October 2017 Running Challenge



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    garygse wrote: »
    I guess I should also put in my miles for the month so far. :smile:

    02 - 5.26
    03 - 4.06
    04 - 4.07
    06 - 2.80
    07 - 2.01
    08 - 26.21

    Total: 40.41 / 100 miles

    Congrats again Gary! Sounds like a well executed race and your training paid off in being able to pull off a fantastic result in your first marathon!
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    Much better run today. Very cool and windy 43° F. 4.8 miles.

    31.06 miles of 100.
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    Getting here late, but trying to get some more miles in this month. Getting more each time, but travel, etc., are limiting the days I can run. More travel coming, so I'm rolling back my goal to 45. New Garmin Forerunner 235 on my wrist for the last week or so, and I'm excited to be checking it out. Running without carrying the phone, but missing the music, so I may rethink the plan.


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    Thanks @hanlonsk I don't do walk/run, but I will look at that plan and see how it is. And I agree that you should probably see a doctor. That sounds like possible blood pressure issues to me.

    @mobycarp Thanks for your advice. It is really helpful. I think that I could start slowly increasing my runs to get 25-25 per week. I'm at about 16 now, but there is quite a bit of time until the HM that I am thinking about running. I've looked at a few plans but they all seem to be 5 days running and for my personal life running 4 days just works better. At least for now. I really find that I want to run every day, but I do have other obligations and I know that rest days are important.

    @eponine1984 You are not alone as a slow runner. I am still a slow runner. But I am a lot faster than when I started out with C25K about a year ago. I'm a lot faster than when I started doing the monthly running challenge in April. It is so hard not to compare yourself with others, but it really is best if you just compare yourself with you. I have actually found reading the responses that you have gotten to be a helpful reminder to me as I struggle with comparing myself to others all the time. For me, I have mostly focused on increasing my distance and my pace has gotten faster on its own.

    Congrats again @garygse! Great race report!

    It is a nice brisk morning here and the high is only supposed to be 68F so I will run my intervals this afternoon after work.
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    @garygse fantastic race and great write up. I knew how you did and I was still cheering you on. Nice selfie! Love the medal, looks like it weighs a ton.
    @BruinsGal_91 great 10K! Yeah for post race beer.
    @Azercord I keep looking at those Spartan races, they look like fun. Skip says they will find me dead on the course 2 weeks later ha ha. My cousin’s son does them all over the world and loves it.
    @hanlonski I thought the same thing as @PastorVincent blood pressure, I do not play a doctor on TV and didn’t stay at a Motel 6 last night, but I do have high blood pressure. My other thought was pregnant? :open_mouth:
    @hjeppley how old is your “youth” XC team? Sounds like fun
    Thanks @wishIwasarunner I’m feeling almost 100% just alittle sore and can’t kneel cause my knees hurt (good thing I’m not in the NFL)
    @eponine1984 I agree 100% with @shanaber. I started 4 years ago not being able to run to the mail box. I’ve run 3 HMs and tons of races of less distance, I’m still not the fastest person is the world, but I get where I’m going…cause a 13 min mile is just as far as 7 min mile.
    @hotmama115 that is a great goal!
    @katharmonic did you get running in to test the ribs? Come on puking in a Halloween race would be kinda cool, okay no it wouldn’t.
    @MNLittleFinn happy taper
    @PastorVincent ugh I can’t see the jacket…stupid company

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    @PastorVincent - I need one of those jackets for sure!

    @eponine1984 - I ran 15 minute miles regularly when starting out and while running my first few half marathons even. As my weight dropped I dropped down towards 12 and even 10 minute miles. After gaining a lot of weight back after an injury I was right back at 15 minute miles again wile being in my 4th year of running. So don't be too discouraged, especially when you are still relatively new. It does suck being slow, but you will get faster, especially if you are overweight and shed some pounds.
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    Congratulations @garygse! Impressive race. You are a marathoner! And an amazing one at that.

    @eponine1984 you're talking about me. Started running 2 years ago from never running ever, couldn't run for a minute. I joined a walk to run program and started slowly. I am not a fast runner but I am a runner - I have now done 4 half marathons and improved my time for each one (to where I'm more middle of the pack for my age group than total back of the pack). I get discouraged all the time in my training group where there are FAST runners, people who win races and qualify for Boston, who are twice as fast as me and look like gazelles. But then I look at where I was 2 years ago and that's the comparison I need to make. What *I* can accomplish and improve on, even if it is "just" fitness and finishing. That's a lot!

    Sorry for not catching up more. @kristinegift I know saw you were recovering from an injury, and missed your race. Wishing you the best.

    I still haven't run since my race on 10/1. I might try at least the warm-up and maybe a base run at group tonight to test out the ribs. I'm feeling like if I don't get out there sometime soon I'll find it all too easy to just quit all together. I also signed up for a Halloween weekend 5k to make sure I don't quit.

