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Ghost Stories - I Want To Hear Your Best!



  • helow88helow88 Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    I have no clue if what I saw was a ghost or not. At the time, I decided to keep my experience to both myself and my family. It was only months later when I spoke with neighbors, at a party, about my encounter. I got some interesting feedback from neighbors about their experiences while living at our apartment complex. Here are both mine, and their stories.

    The guy hosting the party had lived at that complex for several years. According to his research, it was built in the 1940's and was the housing units for the staff of a nearby (long ago demolished) hotel. Both he and his partner lived in an adjacent single story unit where they had a one bedroom bungalow. On more than one occasion, both of them swore they heard the sound of human feet walking on their roof. Pacing back and forth. At other times, they heard a loud bang and thundering noise of what they described like a "large wooden wine barrel being rolled across the ceiling". It would disappear after several minutes. This apparently only happened late in the evening.

    Then the young couple ,who lived on the second floor of a seperate building, spoke up about how they could hear someone walking down their corridor only to see no one. The floors were made of wood so you could always hear someone coming from a distance. Again, this only occured very late at night. They even opened their door once to look and saw nothing. There was only one way down that hall, with only four units to one side. The other side was nothing but an open air banister.

    My story was the creepiest. It occured late at night, in August 2008. It was around 11pm when I decided to take a shower before my husband came home from his shift. Our (ground floor) bathroom had a small frosted glass window that could be opened for ventilation. Please note that this window was at least six feet up from the floor. While in the shower I had the feeling someone was looking at me. I pulled back the shower curtain and saw the outline of a head an inch away from the glass window looking in on me. It had pale white skin with very dark/black lips and dark shadows for eyes. It looked very slender and youthful. It slowly leaned away from the window once it realized I noticed it. I called out my husband's name because I thought it was him. Thinking he got home early, I jumped out of the shower and threw on some clothes. I opened the front door and saw there was nothing. His motorcycle wasn't parked in his space and he was nowhere to be seen. My husband came home an hour later. I told him about it and he wasn't too happy. That thing had to be over six feet tall to glare into that tiny window. Was it a ghost? A passing weirdo? I dunno, but at least I was able to share this with people and face the reality that something did happen their in that old apartment complex.

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  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,221 Member Member Posts: 4,221 Member
    Was chatting to my work mate about ghost stories today and she told me some of hers and her families. I was freaking out ! Some aren't actually about seeing a ghost, perse, but same idea I guess.

    Her daughter's dad died and he was a huge football fan. Like. Really loved it. His favourite teams colours were green. At his funeral everyone wore green in some way. One day his daughter was in the kitchen, making some toast but she was having a really bad day. Crying and sad. She opened the window and a green feather blew in. We don't have green birds of any description flying around here, so she took that as a sign from her dad. She kept the feather.

    My work mate said she was once over at her mum's house. It's a fairly big house with a large staircase in it. All the family was over and she was in the kitchen making everyone tea / coffee. She said that from the kitchen, she could clearly see in the mirror, her sister (or what looked like her sister) walk up the stair case. She said she walked out and shouted up to her, 'would you like some tea?' She kept shouting and then her family called her through to the living room, everyone was in there....including her sister. She says that she 100% seen her sister walk up the stair case.

    Another one of her ghost stories. Her family moved into a house in the 1970's and she said it was a Catholic family who had lived there previously. On the walls where crosses had hung, was the outline of the crosses. She said this freaked her out a bit. Her sister had a bedroom downstairs and she would often say that she could hear footsteps. But it sounded as if the hallway was a close, loud and echoey, not the way it actually was a normal hallway, with carpet. So it sounded like the feet were walking on concrete and loud. She said that one night her sister bent down to get something from the floor, while in bed and felt a babies hand touch hers.

    She also told me about her dad's brother. Her dad and his brother were driving for many miles to attend their other brothers funeral. Her brother says that he was driving and was so tired, was falling asleep. He says that his brother, who had just died appeared right in front of his face and shouted loud 'wake up!' Had he not woken up, he would have driven into a ditch and possibly died.
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,221 Member Member Posts: 4,221 Member
    Another work mate told me a story that I find interesting.

    She was unwell, in bed, years ago. She felt pressure on her bed sheets and looked round to check if the bed was touching anything or was maybe leaning against the bedside cabinet ? Nope. She turned over and went to sleep.

    Days later her mum met a friend for a coffee. The friend, out the blue, said 'tell her not to worry, it was her grandad that was sitting on her bed the other night, he was just checking in on her.'

    Freaky thing? She hadn't told anyone about that happening. So how did the friend know?
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,221 Member Member Posts: 4,221 Member
    I wonder if this qualifies as a ghost story or just freaky.

