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  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    me too & thanks for starting it xx
  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Posts: 240Member, Premium Member Posts: 240Member, Premium Member
    Rant sorry

    Flipping hot+period+ hot "flash"that lasted 2 hrs + 3 cleaning jobs + no air = one pissed off, cranky, tired me
    I had a glass of wine!

    Rant done
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Hello ladies!!
    Had a busy day today, but happy to report that I did not eat any sweets yesterday woohoo!!
    Today I had a little bit and I stayed on plan, but I have to start drinking more water. I usually drink lots of water when I exercise, but I've been busy and have not had the time.
    I will do personals later, but so happy to see you ladies on here!!!

    Have a great night
  • bugmom92bugmom92 Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    Jackie, you had ONE glass of wine. You "tracked" it. You were mindful of it. You did nothing wrong! Hope you're feeling better - the good news is, this too shall pass. Eventually.
    Peru, glad to see you here. Isn't it easier to post here? I love it. And I'm glad we're "growing"! I came across an old email today back from a few years ago. I had sent it to everyone on the board saying where is everyone, I've been starting the board all week and I'm lonely. Haha, good times!
    slightedge, my left hand has some kind of tendonitis thing going on. It's not carpal's two tendons on the top of my hand...gets better and worse depending on how I'm abusing it. The right hand has the trigger finger. Now that they treated the middle finger, which is more achy than it was to begin with due to the shot, I'm realizing that the ring finger is also having a bit of a popping issue. I just need a hand transplant, and maybe an elbow to go along with the package, lol.
    Today's challenge results: Posting today. Drank 6 of my 10 glasses of water...tracked everything. Did not stay away from sugary things, as I had a soda (which if I hadn't had the soda, I would have drank more water). Walked with my friend.
    Let's see if we're better at posting on the weekend now that we're over here!
    Until tomorrow,
    Karla :-)
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    hey karla sound very painful i had great hike yesterday with hubby legs n butt very stiff this am 90 minutes in local glen it was fab beautiful day but mainly done under trees so plenty of shade both of us in bed for 9.30 ast night lol have good day x
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member

    edited July 2016
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    Lovely hugs ty x
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Morning gals: I had a binge yesterday. It's been a very long crazy week and I just imploded last night. I ate 3..yes 3 vanilla cones with nuts on chocolate...went 1500 calories it's past. I have to eat 1500 less today, (yea right) I will get back into my roll. It's a mindset and I was exhausted. :)

    Karla: you are doing great. I am so happy to see you on the boards. Sorry about the hand/fingers.
    Peru: love the post/picture. Yea on the no sweets...I ate yours and mine!!
    Dankas: I am so proud of your walk, you are just doing awesome!
    Jackie: It is hot, we can just stand and sweat. I think of all the poisons that are coming out of my body. :smile:
    slightedge: hope to see you today on the boards.

    okay gals gotta is errand day...YUCK

  • bugmom92bugmom92 Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    Just a quick check in...since part of my challenge goal is to check in daily! Drank a lot of water. I kept refilling my big cup, so I have no clue how much. Tracked everything. Drank soda, which I analyzed afterwards. I got cherry vanilla dr pepper because I could and it's my favorite. I should have just got my daughter's soda, put a little in so I could take a few yummy gulps, and then turn the cup over to her disposal. Next time. My refill choice from the restaurant was ice water, so I did salvage the situation a bit. No real exercise, too tired. And rest takes precedence at this moment.
    cbabie, good to see you here on a Saturday...easier to post here, I'm loving it!
    Until tomorrow,
    Karla :-)
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    danka I had to go look up the canary islands. I had heard of them before but didnt know exactly where they were located. I hope Rocco gives you many more years of pleasure and comfort. Yaaay on the steps. Is that the challenge you are doing? Your hike sounded beautiful

    cbabie I still don't meet my protein goal on MFP but I am meeting my challenge of eating yogurt 6 days a week which will increase my protein from last week. That was my goal Tomorrow I will have to see where I am vs last week and then set a new challenge. Looks like you are sticking to your goals. Did u get in touch with believe?

