What are your top 3 grocery staples for weight loss?



  • krmsotherhalf68
    krmsotherhalf68 Posts: 122 Member
    Old-fashioned oats, plain Kefir, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, frozen unsweetened or fresh fruit, Tumaro Let's Skip the Sandwich Multigrain Wraps, lean chicken, fish, and Quorn Naked Chikn Patties. Yum-yum!
  • br1tt3rb33
    br1tt3rb33 Posts: 86 Member
    Tuna, eggs, and almond milk are the first three that come to mind for me.
  • dlmciver
    dlmciver Posts: 149 Member
    Greek yogurt
    Quest bars
  • triciab79
    triciab79 Posts: 1,716 Member
    Fiber One cereal
    Diet Coke
  • Shanel0916
    Shanel0916 Posts: 586 Member
    Greek yogurt
    Chicken breast
  • jacquelynkay
    jacquelynkay Posts: 149 Member
    Beer, ice cream and tomatoes.

  • spicymui
    spicymui Posts: 1 Member
  • jacquelynkay
    jacquelynkay Posts: 149 Member
    Sugar Free Freedom Ice Cream
    Dark Chocolate
    Green Beans
    Pop Corn
  • runningforthetrain
    runningforthetrain Posts: 1,037 Member
    black or pinto beans, fage o% greek yogurt, iced teas and soda waters
  • fupthesides
    fupthesides Posts: 71 Member
    Fairlife Milk (chocolate and regular)
  • laurimaki
    laurimaki Posts: 47 Member
    There are things I normally buy, and then things I buy when I'm successfully losing...

    The ones I buy while losing are:

    Nuts (pistachios, cashews, and almonds are my go to)
    Chicken (I love meat, so having chicken now and then instead of whatever meatstrosity I would normally eat day to day seems to really help)
    Diet Soda (I know diet soda isn't healthy, but for weight loss, it helped...while losing my weight, a HUGE kicker for me was switching from regular to diet soda (kickstarted the last 80lbs of my weight loss))


  • doittoitgirl
    doittoitgirl Posts: 157 Member
    Rice, beans, frozen veg
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
    PaulaWallaDingDong Posts: 4,640 Member
    Salmon, Green Giant steamers (lightly sauced), yogurt.
  • saralukies
    saralukies Posts: 24 Member
    I find having those Lite Babybel cheeses handy for the odd craving. They are only 50 calories, and I can spruce them up with some olives or half an apple and be good for another couple hours.
    Sparkling water and diet soda, as others have said.
  • ChristineCoen
    ChristineCoen Posts: 16 Member
    Bagged Spinach or mixed greens
    Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
    Frozen Mixed Veggies (buy in bulk from costco)
    Fresh Parsley and Mint (for morning juice)
    Some kind of fruit- whatever I'm in the mood for usually berries or citrus fruit
  • ChristineCoen
    ChristineCoen Posts: 16 Member
    Beer, ice cream and tomatoes.

  • ChristineCoen
    ChristineCoen Posts: 16 Member
    Like some of the others have said, I don't really buy into the concept of "weight loss foods," and I aim to eat a wide range of foods within my daily calorie goal.

    That said, the following vegetarian protein sources help me stay within my limit and fill me up when I'm cutting calories:

    Protein powder
    Fage Greek yogurt

    I like what you said about not buying into "weight loss foods"! Do you buy fat free or some % of fat Greek Yogurt?
  • jodietownsend03
    jodietownsend03 Posts: 24 Member
    Low Greek yogurt
  • __TMac__
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    I eat the same stuff, losing or maintaining. These are three foods that are so important that I'll make a special trip to the store if we run out.

    Yogurt (whole milk)
  • generallyme2
    generallyme2 Posts: 395 Member
    Chobani plain Greek yogurt
    (both of those because I have a hard time with protein)
    Reese's PB eggs (because yum)