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  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Well I got my walk in and my push ups done. I think I lagged in the water dept. I kept too busy to drink. :(
    @byrd1981 welcome!! You can do this!!! Just track everything, no matter what, even if you go over points and use all your weekly in one day. I have done that, but tracking keeps me accountable to myself. (to thine own self be true) We are here for you, to give you support you need to make it!! I know you can do this!

    @dankas001 Welcome!! Wow you have been going through some things, but we are here to keep your thoughts positive and moving forward. It will all balance out. Take care of the physical needs and the emotional needs. Reach out anytime and hopefully one of us is on the board.
    @jackie_van_d Great job with your walk
    Okay gals, Peru and slightedege where are you? LOL

    I have to go to bed, I am tired.

  • dankas001dankas001 Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    Good morning day 1 done logged everything feeling good going to try get my 10000 steps every day that's where im starting kate xdd
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member
    cbabie Woohoo on your walk. my challenge is I'm working on increasing my protein intake from last week. So my challenge for this next week is to increase my avg from this week I will do that by having smoothies 3 times a week and yogurt parfait 3 times a week for lunch.

    peru I get notifications from this board whether or not the @ is used. I just go to my community tab and they are all there when I click the bell. So get back to it by concentrating on the next meal. stay within your points, carbs, cals whatever you are doing one meal at a time. Balance them out through the day not too many at once then promising yourself you will just eat less later.. That's a recipe for disaster. Believe me I've done that.

    karla I thought you were someone new until the end of your post. lol I find the app easier tracking my foods as it will let me multi-add foods at the same time that's already in my list of favorites. Nice pic I'm thinking of all the zoodles I could make.

    jackie Welcome to the group I have a water problem too When you feel like you need a soda tell yourself you can have one after you drink a glass of water. You may not want the soda later. Yaaay on your extra water.

    byrd Welcome to the group Maybe try some sugarfree gum or some carrot sticks or favorite veggie. The chewing motion might help

    danka Welcome to the group Sorry about your recent health issues. What's your favorite f&v? Yaaay on your successful day one

    fattypants Welcome to the group Pretty soon you will have to change that username as it won't fit you anymore Celebrate your 0.2 loss.

    Hopefully I got everyone

  • dankas001dankas001 Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    Hi slightedge xx fave at mo is any berries also making nice souos with carrot brocolli cauliflower lentil n smoked ham just for flavouring already had wee dog out this am then had 45 min brisk walk activity tracker sitting at 6800 hope you all have great day kate xxxx
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Checking in:

    I stayed within my goals yesterday except my water. So today here are my challenges to myself

    water: 64 oz or more
    Food: track all things and stay within goals
    Exercise: walk 30 min and weights (arms)

    Welcome fattypants...yes I agree with slightedge. You will be wanting to change your name soon. :) Or maybe the pants will just not fit you and you keep the name. LOL

    Karla: wow I love the know someday you will have to show me how to get food out of our heat..LOL I don't have the time for a garden, but I would love to have one. This is great now we can "see". Thank you for sharing!

    Dankas: Great job on logging! You can do this!

    I love seeing all these challenges. WE can do this, I have found in my walk it's all about the tracking what I eat, every lick, taste, etc. It keeps me accountable and I become more conscience of what is going into my body and see what triggers me to go off my goals and plans. Sometimes LIFE just gets in the way, but we are over comers and we have the desire to be healthy!!

    Can't wait to hear from you all, thanks for being a part of my morning!
    Karla, byrd, dankas, Jackie, slightedge, peru!

  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Member, Premium Posts: 240 Member Member, Premium Posts: 240 Member
    Well, almost 1 pm, and 4 cups of h2o done!! Helps that I was sweating like crazy this am! Cleaned a cottage with no air and then an hr in their garden
  • dankas001dankas001 Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    Well done everyone day 2 for me so far so good walked on treadmill tonight
    managed to clock up 11500 steps have a good night kate xx :)
  • goodreadsgalgoodreadsgal Member Posts: 245 Member Member Posts: 245 Member
    Hi everyone. Food wise did great but the heat is getting to me
  • erika_slimserika_slims Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    edited July 2016
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
    Hello ladies!!
    Oh my goodness so many new faces!! How exciting!! I need to start tracking on here. I've only been tracking on WW!!
    Did pretty good through the day, but messed up at night by having some munchkin donuts ughh!!!!

