Your advice to the old you ...

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Just wondering what all you successful “losers” would have said to yourself at the beginning of your weight loss journey knowing what you know now??


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    Look up keto old me. Try that first!
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    High fat/moderate protein/very low carb..(look up keto) the simplest way because it tunes down food cravings. Too bad I discover that after 5-6 years of a vegetarian diet..
    Food scale is a must. Log your stuff in for a few weeks so you know what the portions should be. Break up meat and chicken by weight before cooking, so you are not overeating a designated portion. A serving of meat/fish is 4 oz. not 12oz.
    Stick to calorie plan, no cheats.
    Weigh in daily in the morning
    After 2 month of charting weight and sticking to plan, you will see the graph over time.. now you can deliberately adjust your cal intake if you like. Point is, give your body lots of time before declaring what works and what does not before tweaking the plan.
    Weight loss is an irregular process, especially for women, some times its stalls for weeks, during periods, then resumes. Reassess your plan every two months. Also measure your arms, neck, waist. Those will shrink even if weight does not. The scale is not your only marker.
    Moderate exercise, an hour every other day will accelerate your ideal body weight.. Make sure you are straining yourself, I see plenty women moving machines with no weight on them, it's not the motion it's the weight resistance that makes effect. Otherwise you wasting an hour. Also don't try to eat up the calories you think you burned in gym, you will always over eat and under burn. You mind will trick you every time.
    Alcohol turns into sugars, slowing your progress, minimize it.
    No candy, sugar, pops, diet pops, zero cal pops, they all have sweetener that spikes insulin and stores fat. no junk, eat real food.
    Love yourself and your body more then the craving of some junk food. It's a mental game. You can reprogram all bad habits.
    Good luck.

    I did not know to weigh meat before cooked. And I was clueless about diet drinks. That part sucks
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