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Done :) 18 months, 84lbs down, GOALLLL (A lot of pics)



  • CorissiaCorissia Member Posts: 33 Member Member Posts: 33 Member
    Oh my goodness!!! You are an inspiration to me because I cannot believe that you look so good. When I see how many calories I am allowed right not at my weight Im like that is a lot of food to eat, but I guess you proved that it works. Did you work out also? This gives me hope, because I know I can get there even though I am so big right now.
  • sunshyncatrasunshyncatra Member Posts: 601 Member Member Posts: 601 Member
    Incredible transformation!
  • RosyBestRosyBest Member, Premium Posts: 333 Member Member, Premium Posts: 333 Member
    Girl you look great!
  • sweetpea129sweetpea129 Member Posts: 755 Member Member Posts: 755 Member
    For the first time, ever, since starting to view these success threads (even my own), i actually said HOLY CRAP out loud. You look awesome, go you!
  • TwinkleneTwinklene Member Posts: 22 Member Posts: 22
    WOW!! You look great!
  • Tamekia770Tamekia770 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    You are gorgeous girl, and what a transformation!
  • dk50dk50 Member Posts: 31 Member Member Posts: 31 Member
    Congratulation's to you!!! Your are beautiful!!! All of you're hard work paid off......this site does work....
  • tekwritertekwriter Member, Premium Posts: 925 Member Member, Premium Posts: 925 Member
    Wow!!! You look great!!! Congratulations
  • Miss_danniiMiss_dannii Member Posts: 1,351 Member Member Posts: 1,351 Member
    I've answered most questions in a post on my profile as there's too many to answer individually, thanks for all the comments :heart: Dani xx
  • joiedjoied Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    You're an inspiration indeed. Thank you for sharing your success.
  • nadiBnadiB Member Posts: 283 Member Member Posts: 283 Member
    You look stunning, well done!
  • achonatorachonator Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
    Congratulations!You're a true inspiration.Keep it up!
  • frenchfaceyfrenchfacey Member Posts: 240 Member Posts: 240
    :flowerforyou: :love:
  • fedupfatty86fedupfatty86 Member Posts: 92 Member Member Posts: 92 Member
    You look amazing!!! You're definitely an inspiration!
  • mamagirl49mamagirl49 Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    I appreciate that you did it on the 18 month plan. I'm getting rid of 100 lbs and was feeling the pressure to be in the one year club. 18 months is a better goal for me. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • JewelsinBigDJewelsinBigD Member Posts: 661 Member Member Posts: 661 Member
    wow! I am 5' 10" and would love to weigh where you started. You look amazing - enjoy it! I also appreciate the 18 month thing- that is really good. In 19 months in and I am only down 48 pounds but I am working it. You are a lot younger than I am - so I hope one day to have the success you have had.
  • itzehoeitzehoe Member Posts: 614 Member Member Posts: 614 Member
  • JennaBluJennaBlu Member Posts: 24 Member Member Posts: 24 Member
    Congrats you do look awesome! How did you get rid of the stretch marks? Your skin snapped right back...lucky!!!!
  • Fitfully_meFitfully_me Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    Congratulating you on the FABULOUSNESS! (Yep, I just made that up)
  • _KrisMarie__KrisMarie_ Member Posts: 148 Member Posts: 148
    Wow, you look amazing!
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