    My Challenge:
    Well it's kind of late tonight, so I will do it tomorrow!!
    Drink more water
    No sweets for tomorrow
    More veggies
    Do my Zumba!!!!
    I have to start my workouts again. I haven't worked out in 2 weeks, but I have been active!!!

    @bugmom92 Karla: so happy to see you here!!! I'm so bad at gardening!, but those zucchini look yummy!!! I hope all goes well with your Dr appointment and I agree with you!! Loving this site because it is so user friendly.
    @cbabie thank you for starting the whole challenge thing. It will hold me accountable!! I will post tomorrow how I did.
    @dankas001 welcome!!! Sorry to hear about your health problems. Looks like you're doing great with your challenge. It encourages me to read all the completed challenges!!! Great job!!!!
    @fattypants3232 welcome!!! Congrats on the weight loss. I didn't do so great, but I'm hoping to see a loss this week!! What's your challenge??
    @theslightedgeforever I like to put the @ because it highlights the name of the person, so if I don't have time to read all the posts I his look for my highlighted name and read that lol lol. Trying hard to eat healthier. Not easy because I love sweets,but I have cut back a lot!!!
    @dankas001 and @jackie_van_d Great job on completing your challenges!! I have to step it up and complete mind tomorrow lol!!
    @jamiewilldo Great job!! It's hard in this heat, but try to stay cool and continue the great work!!

    Ok I think I got everyone lol. Welcome all!!
    Have a good night!!!
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member
    danka I love berries too. Your dog looks like a dog my parents had. I think they loved that dog more than me. My mom said cause she couldn't talk back ;) Yaaay on your walk. Impressive step count

    Cbabie. Yaaay for staying within your goals. You sound very upbeat today.

    Jackie. Great job on the water. I did better today on mine because of you

    Jamie and erika Welcome to the group

    Peru Great list of goals.

    My challenge this week was increase protein. I had a yogurt smoothie with strawberries.
    I walked 31 min treadmill.

  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Morning gals:

    I had some emotional changes in my life yesterday and I am happy to report that I did not turn to FOOD. I did get my 30 min walk in, I did do my push ups...but that was the extent. I also met me 10K step goal..YEA. I tracked and was only 23 calories over and had a little too much protein and sugars. But I am a work in progress!!

    @peruviansweetie : love the goals, you can do this. I knew you before you had your baby!! You got this.
    @theslightedgeforever : great job on the treadmill!!! your smoothie sounds yummy!
    @jackie_van_d : good job on the water, I forgot to track how much I drank, but I think I did close to goal.
    @bugmom92: how is your thumb?
    @fattypants3232: hope your doing well today.
    @dankas001: great job on your goals, keep up the good work.
    @erika_slims: welcome!
    @jamiewilldo: welcome!

    So glad to have all the newbies:

    today, 30 min walk, 22 push ups, 64 oz water, keep a positive attitude!

