 1/2 Costco chocolate chip cookie and I had pizza for dinner ughhh! I did track it all!!
    I didn't get all my water in, but I was able to go to the park and walk around.
    Today's goals
    Do my Zumba ( I'm going to do it as soon as I get out of this board lol)
    Drink my 8-10 glasses of water
    Low carbs
    No cookies, cakes, etc lol

    @cbabie I had a shake this morning. That's a good idea about having a shake for dinner too. I do that sometimes. Since I had cookies yesterday I'll do the shake for dinner today!!!

    @theslightedgeforever Great job on splitting the cake!!' When I first read it I was like "she spit it out.. really? Lol lol) but then as I kept reading I got it!!!! Lol lol

    Ok ladies have a great day!! I'll check back later!!!
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member

    Trying to do my Zumba!!! Hard to do it at home with the little ones!! Got so frustrated, so trying to get over it and move on!!!
    But I'm getting it done!!! Woohooo!!!
  • bugmom92bugmom92 Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    Today I had to go for a pre-employment physical and TB test, and fingerprint/background check. It was a 25 mile drive and took forever. My friend's son asked her to walk with him tonight, and my hubby wanted to watch a show, so no walk for me. I got some gardening done at least. We didn't go kayaking yesterday because my daughter wasn't feeling good. And last night's Pokemon "walk" was 2 hours of standing around at a park with a bunch of other walking...I think I need to set up some rules for hubby if he wants to go out hunting for Pokemon, there has to be some exercise involved! Tomorrow night I'm trying a recipe on the WW site for a Dill Yogurt dip and Pepper and Mushroom kabobs, to go with steak on the grill. I'll share it if it turns out good. Tomorrow morning is weigh in. I'll be down for the week, and for the month, but not anywhere near my goal. I have a goal I'm determined to make by the first weekend of September, which will make my clothes more comfortable. I've been doing a trick with my unsweetened iced tea...instead of lemon, which tastes good but has that sour taste, I put 2 drops of lemon essential oil in it. It tastes lemony without being sour, and really gives me a little energy and makes me not so hungry. I don't always remember to do it, but I'm making it more of a habit now. Sometimes I mix iced tea with La Croix to give it a little pizzazz...helps me get my fluids in!

    cbabie and peru, your talking about shakes reminded me I need to get back to smoothies in the morning. Mine have fruit, greens, yogurt, and flax seed, and hold me over well for lunch. I've just been lazy lately.
    dankas, your news is wonderful. Your goals are great...I need to get my 8000 steps in consistently so I can step it up. Baby steps...
    slightedge, you really shouldn't spit cake at your friend, haha. It would definitely be a way to get her to not EVER feed you anything again! Nice choice to take the bun off the meat. It makes a difference.
    jackie, hope you're feeling better now. Yeah, hard to believe July is done...I'm not sure where time is flying to, but I wish it would slow down just a bit. I need more time in my days and weeks to get stuff done!

    Check in: Today's goals (Wednesday)
    Water 6 out of 10 cups
    Post here
    Track everything
    Sugars - ugh...soda...but it was Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper!
    Activity - none

    Until tomorrow,
    Karla :-)
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    cbabie spitting on the cake that's probably a sub conscious thing one time I took a low fat healthy dessert with me to a gathering. The hostess is notorious for eating off of everyone's plate. Sorry I don't like to share if there is other food available. So as usual she asked to share my portion I brought so I wouldnt eat the high fat/sugar dessert. I pretended to spit onto it and said now do you still want some? She has never let me forget that. It was probably 12 years ago lol

    peru what caused you to buy the cookies at Panera and Costco. Panera I can see because they just sit there and look at you saying buy me buy me. So next time you are tempted what's your plan? Good side you only are half of each and you tracked it plus you exercised.

    karla So the next time your family messes up your exercise plans, do plan B which is Do it yourself even if that means go to the mall and walk or find youtube videos to exercise with have some exercise dvds laying around for emergencies yaaaay on posting and tracking

    Goals met today
    yogurt parfait
    carbs on track

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    peru you ate only half
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    hi gals you are all doing great xxx missed steps yesterday only managed 5000 but hey ho ill try better today have a good one kate xx
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Morning gals!

