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Turned on at the gym?



  • crackpotbaby
    crackpotbaby Posts: 1,297 Member
    I know a number of women who have orgasmed during exercise.
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,834 Member
    LL5lifts wrote: »
    Timshel_ wrote: »
    shor0814 wrote: »
    I've been waiting in this parking lot for 2 days and littlemissbgiff is nowhere to be seen.

    I was there. I was just um, distracted.

    I know...all those old guys dropping the soap. Its hard to stop watching...

    I bring a bag of soap with me and throw it all on the floor then sit back and reap the rewards

    I steal their towels

    You obviously know nothing of old guys and the gym. They don't need towels, they have blow dryers.

    They air dry...with one leg up on the bench...standing a foot away from you sitting putting on your shoes.


  • jamcdonel
    jamcdonel Posts: 533 Member
    Constantly. My workout buddy drives me insane! Fortunately I sleep next to her every night. And sometimes, if I ask nicely ...... ;)
    THS2SHALLPASS Posts: 1,569 Member
    I get a little worked up on heavy lifting days. endorphins get going and mixed with adrenaline it can get crazy lol
  • Morningstar25
    Morningstar25 Posts: 50 Member
    No im too knackered, sweaty and desperate to end my pain and torture to notice anyone else..