  • bugmom92bugmom92 Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    cbabie, glad to see you more upbeat and very glad you did not eat your emotions. Isn't that the greatest feeling? It's happening for me more and more now. The hardest time I have with that is if I'm tired on top of emotional. Then it's a real fight, and I usually lose. My thumbs are fine, and they better stay that way. The problem is my right hand middle finger, lol. So I have trigger finger and the doc gave me a cortisone shot. That came with a numbing medication, and my finger is still annoyingly numb, but waking up slowly. I go back in 6 weeks and if it's not better I get surgery. It's a small in-office surgery, not a big deal. But then you have to wear a splint for 2 weeks. So Id have to go around flipping the bird for 2 weeks...haha...hope it doesn't come down to that! As for my left hand I have something there and the doc says "I don't know what it is. Continue wearing your brace and taking anti-inflammatories." Sheesh! Considering going back to my chiropractor for treatment on it. He has this electric machine that very few chiros have, it's a specialty thing, and I know from experience it works great. Gets rid of scar tissue built up on muscles and tendons and it's a cure, not just a symptom reliever. It's pricey though, and I"m not in a good financial place right now. I'm applying for a job as a "concierge", basically receptionist, for an assisted living. It will be like 20 hours a week and pay a buck or two less than my failed Walmart job, but I think I'll like working there. Our temporary roommate works there and does the hiring for the position. She brought me the application and all the paperwork. I'm thinking ...I got the job, lol. This morning there was a ruckus in the backyard at 6 am (after going to bed at 2 am). I ran back there thinking the chickens I'm hen-sitting were in trouble. What I find is 6 parrots sitting on the power line over my coop making crow caws...and louder than any crow you've ever heard. I love the wild parrots we have, but my esteem of them just fell several points this morning, lol. So I went back to bed instead of going to WW and aqua class. I'll go to WW tonight. I'm making good choices, tracking all the morsels and bites, and working on my water. I'll report my daily results tonight.
    Until later, Karla :-)
  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Member, Premium Posts: 240 Member Member, Premium Posts: 240 Member
    Hey all, good evening !
    Well only got 2 cups of h2o BUT
    I had a mcds cup(large) filled it with ice and then added one of those mini vans of Coke and let the ice melt for a while so it was VERY watered down.
    Did 40+ min of walking tonight at a car show (woohoo for unplanned steps, wish my pedo worked!)
    Have a great night all
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,609 Member
    cbabie Yaaay on not turning to food. You can do it again next time

    karla what's wrong with your left hand. i spent three years with dr not knowing what was wrong and now hopefully fixed since I had surgery last Thursday. So you give everyone the bird and I'll give them the thumbs up. lol

    Jackie 2 cups is better than none. That's what I got too. I let the day get away from me.

    I did eat my yogurt parfait so met my challenge for the day. I did a 25 min run/jog

    until tomorrow
  • dankas001dankas001 Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    Hi all its the weekend yay but my toughest time too got darling hubby on board too hes 50 in january & hopefully if im anld to fly by then were going to the canaries for 2 weeks manage all my steps yesterday beautiful day in west Scotland today so ill get out later have great friday all love kate xxx
  • dankas001dankas001 Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    my wee dog is called rocco we adopted him when he was 5 my neighbour passed away & no one in family wanted him he was heading for cat & dog home hes adorable hes now 12 & we spoil him rotten
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Morning gals:

    I had appointments all day yesterday and it's hot and sweaty outside. My jeans were sticking to me when I got home. :( Well I tracked all bites and I went 30 calories over and over on the sugar still...but the tracking is working! YEA..I did my treadmill and push ups. (I think sweating should count for something) LOL

    Today: treadmill, push-ups - weights (arms & back)
    Water: 64 oz
    Track: and goal is to be under for a change.LOL but I have a lunch date, so we will see.

    Karla: That's great about tracking..keep it up. I know you can do it. Nice friend with the application I think you would like that too! LOL about the birds...I just wake up about every 2 hours regardless...hence why I am tired all the time when I sit down. Interesting about the Chiro....never heard of that. Well I believe in somedays.. :)

    Jackie: Yea on the walking, yes I love those unexpected steps I get. Well today you can try to drink more water, especially since it's so hot no matter where you live...well maybe Alaska. :)

    slightedge: Yea on meeting your protein goal...I think you are inspiring me to keep tracking that for my own health.

    Dankas: That's great about your DH...mine will encourage me but he says he is too old to care or change. :) YOu will be able to take that trip! Put a picture of that some place to keep your eyes on your goal.

    Peru, fattypants, Jamie, erika, come by for a visit today, we miss you!

    Okay gals, I gotta run get ready for the day. I hope you all have a great day.

    Love this board

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