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  • moogie_fitmoogie_fit Posts: 256Member, Premium Member Posts: 256Member, Premium Member
    How are folx increasing they're neat during coronavirus
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Posts: 2,972Member Member Posts: 2,972Member Member
    I know several extrovert-type friends who are using the "social down time" to check off things on their "do all the round the house puttering" lists. Turning out closets, switching up photos on the walls (painting rooms if local reno/DIY stores still open or delivering). That kind of thing
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 14,253Member Member Posts: 14,253Member Member
    It was mentioned earlier in the thread (by someone else), but I'm restarting the "set a timer" approach for a while.

    It's easy to get dug down into MFP forum, Pinterest, whatever, so I'm setting a timer when I sit down . . . a timer built into my stove, so I have to get up at least to turn it off, or it keeps yeeping at me indefinitely. I do try to make a conscious decision to shift gears and do something more active once I'm up, though; then set the timer before sitting down again.

    Pavlov's li'l ol' lady. :neutral:
  • Strudders67Strudders67 Posts: 310Member Member Posts: 310Member Member
    We're allowed out once a day for exercise, so I go for an early morning walk in the timeframe that I'd normally be commuting. But that doesn't even come close to offsetting the time I'd normally spend in the gym.

    I've also started clearing paperwork and, once I really get going, will be walking back and forth putting financial statements into one pile on the floor, utility stuff into another pile, pensions papers into another etc. Back and forth between the initial pile on the table and the separated piles on the floor should add up to quite a few steps. Once my filing is up straight (I've got a huge backlog so this may take a while!), I plan to turn my attention to clothes, shoes etc. Trying on clothes that are almost certainly too big for me now will be interesting (and involve moving). I think a lot of charity shops will ultimately benefit from this period.

    However, not being in the office means there's no constant supply of cakes, chocolates and other treats so I'm not eating as much, which is a huge help.
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  • SaraKim17SaraKim17 Posts: 1,151Member Member Posts: 1,151Member Member
    @Strudders67, are you eventually going to file the papers or shred them?

    (I am doing a lot of pacing around my living room. 😞)
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  • Katmary71Katmary71 Posts: 3,158Member Member Posts: 3,158Member Member
    moogie_fit wrote: »
    How are folx increasing they're neat during coronavirus

    I've been putting my laptop on the counter and marching/dancing in place while online. I'm walking around to get in extra steps doing stuff like using the back bathroom, taking one pile of laundry to my room at a time, not procrastinating, cleaning and decluttering, putting on funky music while doing chores and dancing, and gardening. I've been doing a lot of workout videos on YouTube to make up for the gym.

    I've only had my Fitbit for a month, I knew I fidgeted a lot but I have a rocking loveseat and tend to rock, my Fitbit logged 10,000 steps while I watched a movie, I do it way more than I thought!
  • Strudders67Strudders67 Posts: 310Member Member Posts: 310Member Member
    @SaraKim17, probably about 50% will need to be filed and 50% will be shredded/binned/composted. But in the stacks of papers dotted around there are newspapers where I turned down a corner of a page because there was something to do / read / visit that interested me, flyers for events and almost certainly post that hasn't been opened. I'm so far behind that any exhibitions etc will have long passed. I'll be very disappointed if this period of lock-down ends and my filing isn't up straight.
  • bmeadows380bmeadows380 Posts: 1,930Member Member Posts: 1,930Member Member
    at one point on Friday, while waiting for my lunch to finish in the microwave, I held onto the kitchen since and bounced in place. Another time, I did a few jumping jacks, and still another time, I walked loops around the house - the cats thought I was crazy :)

    When the weather is nice, I take at least a 30 minute walk, and lately, I've tried to push it to an hour. If the weather isn't nice, then I shoot for 30-45 minutes on my elliptical at home. Not as efficient as walking since its a cheap elliptical, but it still has me moving, at least.

    But I did notice a sharp reduction in my step count during the day. When i'm in the office, I can average around 1500 calories during the work day just walking to the printer, the bathroom, the break room, etc. And thats from working in a smaller building and being sedentary most of the day at my desk! but the first day I worked from home, I barely got 400 steps in before the end of the day. That day required a very long elliptical session......

    I'm going to try next week to get up a little earlier and hit the elliptical before I log in for the day, especially as next week is not going to be very nice weatherwise. And I've been looking up beginner aerobic videos on Youtube and beginner body weight routines. I came across one from Nerdfitness - can anyone vouch for their stuff?
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