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What the Health?

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I am wondering if any of you watched the documentary What the Health? What are your thoughts?



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    Amy8Lyn wrote: »
    My vegan agenda and I enjoyed the film. I do think though as with any food or health documentary you need to do your own research and as mentioned above to take some things with a grain of salt. While often shown over dramatically there were many valid and researched positions. I personally don’t think anyone who is not already open to adopting a plant based diet would decide to go vegan off of a documentary, but what I have seen is people wanting to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diets…which I think everyone can agree is a positive thing for people’s health.

    Nota bene: Steak/bacon/burger jokes? Are we still doing this? I think there are ways to share your opinions without demeaning or making fun of others beliefs.

    You must have missed the other threads about this 'documentary', where people have indeed claimed their new found 'veganism' is due to watching it. The film plays off of people's fear and intentionally misleads to push an agenda.

    I was at a Costco and there was a guy there demoing the Vitamix, and we got into a discussion. He was so vegan that any thought of meat or animal products was anathema, and he told me, with this weird gleam in his eye, red meat was going to give me cancer. I felt like I was talking to a fanatic.

    Gosh. Good job there's no-one round here doing that with lectin containing foods isn't it!? Last thing we need along with evangelical vegans and low carbers etc.

    :noway: :laugh:

    ETA: I should clarify the :noway: is for any additional preaching of the must dos for weight loss/health/etc.