    I hadn't stayed overnight at my bf house on my own often, this was gona be like the 2nd time (this was a while ago). So being a little scared, I checked the patio doors many times during the evening, trying the handles to make absolutely sure the doors were locked! Before going to bed, I again checked them. Locked. I asked Alexa to turn lights off. She did. I went upstairs.

    I went into bedroom, then into bathroom. I looked down stairs, all the lights back on. I was like huh? I definetly put them off. So I carefully went down stairs, convincing myself someone else was in the house. I managed to get into the living room, I ran over to check the doors. It was open. The door was now open. I locked it and again asked Alexa to turn lights off. She did. I went upstairs. Again went into bedroom and quickly to bathroom and I looked downstairs to AGAIN see the lights back on. I hesitantly went back downstairs and this time I disconnected Alexa and ran upstairs. Honestly felt like calling my bf to come back home.
  • s131951s131951 Member Posts: 3,398 Member Member Posts: 3,398 Member
    I used to work in a haunted funeral home....
    This is copy/pasted from my post over at faygoluvers b/c I'm lazy.

    Here's my pic and story:

    This was back when I was working in a funeral home (side note: funeral directors are cool *kitten* folks, one of the guys became my best friend). anytitties, the pic is of the office I was working in at the time. The guy on the computer is one of the funeral directors (Kevin), the one taking the picture of my beautiful *kitten* (illuminattied in green btw) is my homie Dan. He had just gotten a digital camera and this was back in the 00s, like 05 I wanna say...and this was his first camera so he was dickin around with it. So this is one of the pictures he took. I circled what I think looks like a misty arm coming out of the wall. The thing is, on the other side of that wall is the embalming room...and that's the wall bodies would be put up against when they were worked on. I also think that funeral home was haunted....just based off of experience from working there.


    Why did autocorrect go to anytitties or is that a thing?
  • AmericanbabydollAmericanbabydoll Member Posts: 830 Member Member Posts: 830 Member
    Bump because it's October. :wink:
  • NotSo_LittleRichardNotSo_LittleRichard Member Posts: 1,004 Member Member Posts: 1,004 Member
    cee134 wrote: »
    Now that Halloween is right around the corner I want to hear ALL the ghost stories.

    Tell me your best!

    The other one isn't bumping.

    There's a bunch of new people. Any new or interesting ghost stories?


    Great stories in this thread and the original. I love this time of year
  • Glazed_and_ConfusedGlazed_and_Confused Member Posts: 1,307 Member Member Posts: 1,307 Member
    I was never close with my paternal grandfather, we butted heads quite frequently. A couple nights after he died, I was trying to go to sleep, being emo and thinking how we never were able to have a relationship that was positive. I always sleep with one foot out from under the covers, and that night I felt a very strong pull on my big toe. I stopped crying immediately and just laid there in the dark waiting to see if something else would happen, but nothing did. When I was a kid and we visited grandma and grandpa, my sister and I would sleep on the pullout couch in the living room. When he thought I was sleeping in too late, grandpa would pull my toes to wake me up. Never knew what to make of it, maybe it was a dream.
  • AmericanbabydollAmericanbabydoll Member Posts: 830 Member Member Posts: 830 Member
    Almost Halloween, any stories???
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,221 Member Member Posts: 4,221 Member
    I dunno exactly what just happened. But I was in the bathroom, used the toilet, flushed the toilet and then stood with my back to the sink, looking in the mirror. Suddenly the tap at the sink came on, it was on almost full flow and I got quite a fright. I just looked in disbelief, why is that tap came on by itself ? I went over, grabbed the handle and turned it off.

    It's either a ghost, or something wrong with the pipes in here. Taps don't NORMALLY turn on by themselves...
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,221 Member Member Posts: 4,221 Member
    It's Friday 13th .......

    I booked in today to see a psychic medium, it's not until January but I'm excited! I am going back cos iv enjoyed my last 2 readings. I was discussing with my brother the probability of 'something beyond'. He is quite sceptical, I like to keep a healthy amount of scepticism but I do like when I think I have more evidence!

    Any stories from anyone lately? 🤔
  • vanityy99vanityy99 Member Posts: 1,901 Member Member Posts: 1,901 Member
    I have three stories that happened at my grandmas house.

    Maybe I caught a couple whiffs of my older cousins ganja somehow or it was an actual spirit, but when I was younger no more then 10 years old I saw a figure holding a coffee cup going up and down the stairs. For some reason I could see the coffee cup really clearly and the heat coming out of it.

    Also, my mom said that she felt something feel her stomach while she was pregnant with me. Like a finger going up and down her stomach lightly. It was probably my hand.

    And my dad said he saw a woman watching him take a shower, in the basement. Apparently he ran out the shower in a towel.

    The house was old and creepy so we were just creeping ourselves out. My cousins have some stories about that house too but I think they were just on that good good. I feel like if we really believed what we saw we’d be forever shook for life and never return to the house. But we been there many times after so ..

    I think we all just had a whiff of something.

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