I don't care that your fat and at the gym because what I'm REALLY thinking is...

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Hey, you, gym newbie! Yeah, you...we know you're a little nervous doing this. It's OK.

But you can stop worrying that any of us are really thinking about your weight because in our heads while we're there we're thinking...

(OK MFPers, this is where you reply with inspiring quotes and silly GIFS)


  • thunderztormdk
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    I'm still a newbie at the gym, so my primary thought is on myself, my form and "am I doing this right". And then, half way through my second set, my thoughts are all "get this *kitten* moving ONE MORE TIME"...
  • rsclause
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    I am thinking how bad my shoulders hurt and trying not to injure myself, again.
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    There are other people at the gym?????

  • questionfear
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    Most of the time I'm thinking along the lines of "don't drop the plate on your foot, don't drop the plate on your foot..."
  • Lizakabibbis
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    I'm thinking - do not run off this treadmill, do not trip off the elliptical, and for the love of all things holy why do I constantly forget my weight lifting gloves. These calluses on my hands are not sexy....

    I seriously do not give anyone a second thought while I'm in the gym. I'm there for me. Whether you are in amazing shape or just starting....I DO NOT CARE! lol
  • JennyRATL
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    I usually *am* the newbie....and am nervous I look like a newbie. And I see women with their "routine" without papers or a phone plan and I wonder how to get to that point rather than feeling like I'm wandering around aimlessly.

    But when I do see someone who looks new to fitness or wellness, I think, "Way to go! Don't feel bad or embarrassed, because You. Are. Doing. Something!!!"
  • ryenday
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    Is the pool empty today, I really don’t want to share a lap lane.

    Seriously even though everyone’s in swimsuits in the pool I don’t think I even notice them other as bodies who might be in my lane.
  • ryenday
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    Zeuggma wrote: »
    I'm thinkin' "Are those my muscles? Why is everything so heavy? Damn, that one guy is hella strong."

    When I see a new gym-goer or someone overweight I think "Good for them! I was there too. Should I say something? I hope they stick with it."

    I like you!