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What is your go to snack at night

terilynnwiseterilynnwise Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Mine has been a slice of turkey and string cheese and I find that I am usually hungry at 8 at night


  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,155Member Member Posts: 10,155Member Member
    If I want to snack at night I first use one of my cardio machines, I have 3, long enough to burn 2x the calories of the snack I wish to have. 4 oz of premium ice cream is going require me to work hard for 40 minutes. And, yes, I do it.
  • livingleanlivingcleanlivingleanlivingclean Posts: 11,767Member Member Posts: 11,767Member Member
    I eat dinner at 8...or later. Dessert is after that - during the week it's yoghurt with protein powder, berries and nuts, all mixed and frozen :)
  • Carillon_CampanelloCarillon_Campanello Posts: 726Member Member Posts: 726Member Member
    Casein and unsweetened almond milk.
  • BedsideTableKangarooBedsideTableKangaroo Posts: 745Member Member Posts: 745Member Member

  • CerealsenseiCerealsensei Posts: 1,627Member Member Posts: 1,627Member Member
    My name says it all
  • cee134cee134 Posts: 33,842Member Member Posts: 33,842Member Member
  • browneyedgirl749browneyedgirl749 Posts: 4,991Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,991Member, Premium Member
    Usually something sweet and chocolate, and that's the rare occasion I snack after dinner.
  • Just_J_NowJust_J_Now Posts: 9,579Member Member Posts: 9,579Member Member
    I hate to snack at night because I lose control and then feel guilty AF. If I crave a snack really badly, I'll make some coffee and have a few crackers. But then of course I'll want peanut butter on the crackers or cream cheese or a slice of cheese or a pizza or anything in the pantry. See it's just a vicious downfall. I purposely stay away from the kitchen at night.
  • LittleHearseDriverLittleHearseDriver Posts: 2,678Member Member Posts: 2,678Member Member
    cee134 wrote: »

    Movie theater butter or kettle corn if I'm craving something sweet.
  • Ben_there_done_thatBen_there_done_that Posts: 732Member Member Posts: 732Member Member
    Whatever I can find. The search goes: Fridge, freezer, cupboards, lower my standards, and repeat.
  • Badger_Girl99Badger_Girl99 Posts: 2,220Member Member Posts: 2,220Member Member
    Peanut butter.
  • sw33tp3a1sw33tp3a1 Posts: 5,079Member Member Posts: 5,079Member Member
    Coconut ice cream
  • PrincessMel72PrincessMel72 Posts: 1,095Member Member Posts: 1,095Member Member
    Outshine fruit bars or a serving of Halo Top ice cream
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 37,254Member Member Posts: 37,254Member Member
  • synchkatsynchkat Posts: 38,057Member Member Posts: 38,057Member Member
    Whatever I have on and and feel like. often candy or crackers
  • Jimb376mfpJimb376mfp Posts: 4,539Member Member Posts: 4,539Member Member
    Mine has been a slice of turkey and string cheese and I find that I am usually hungry at 8 at night

    I don't think this meets the legal definition of the term "snack"!

    I have SF Jell O pudding.
  • RoxieDawnRoxieDawn Posts: 15,518Member, Premium Member Posts: 15,518Member, Premium Member
    hhmm searches freezer and finds... cream and Klondike bars
  • mjlyons1961mjlyons1961 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    sw33tp3a1 wrote: »
    Coconut ice cream

  • mjlyons1961mjlyons1961 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Dannon light & fit non fat Greek yogurt
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