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When is your favorite time to work out?



  • mygrl4meee
    mygrl4meee Posts: 943 Member
    it really depends on my work schedule.. But mostly between 830 am and 11am.. Any later. More likely to blow it off. Unless it's a night I plan to go right after work.
  • Mandygring
    Mandygring Posts: 704 Member
    I admire all you early birds
  • Skeels
    Skeels Posts: 929 Member
    Morning would be best, but my body works better during afternoon or evening workouts
  • Sp1tfire
    Sp1tfire Posts: 1,120 Member
    I like how working out at night feels, and I did that often when I lived in a dorm in college. I could just wander over there after my on campus job and wander back to my dorm and go to sleep. Now that I commute to my new school I workout before/after my classes (either 6:30 am or 11:30 am depending on if I have afternoon classes) so I don't have to make a separate drive to and from the YMCA at night. If I'm in desperate need of some evening stress relief though I am willing to do it.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
    LiftHeavyThings27105 Posts: 2,086 Member
    Just to chime in ....... again!

    I really loved training first thing in the morning. Like at 5:30AM or so. No one in the gym, no waiting, get it done, start the day off right, et al. But, now that I am doing Intermittent Fasting, I just can not train fasted. I think that most people are that way....not all, just most.

    The New Year will definitely bring an influx of people....March 1st is when those newbies are mostly gone (which is really a shame....I would so prefer to work in with others than 'the others' no longer show up).
  • doonied
    doonied Posts: 15 Member
    I find that I'm more motivated in the morning..and I can go for longer...I think working out after working all day can be draining...

  • skingszoo
    skingszoo Posts: 412 Member
    mrw0915 wrote: »
    I am one of those insane ones that loves the very early morning hours, so I am usually up at 3am and doing my thing for a few hours before starting my workday at 7am. It's a grind, but I prefer it over any other time because all is quiet, all the equipment is usually free and because it is my "me time" it helps with focus/concetration and general stress release. It basically sets the table for the rest of my day quite well.
    THIS!!! I wake up at 4:45am and at the gym at 5am. Everyone in my house is still asleep when I get home from the gym so that's my hour that I only have to focus on myself before starting the day right. My husband is going to be changing his work hours and will need to go in at 6. I don't know if I have it in me to get up at 4am. But if I wait until after work I am too pooped and won't go. Also I am NOT a morning person, I could sleep until noon easy.
  • Lizakabibbis
    Lizakabibbis Posts: 370 Member
    4 am for the gym - it just works for me. It's empty and the perfect way to start my day.