Starting running...How?



  • robininfl
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    I would try the couch to 1 mile app first, and once you can run a continuous mile it will be easier to transition to running longer distances.

    But basically, you are on the right track. Just run for a minute, walk for a minute. Do that for a half hour if you can, or as long as you can. Next week, run for 1 minute 15 seconds, walk for 50 seconds, and so on, until you are running a continuous distance.
  • jennypapage
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    +1 for c25k. i started like you, having never really ran in my life, even as a kid. week 3 and i can already run for 3 whole minutes. never thought it would be possible. just go out and do it,don't overthink it.
  • Philtex
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    One more vote for C25K.

    I run a lot on a treadmill. Do you have access to a gym? Some people find a TM boring but I think it is great for controlling your run in both time and pace.
  • mom2my4boys
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    I started with the mindset that i could do ANYTHING for 2 minutes. Gradually, I built up from there. Now (2yrs later) i can run 10k, if i want. Good luck and have fun!
  • enterdanger
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    I'm another vote for c25k. Got my fat but running.
  • kdcornwell92
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    Read this article, I am a runner but starting was hard and this is still super relatable. Keep going and don't get discouraged!
  • RavenLibra
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    Running is not and should not be for everyone... spend some time observing people running... and you will see what I mean... that does not mean you shouldn't give it a try... it just means that be aware that not everyone is a natural runner... and that you might do yourself more harm than good...c25K is a good place to start ONCE you are ready to begin running...I suggest you work on your cardio and your leg strength before hitting the high impact task of jogging... 2-3 months of regular steady state cardio on a low impact machine ( elliptical and or stationary bicycle) along with exercises to strengthen your core(abs and lower back), knees, and ankles... and some yoga to increase flexibility ... THEN give running a try.
  • cbihatt
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    You have to start where you are. If that means running for one minute and then walking, do that. It will get easier, but it may take awhile.

    Try not to be embarrassed. It may be hard at first, but once you start to see improvement, your confidence will soar!

    I second the recommendation of Jeff Galloway. His method is much preferable to C25k, in my opinion. I also recommend strength training and cross training. It will do wonders for your running.
  • MiamiSeoul
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    Just finished W1D1 of C25K, because I've been walking for a few weeks, today was extremely easy. Good luck!
  • richardgavel
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    As someone who is a runner, I echo the idea of going slow in your pace. There is a big range of speeds between walking and going all out. People getting into feel bad cause they can only "run" a minute or so, but theyre going all out. Runners RARELY run at maximum intensity. Most of it us done at a pace you can hold a conversation at.
  • astrocosmiczoom
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    I never ran a mile in my life until I was 21, and now I can run 7+ without stopping, and I'm pretty fast! I'm 100% going to echo Couch to 5K, plus Nike+ or some other running app, and small goals (run for 1 minute this time, 1:15 next time, 1:30...)
  • happyfeetrebel1
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    I did the c25k as well. And I did in fact repeat a few days because I didn't feel that I was ready to move on.

    I went and got serious running shoes, because shin splints are no joke :-)

    After the c25k program ended I just kept pushing myself with a similar program that I created, starting and stopping when I felt it was necessary. I ended with a 10 mile race :-)
  • AshleighAnn72
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    Thanks guys, I'm downloading both now! Will start on Monday, as it's my day off! (I stand all day at work kills me feet, but get 3 days off a week, so can do it them :))
  • Redbeard333
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    Definitely C25k here. Don't push yourself, listen to your body, and take your rest days between running sessions! ! You can do it :smiley:
  • rastyk
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    I enjoyed the NHS couch to 5k program at
    They have some nice tips and I thought it was fun. It's a lot easier now that I've lost a lot of weight, but I generally listen to podcasts or old time radio shows now that I "graduated".

    There is a group on myfitnesspal for couch to 5k runners too.
    Good luck with the running. For me, it was a help.
  • Amincale
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    C25K is great, but if you're a story lover (like me), then I cannot recommend Zombies, Run! highly enough. You get a half an hour story, can use your own music player to fill the gaps or their online radio, and get to run away from zombies, collect supplies and so on. Great motivator, since the only way to progress the story is to get out and run. It has options for GPS, or if you want to run indoors (I'm looking at you, Norwegian winter), a step counter.

    Great story, fantastic support and a good escape from the day to day.
  • emjam99
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    I STARTED WITH C25K AND I LOVE IT. It's great the intervals work you up very well. I could only run one minute before without having to walk honestly, now I can do a mile and sometimes more. I'm almost done with the app too
  • AshleighAnn72
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    So I did my first day of the couch to 5k ... My legs wanted to give up on the last run but managed to complete it!! Feeling good now though. I like it. Just gotta keep doing it
  • AshleighAnn72
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    Amincale, my hubby showed me that, he loves anything zombie. I think i might check it out.. I need something after I've finished this :) feeling so motivated about it all. :smiley:
  • JosetteGetsFit
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    I trained with telephone poles. Simple... Run to a pole, walk to the next, run, walk, run, walk. Pretty soon you'll be running two walking one, running three walking one etc.