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    I "was" a daily, sometimes heavy, drinker until Jan 15th of this year. Always a few, or 3 or 4, at least every evening after work and many more on weekends. Since I have quit drinking I realized that I just don't eat enough and struggle to get in my calories some days. My weight has melted off me at a surprising rate since I quit drinking. I do notice that if I do have a drink that I don't lose much, or any weight, that week.
    Upon some investigation and speaking to my doctor about it he did confirm a suspicion that I learned. . . women don't metabolize alcohol as well or efficiently as men. Our bodies work much harder to process it and while our liver is busy coping with the alcohol it just isn't as efficient to process our fats and carbs as well, hence why when I have even one or two drinks I don't see any weight loss that week.
    This may not be the case with everyone since we are all so different but it is a very obvious reality for me. As a result the "occasional" drink I would have is not happening anymore as it just ends up making me feel like I sabotaged my entire week with that one choice. It just isn't worth it.
    I don't want to be that fat drunken party girl, she didn't like herself as much and used the alcohol to numb the pain. I am happy to turn down alcohol now as I feel so much better about everything in the skin im in now. I will never go back to what I once was.

    I drank Saturday and have felt the same way all week. It's not worth it to me either. Thanks for the info and post!
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    Only today and tomorrow left. I just want to say thank you. You all are doing so great and you all are so inspiring!
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    Today is the last day of September! How did you do? How do you feel?

    For those of you who are at 30 of 30 alcohol free days today, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    For those of you, who reduced your intake this month, CONGRATULATIONS!

    For those of you who are following this thread, thinking about making a change, but not quite ready yet...CONGRATULATIONS! Being aware or thinking about making a change is a huge step.

    These threads aren't about condemning anyone's drinking or part of any program.

    What we all have in common here on MFP is we are trying to make positive changes in our lives. We are all trying to be in a healthier place.

    Cutting back/reducing/moderating or cutting out alcohol completely is a personal decision, but it's a tough one. So glad you were all here to support one another. I know you all kept me on track this month!

    If you want to join us for October, the thread is here:
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    Congrats to all who made the month. I think I went 5 days. Temptation is rampant when it is just so convenient!
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    It's been a great month! Thanks for all the support everyone!
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    Drank twice in September both planned and both times were not worth it. Last one being last night. And said stupid crap that I hope no one remembers or takes with a grain of salt. Slept like crap, woke up with a racing heart. Came home ate terribly, has set me back a week of pounds even if it's water weight.done ✅ over it ✅Glad to be hopping over to October thread with no plans of drinking for October!