    A beautiful inspiration you are!
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    Decided to play it safe today with a walk in the Nature Park instead of running after the extra running with the team yesterday. Poured down rain for a good portion of the time but my raincoat kept most of me dry.

    @skippygirlsmom My XC team is 7 kids ages 6-10 and their big (and only) meet of the season is this Saturday (they also train for some track events simultaneously but those are over for the season). Distance is 3K. My 8 year old son is also on the team so it sometimes leads to a weird parent/coach dynamic... He is good runner though and usually doesn't do too much trying to monopolize my attention. :smile:


    10/1 5 mi (+ 1 mile walk) + Gymnastic Bodies Front Split stretch routine
    10/2 Water walking
    10/3 3 mi + light yoga
    10/4 Walking + yoga
    10/5 3 mi + PT (scraping + treadmill + stretch + strength)
    10/6 Walking + PT (stretching + scraping + ultrasound + H-wave)
    10/7 4 mi (+ 1 mile walk) + yoga and PT moves
    10/8 6 mi (+ 1 mile walk) + Gymnastic Bodies Front Split stretch routine + PT
    10/9 3 mi slowish with youth XC team + 40 min water walking + PT
    10/10 Walk for 45 min + PT moves

    Goal: 75 mi
    Total: 24 mi
    To go: 51 mi

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    W8D1 complete! 28 minutes of running. I dropped my pace back down to a 15-minute mile (I had been trying to push to 14) and it was still tough but felt better than my last few runs. I loosened up the laces (haven't relaced them yet) and I think that helped because the numbness didn't set in until much later.

    Did anyone else start out like me - super slow, can barely hang on - and improve? Jumping into this challenge (trying not to compare) but it just seems like everyone is much further in their running careers than me. My sister is a runner, but she's always naturally been faster than me. So I guess I'm just hoping to hear from some other slow pokes.

    8.4/40 miles

    When I was doing C25k a little over a year ago, I ran about a 14 minute mile. These days I'm around 11:00-11:30, so I guess that's improvement, even though I'm still slow. :smile:

    Just keep at it and you'll be amazing yourself with what you can do. I never thought I'd be able to run a half marathon when I first started out, but now I've run three!
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    @PastorVincent ugh I can’t see the jacket…stupid company

    Funny enough ... it was on all of their products, at least the ones that I looked at in the store that day.
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    10/2- 2 miles
    10/3- 2 miles
    10/4- 2 miles
    10/5- 2 miles
    10/6- 2 miles
    10/6- 2 miles
    10/7- 2 miles
    10/8- 2 miles
    10/9- 2 miles
    Total 18 so far. Am glad I am able to keep it consistent so far!
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    @garygse Thanks for sharing your story and crushing your goal!

    @eponine1984 Slower than a slug I was. Just gotta keep on keepin' on. Do it 'cause you love/hate it and you'll just keep getting better.
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    girlinahat wrote: »
    @eponine1984 I am, like you, a slow runner. I started running a couple of years ago, as I approached my fortieth, having never done any running. I came LAST in the 800 metres race (by about ten minutes) at High School, but I only entered to get points for our team. I started running because I had started doing morning walks and I became a bit bored.

    I run primarily outdoors. Pavements/sidewalks are things I run on only to get to the trails and gravel tracks I want to be on. I like undulations. I almost like hills on the way up, I definitely like hills on the way down. And I am SLOW. I did my first race (a 7.5k) because that’s what runners do isn’t it? I joined a running club and I’m still definitely at the back of the pack, with the fastest runners looping back. Actually sometimes I’m struggling to stay in front of the backmarker I’m so slow.

    But like @lporter229 I’m all about building a base. As I run, I think about the way my feet are landing, I think about where my hips are positioned, is my head nicely balanced. Some mornings in the park I see the dogs let off the lead for the first time for hours and they leap into action, thrilled to be in the open air. I want to be like a dog. I want to leap and yelp and jump across streams and up hills and swing across tree branches.

    I’m never going to be a fast runner. I’m never going to qualify for a race that needs a speed qualification. But you can bet I’m going to be the runner who keeps going, who accepts the challenges of rough terrain, who gets JOY out of running whenever she can. I’m a mountain goat in my head, I’m a tiger, I am ONE with the world around me and my body twists and curves with all the undulations the earth can throw at me.

    Maybe speed will come eventually, right now, I’m all about play, and being a tiger.

    And that's what it's all about! Well said!
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    Yesterday was the first run on my new treadmill, since I worked late and didn't get home until sunset. I have to say, it went great. I was able to listen to music, which made the run much more enjoyable I must say. I did 5 miles and I was literally drenched after the run, I was sweating so much! I'm going to need to get a fan for the room, I think.

    Best part about running at home - I can run in just my sports bra and not worry about what anyone else thinks. :smiley:

    October total so far = 34.1 miles

    SUGGESTION: Set up a(some) oscillating fan(s) to move the air around you as you run in place. It will help clear out the CO2 and give you a bit of a breeze to help your body's cooling systems.