    Well this is a new day, I ate fruit, meat, protein shake yesterday. I need to continue this for a bit. It seems to make me not CRAVE the cakes and goodies. I feel better, so I am thinking about doing this for a few days to cleanse my system and restart it. I did walk, I actually hit over 12K yesterday. Not sure what I will do today, but I have a client coming into the showroom, so more walking in the office than normal. :) I also got my pushups in..boy they were hard to do yesterday. :(

    Peru: make a game of zumba...don't let the distractions cause you frustration. Think of it as an attack of the enemy...what do you do? resist and he will think of it as a game, you got some movements in and that is better than sitting on the couch! :) Yes agree with ate only could have eaten more...I know I have LOL :)

    Dankas: great job, you know 5K is for sure better than ZERO. Keep up the good work.

    slightedge: great job on meeting your goals! I can totally hear you saying that to your friend. Remind me not to ask you for some of your food. LOL

    Karla: Thanks for reminding me about the lemon oil. I make a capsule and take that every day, but the lemon water sounds so much better!! I am proud of you that you have posted, and you are keeping your momentum going. LOL I love giving DH the ground rules. :) We had a couple here who left their 2 1/2 year old home alone so they could go play Pokemon..neighbors called sad. Let me know how the dill recipe turns out. I just renewed my online so I can get the recipes. The board over there is sad...people not sure what to do..they are trying to work on's only good for phones. :( Glad we are here!

    Okay gals I have to get ready for my day!!

  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Posts: 240Member, Premium Member Posts: 240Member, Premium Member
    Hey all,
    Day 2 of taking my girls (20+17) shopping. It get exhausting the older one gets
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Hello ladies!!
    Ok, confession time!! I didn't do so great today. I attended this mini retreat at a Church near me. It's a Christian mom's group. It was a great experience, but it did mess up my eating. I had my smoothie this morning. It held me up until lunch. I thought they were going to provide lunch. The retreat was from 10am to 2pm. All they had were bagels, crackers, cheese, mini muffins, cookies, coffee and tea. I was hungry, so I ate a few crackers, some cheese, a mini muffin, half a bagel with cream cheese and that's it!!
    But here's my confession!! I had 2 cookies when I got home and some animal crackers ughhh!!! I did track it all!!
    Hubby went to Costco and bought the cookies for the kids, but I need to be strong and stay away!!!!

    @cbabie I stopped by the boards the other day and no one was there!! I agree and I'm so glad you started this board. I look forward to checking in with you ladies daily!!!
    @dankas001 great job on the walking. I can never reach 10k. I only get halfway there lol
    @bugmom92 that Pokemon thing has been all over the news and not for good things lol!! My hubby loves those essential oils. I drink a cup of warm water with lemon every morning. Hopefully tomorrow you'll get your walk in.
    @theslightedgeforever so today I did bad with the cookies lol. I get the panera bread cookies for the kids. They love it. I usually get one and split it in half for both to share, but this day the girl at the register was someone I knew and she gave me an extra cookie. My daughter loves sweets, but my son not so much, so he didn't eat much of his cookie, so I ate some and threw away the test. As for the Costco cookies. Hubby got it!! I've told him many times not to get it. He doesn't understand the struggle it is for me because he's never had a weight problem. He doesn't get it!! My struggle!!!

    Ok ladies have a good night. Sorry for the long post lol!!
  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Posts: 240Member, Premium Member Posts: 240Member, Premium Member
    Stepped on the scale
    Ugh with all the waking I've done the last 2 days !! Guess Chinese buffet doesn't help. Back to it today
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Wow did we all get lost today but Jackie? I have done so well peanut butter got me. Well it wasn't a cake. Lol.

    Hope to see more visitors!

    Peru I are doing great. I loved the confession.. U know we have all been there more than once. But I thought u made some good choices, u went with the flow and made the people u were with fell comfortable because you are what they had.! That's what trip me up on Thursday and old rap friend emailed the one to take me to lunch now I knew I had to go and I knew I had to eat what everyone else was eating so I had chicken burrito with no sauce and it wasn't much cheese it was more basically all chicken it was delicious, there are times that we have to eat! and then we start fresh again because tomorrow's another day great job Peru

    Okay laying low tonight

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    danka back at it today with our steps

    cbabie Sounds like you have been doing well. keep it up This week I have taken off buns and tortillas off of enchiladas. Yesterday I was hungry all day long it seemed.

    jackie Chinese food has loads of sodium. get back to your basics and the scale will fall

    peru Lesson learned. Next time you have some kind of event to go to take a packed lunch with you. There are neat little containers now to hold different types of food. That way ypu will feel satisfied and not feel the need to come home eat cookies. I had the same feeling. lunch wasnt great so I pulled out some Doritos. Felt satisfied then came guilt. Now obviously as someone who buys Doritos I shouldn't talk but do your kids need cookies. Mine are grown and my dd is overweight like me. I was not a good role model. Your kids have a chance because they are young. I have wasted my 30's and 40's being fat. My dd is 25 I tell her don't be like me. But so far she is turning out just like me. :( I wish I would have taught them healthy eating habits.

    Goals met today
    carbs on track

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