Is it cheating to weigh yourself naked?



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    I'd argue that weighing with clothes on is inaccurate. I'm not my clothing, my clothing doesn't affect my health, my BMI or my body composition. I never get weighed at the doctor (I actually find that kind of odd, but maybe that's a nationality thing) but when I used to go to WW and had to weigh in, I'd wear as light a clothing as possible and still track my weight at home, in the nude, first thing in the AM.

    You are in Australia, aren't you? - forgive me if I am getting you mixed up with someone else.

    I am in Australia and I work in a medical centre - every doctors room has a set of scales and we often weigh patients.

    Not all the time of course - if I come in with a suspected broken arm, my weight is not relevant.

    But it is relevant in pre employment medicals, management of chronic disease -eg diabetes, cardiac conditions etc, sometimes for medication dosages, in pregnancy monitoring etc etc.

    The patient does take their shoes off and any heavy outer clothing - like coats.

    and of course the measurement is assuming patient is wearing some clothing, nobody has ever been weighed naked (except babies) in our clinic.
    But lightweight clothing doesnt weigh much - nobody is suddenly going to jump into Obese BMI range or get wrong medication dosage because of trackpants and a tshirt.

    At home I weigh myself weekly wearing a lightweight nightie - every Sun evening before bed.

    That is the most convenient time and attire for me - as long as my routine is consistent it doesnt really matter nor it is cheating.

    Unless, as someone said, you do something really silly like weigh one week in jeans, jumper, coat, knee high boots and next week naked - and then claim you have lost 5 pounds :o

    Yup, I'm Australian. It's weird, I have assorted funky health issues but I've never been weighed at the doctors? I guess I don't have one that is affected by weight!
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    whineryjnw wrote: »
    I'm not being perverted just being serious and honest. At the doctors the weigh you with shoes and the works on so are you cheating yourselfs by weighing yourself at home naked as opposed to with clothes on at the doctors?

    Huh? Why would you think that? It's your truest weight.
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    I think they fudge stuff at my dr's office, like I weigh with my clothes on and then they write down a number minus like 3 pounds. And once I saw they did my temperature with the ear thing and it came up 101 and she wrote down 98.6. I was telling the doctor that I constantly have fevers with my lupus and she was like "well you don't have one today".... But they didn't write down what the thermometer said.
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    whineryjnw wrote: »
    I'm not being perverted just being serious and honest. At the doctors the weigh you with shoes and the works on so are you cheating yourselfs by weighing yourself at home naked as opposed to with clothes on at the doctors?

    how would this be considered perverted?? im still stuck on that part too!
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    I don't weigh myself naked, but I did weigh my shoes, socks, and exercise clothes. Wearing those, I weigh. Then i subtract the weight of the clothes and have my weight.
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    It's not cheating at all. Like someone else said, I think consistency is key though. I always weight myself right after I wake up, after I visit the bathroom, and with no clothes on. However you do it, just do it the same way all the time.
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    As long as your not counting the difference from weighing at the doctor to weighing at home naked. Just use your at home naked weight as what you always go by. It's always best to use the same scale in the same spot, at the same time of day in the same conditions to get the most accurate results. That's why you see most people will weight themselves naked in the morning after using the bathroom.
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    The first question that came to my mind when I saw this thread was, "How else would you do it??"
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    @whineryjnw always make sure you take care of #1 & if need be, #2 before weighing as well. ;)
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    heck no, I weigh myself naked, after my morning bathroom trip!
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    Usually the important thing is your day-to-day variance. So unless your more worried about what other people think than meeting your own goals, who cares.
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    I weigh myself in the morning after I pee & just before I get into the shower... so I'm naked. I don't let them weigh me at the Dr - I tell them what I weighed that morning and they record that.
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    as long as you are always weighing in naked and at a similar time there's no problem nor perversion either. :)
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    No, not cheating. But when at the doctors and being weighed fully clothed you need to account for the weight of clothes/ shoes. It could add 7 to 10lbs to the naked weight I'm sure.
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    Weight on home scales for me is just a measure of direction of travel ...i know it won't be 100% accurate and i know that clothing affects it.... i get weighed roughly weekly and wear roughly the same items of clothes

    As long as the general direction is right over the course of time its fine... unless you need a dead-on accurate measure it shouldn't matter THAT much
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    bbell1985 wrote: »
    Why would you want to include the weight of your clothes? I take my damn earrings and hair clips out when I weigh-in.

    I was trying to make weight for a powerlifting meet once. You're in a tiny room with one other person. I told that woman I was taking absolutely everything off. It was literally a 2x2 foot room. Poor lady.

    Haha. Awesome.

    I take my earrings, hair clip, Fitbit off. Anything that isn't me doesn't get included in the weigh in.

    I also don't weigh first thing in the morning as I retain a buttload of water overnight which takes a few hours to shed.
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    Well I weighed myself before my run 3 pounds lighter weighing myself after I woke up and used the restroom. I'll take it
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    You want to control as many variables in your weigh-in as possible. The generally recommended method is to weigh naked in the morning, after using the restroom but before showering, eating, or drinking.

    In other words, dry, naked, and empty is the way to weigh.