How can I lose weight without dieting



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    Muscle weighs more than fat. So if you're lifting heavy, then it won't show on the scale. If you want to lose weight, besides calorie deficit, focus on higher reps/lighter weight.

    Muscle is more dense than fat. It does not weight more, nor less. It takes up less space. So your body will look more compact/lean if you have more muscle than fat. A lb is still a lb!
    You COMPARE materials by volume for density. Therefore if you had the same volume of muscle and same volume of fat, muscle weighs more than fat. I get what you're saying, but it's incorrect.

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    That being said, a pound of muscle still weighs the same as a pound of fat... Just as a pound of bricks still weighs the same as a pound of feathers. That was my point. :)

    Which doesn't really have any meaning in regards to the statement "muscle weighs more than fat" without knowing if there is only a pound of each. Most reasonable people would assume same volume because that's how the statement makes sense.
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    I think different things work for different people. I've gone from 188 pounds to 148, and I don't calorie count, and I don't use a food scale to track my intake. I eat three meals, and sometimes I have a light snack, and I do workout 3 times a week it works for me, and I feel like I'm not obsessing about anything. I think being able to eat less portions is important, and being active even a little is important. just eat less than you normally do, and if you want go for walks if you can.

    I did on occasion not even work out, and I still lost weight the diet is important.

    Good luck!!
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    Instead of dieting maybe try adding more vegetables to every meal? Try cutting out processed foods and eat more whole natural foods.

    Sounds like dieting to me :)

    What @kverenat posted sounds like a good suggestion, and a smart and healthy way of eating; and like @sssgilbe also suggested: the OP can try to be in control of and accountable for his/her food choices. After all, we all have our own'"diet," (as a way of eating).
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    The recipe for weight loss is basically move more and eat less. I think you want a calorie restriction method that doesn't feel like a diet. So i can think of two possibilities:
    1. Fasting once or twice a week - that can be just skipping a single meal or more. Look at the 5-2 diet for more detail about this approach. Basically though if you skip lunch every Monday and Thursday you probably won't feel like you're on a diet.
    2. Add a fibre supplement to a daily meal. You're likely to then naturally eat less.