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Is every single body in the world intended to be within the so-called healthy BMI range?



  • Mycophilia
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    18% is HUGE!
    A 180 pound person - 18% is 147.6 pounds, add 18% instead and that's 212.4!
    So an 18% variation one way or the other from 180 is a range of 64.8 pounds! That's a 5th grader!

    Except people aren't either 100% skeletal muscle or 100% fat tissue. Take a 100kg person at 20% bodyfat and replace half of the fat with muscle and that person will weigh 101.8kg.

    LMAO your 220 pound hypothetical person with only 20% body fat is about 7 feet tall (or more!)

    To better illustrate the math and my point.
  • distinctlybeautiful
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    Ok maybe BMI wasn’t the best way to frame it. What I’m hearing though is that y’all generally believe there is an ideal body weight / body size / body fat percentage range that people should be in? And that being outside that range indicates less-than-optimal health? And that people should strive to be close to or within this range?
  • Huskeryogi
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    For about 4 months I was in the healthy BMI range and I didn’t like how my body looked. My BP, Cholesterol, etc have always been fine so as long as my waist to hip ratio is under .86 I don’t worry because that’s shown to be a better indicator anyway.
  • jamesakrobinson
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    Total drivel - apparently I'm clinically obese!!

    LOL You should probably try lifting some weights and see if that helps. :D
  • stevencloser
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    Hell no! If you are lean and lift it's easy to be "overweight" even at a sub 10% body fat.

    "Easy" is a bit exaggerated when even most world-class elite athletes are at most slightly into overweight.

    I beg to differ. My BMI floats around 26 to 27 (and even higher in the winter) but my body fat is under 9% (can get close to 10% by mid January) That is classified as "overweight" and I am just a gym rat in my 50s, certainly not any kind of elite athlete or anywhere near in my peak condition. (good for an older guy, but nothing like what's achievable in your prime)
    Lifting and paying more attention your macros than just your total caloric intake WILL skew your body composition towards lean mass, which is much more dense than fat. (this is the biggest thing the CICO cult leaves out of their holy equation)

    Denseness of muscle has zilch to do with CICO. And it's only 10%.
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    Not sure how short you are but last time I calculated (May) my FFMI was 22.x, my BMI was 26.x, and my body fat (Dexa) was 8.x... I'm 5'11" if my body fat went up to 9.x (and I am probably there and on my way up as autumn sets in) my FFMI would go down and my BMI up.