    jackie I pray God sends you a cool breeze.

    peru Yaaaay on no sweets. I had guests on friday and I baked and she brought dessert. I ended up with one half piece on Friday, 1/3 piece on Saturday realizing I had better get this out of the house or I will eat it one bite at a time. 1/2 piece what she brought and now that's gone too. But I did track and I stayed within cal budget.

    karla Ouch on your hand. I'm ready to get my bandages off so I can start using it again. I'm still having pain issues that the dr says is all in my head. I told him I'll give it 3 months and then I'm coming for his head. Hooray for your tracking and posting

  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Good Sunday Morning!
    I went to my daughters last night and I had taken my cashews with me, thankfully. I came home after making a pallet painting (it was fun) and was still hungry at I ate a yogurt...I knew this would put me over, but decided I needed to eat something. Well this morning I got up to add it to my journal and I had a surprise. I had added some quinoa in the morning to see what the nutrients were.(yes I know I can check without adding :) ) But thankfully that could be deleted and I was under. YEA!!!! made up a little for the day before. LOL

    Karla: I am glad you like the new board!! Great insight on the soda, that's how we all learn and make those little tweaks and changes every day. Congrats of drinking your water and checking in!!! Hope your hand gets better soon.

    slightedge: hope your hand gets better soon too! I am glad my hand isn't bothering me..seems like it started to be contagious. LOL Congrats on staying within your budget and tracking every bite, lick! You are doing great. It seems we are all doing better this past week.

    okay, lets hear from the rest of our group...checking in is vital to your success!

    I didn't get my push ups done, so have to make sure I get them in today and get my walk in, but it's hard on Sundays as my DH doesn't get out of bed in time for me to get ready for church. We will see.

  • jackie_van_djackie_van_d Posts: 240Member, Premium Member Posts: 240Member, Premium Member
    got 5km walk in,3 cups o water
    Wow it's the end of July !!! Summer is just flying by
  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Good morning ladies!!
    Sorry for not posting yesterday. I wrote a whole page of my goals and personals and then went back to make a few changes, but when I clicked on "post reply" most of what I wrote was gone!! Ughhh I was so annoyed!!!!
    Anyway today is a new day!!!
    I did have sweets yesterday!! One day at a time!! I went over my daily target. I didn't drink enough water. I need to increase my water intake!
    My goal for today
    Get my 8 glasses of water in
    No sweets
    Get in some activity or Zumba if I have the time.
    Try to get some rest ( that's important too lol)

    @cbabie woohooo glad you were able to delete for the quinoa!! Don't you love it when things work out to our favor lol.

    @theslightedgeforever Glad to hear your hand is feeling better!! And congrats on getting rid of the sweets. I didn't do all that great with the sweets yesterday. I had a bag of m&m's lol.

    @dankas001 How are you doing with your goals!??

    @jackie_van_d woohooo!! Way to go on the walking, now we gotta work on the water lol lol
    Tell me about it!! August is almost here! I feel like this summer just flew by!

    Ok ladies have a great Sunday!!

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    cbabie Good for you for making smart choices and taking cashews with you.

    jackie congrats on your walk and water. I didn't get in my walk. No excuse other than I was talking to my kids on video chat. It was my dd's bday so I talked with her and then my ds called later. I didn't have enough battery on my phone or I would have Facetimed them and walked at same time. So I need a better plan Seems they call on Sundays. Nothing went as planned.

    peru So how did u do on your goals for today? No sweets? No sweets for me but went over anyway just by going out with dh. Sitting on computer talking with kids means no cooking was done thus go to restaurant. My fault I did not make a better choice at restaurant. Then I ate out of emotions and dh said do you need to eat that. well I do now. He should know better after all these years.

