What is your 'I'm not measuring that'/'free food'?



  • fitoverfortymom
    fitoverfortymom Posts: 3,453 Member
    I don't log spices or cooking spray, when used sparingly.
  • nightengale7
    nightengale7 Posts: 563 Member
    Sriracha, hot sauce, pickles, pickled jalepenos, water enhancers, spices, sugar free gum/mints, tea. I log mustard, because I eat a ton of it. I don't weigh lettuce - usually put 5 ounces for all salads (eye ball it). No one ever got fat by eating too much lettuce.

    You and I are kindred spirits :smiley: I'm pretty much the same, although I don't log mustard either.
  • Verity1111
    Verity1111 Posts: 3,314 Member
    Fresh vegetables. I have BED and seeing the low calories triggers me to binge. It's the thought of "oh all those vegetables were only 35 calories I can eat a lot more of that" and then it gets bad so I just don't log them.

    Glad it's not just me.
  • Troutrouter1968
    Troutrouter1968 Posts: 122 Member
    Lettuce and spices.