What do you like on your raw avocado?

First of all, let me just say that I am avocado obsessed. I usually eat at least one every day, usually with just a little salt and pepper. But I like to play with some toppings or additions sometimes and that made me wonder what some of you like to dress your raw avocado up with? I'm keto, so I like to add fat on that yummy avocado fat - like bacon or a drizzle of olive oil and fresh lime juice.

What do YOU like?


  • 3rdof7sisters
    3rdof7sisters Posts: 486 Member
    Avocado toast with sliced hard boiled egg.
  • Bonny132
    Bonny132 Posts: 3,617 Member
    Tuna, onion, mayo and chilli. Salt and pepper to taste.
    If you have access to a microwave, mix in grated cheese, nuke and top your avocado. YUM!

    Scoop out avocado, mix with finely chopped tomato, onion, chilli and a squeeze of lemon, refill avocado and eat yum. Salt and pepper to taste.

    Prawns and mayo.

    Warm: baked egg in the middle

    Scoop out avocado, mix with crunched up crispy bacon
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    I just to sprinkle Tajin seasoning on mine.
  • BlueButterfly94
    BlueButterfly94 Posts: 303 Member
    I love to mash raw avocado, throw in a bit of salt and black pepper, and spread it over toast. Sometimes I add finely diced bell pepper to the mash. Tastes super good!
  • AmberlyMarlene
    AmberlyMarlene Posts: 84 Member
    I like to put it in some hashbrowns with an egg cooked howerver you like and sometimes with a bit of cheese.
    Or on a grilled cheese sandwhich(sometimes with deli meat) sometimes mixed with a bit of mayo.
  • thielke2015
    thielke2015 Posts: 212 Member
    Balsamic vinegar with some pepper
  • lutzsher
    lutzsher Posts: 1,153 Member
    I actually love to put sliced avacado on any protein. I could eat it every meal that way.
  • happysherri
    happysherri Posts: 1,360 Member
    pizza :smiley:
  • amylynnewagner
    amylynnewagner Posts: 14 Member
    I enjoy mine with, well...just avocado. Nothing else. I find it quite scrumptious. :D
  • eok902
    eok902 Posts: 56 Member
    +1 for balsamic vinegar.
  • SkyFerret
    SkyFerret Posts: 53 Member
    For a sliced avocado I like drizzling it with soy sauce or lemon juice. For half of one, I like to drop an egg in the hollow once I remove the pit and and bake it.
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 46,846 Member
    Bacon. That's all.

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  • CafeRacer808
    CafeRacer808 Posts: 2,396 Member
    I like to chop mine up and add diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, lime juice, a dash of cumin, and salt and pepper (otherwise known as chunky guacamole). ;-)
  • fit_chickx
    fit_chickx Posts: 571 Member
    Crab salad stuffed avocado

    Lump meat crab
    lime juice or Japanese mayonnaise
    seeded English cucumber chopped
    shredded carrot

    top with Tobiko (flying fish roe) optional
  • fidangul
    fidangul Posts: 673 Member
    Salad cream
  • leanjogreen18
    leanjogreen18 Posts: 2,492 Member
    Tuna salad! Yum!!
  • HopeTracker
    HopeTracker Posts: 16 Member
    When making toast, I've been using avocado as a substitute for butter.
  • MollyMS77
    MollyMS77 Posts: 12 Member
    I don't need anything on my avocado, but I do like a sprinkle of Tony's! (Tony Chachere's creole seasoning)
  • risberg96
    risberg96 Posts: 118 Member
    I have been enjoying a lean hamburger patty with melted gruerye cheese and topped with avacado... so yummy!
  • I mash my daily avocado up with Opa Greek yogurt ranch dressing (specifically this one because it doesn't contain buttermilk, which tastes sad with avocado), and a healthy dash or 5 of chipotle powder.

    I eat this with some kind of chips. It's amazing with freshly baked tortilla chips.