    I didn't even get in my yogurt. sigh So back to it tomorrow I did increase my protein avg up to 62 interestingly carbs and sugars went higher too. :(

    Goals for this next week

    reduce carb avg while keeping protein same or higher
    strength training for arms x3 days
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,123Member, Premium Member
    Oh forgot to mention July successes

    lost 4.7 lbs
    fasting blood sugar down from 122 to 113
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    wow brilliant loss i wi tomorrow still keeping my challenge to 10000 steps think ill add in water nxt week kate xx
  • dankas001dankas001 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    i had a sneaky peek today lost 3lbs!!! ill change wi to monday have a great day everyone kate xx
  • bugmom92bugmom92 Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    Quick check in: Today's goals (Sunday)
    Water 6 out of 10 cups
    Post here
    Track everything
    Sugars - drank only 12 oz soda (none would be better, but 12 oz better than 32!), one warm yummy gluten free chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven made by my daughter with love. So it really doesn't count, right? 'Cause you can't put a price/calorie count on LOVE!
    Went for a Pokemon walk with hubby

    Until tomorrow,
    Karla :-)
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Morning gals:

    I totally went off the path, yesterday was a weird Sunday. I did get the cantaloupe cut up...LOL So that will be my sweet for this week. Didn't track at all, see that is the KEY to my success. I didn't get my to do's done and I am still tired. I haven't been sleeping and I know that is also the cause of my demise. So it's Monday and back on track...I never can give up on me.

    I am so happy to see all the weekend post!! This is great and we are keeping our accountability!! That will only help each one of us succeed.

    @jackie_van_d : great job on the walk and are walking and hydrating to success!!
    @peruviansweetie : I am glad to see you post, so glad we moved here. Well the m&m's I got you beat...LOL Sorry about the post..I have done that too many times. How many of your goals did you hit? Hopefully you weren't like me. :(
    @theslightedgeforever : So glad you got to talk to your kids..I don't always hear from one of looks like you know what harpooned your goals. So you got this. Ignore DH, I remember mine said something can control what you eat you don't have to eat the whole bag of I got mad and ate stupid it only hurt me..LOL Maybe look at what foods are raising the sugar and carbs and see if it's worth the protein. Maybe there is another way to get your protein.
    @dankas001; congratulation on the loss..good goal for the 10K steps..that's my goal and I used to hit it all the time, lately 3 out of the 4 not hitting and sometimes more..that is a goal I will be working on this week.
    @bugmom92: great job on the TRACKING soda and sugars...your are doing great...even more so...I am so happy that you came to visit all weekend!!! That is hitting your mark! GREAT JOB

    Okay gals I have to get my day a going..

    goals today:

    walk: 10K
    water: 64 oz
    arms: push ups/weights
    tracking: all

  • peruviansweetieperuviansweetie Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Good afternoon ladies!! It's afternoon here on the East Coast lol!!!

    So, I was able to get some rest yesterday!! Hubby took the kids bowling and I relaxed. I'm still working on the water. I had no sweets yay!!! And I did get some activity in by cleaning the home!!

    @cbabie So glad you thought of the idea to post on here. I really like it because I can easily access it on my phone. Sorry you went off the path, but today is a new day and a new chance to start over!!!!
    @dankas001 CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss woohooo!!! I need to work on my water intake too!! We could do this!!$ that'll be my goal today!! I try to get to 10,000 steps, but I manage to get half way there sometimes lol. Tomorrow I'll be going to the park for a walk, if it doesn't rain. We've had a rainy weekend here!!
    @bugmom92 great job on the water intake. You did better than me. And I agree about not counting the cookie. You definitely can't put a price/calorie count on love lol lol lol!!! Can't wait to hear how you did today. I need to work on my water intake. I was so good with that and I've been slacking ughhh!!!
    @theslightedgeforever Woohooo!!! Congrats on the weight loss and sugar going down!!!! I did good with the sweets yesterday, I plan on not having any sweets today. And about the hubby!! Sometimes they could really ruin our goals lol lol lol!!! Hope today is a better day!! We are doing this!!!

    Ok today's goals
    1) do Zumba ( I will continue putting this goal until I get it done lol lol)
    2) Drink my water and track it!
    3) No sweets
    4) track my food here on MFP. I track it on WW, but not here
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