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The awesomest thing your kid has ever said...



  • denimandrosesdenimandroses Member Posts: 43 Member Posts: 43
    I just love when my kids who are 8 & 11 slip up & call me "Mommy" instead of "Mom", LOL :)

    Mine will be thirteen in October and refuses to call me anything BUT "Mommy" or "Momma." :heart:
  • 42hockeymom42hockeymom Member Posts: 521 Member Member Posts: 521 Member
    My 16yo comes up with gems all the time. Most are inappropriate. All make me almost swallow my tongue I laugh so hard. Which is bad, I know, because we shouldn't laugh but they're funny.

    When we go to Appleton, WI (to the big mall, ooooohhh aaahhhh) we have to go through a small town that has a Catholic Church & School, a bar, and a strip joint named Beansnappers. All within 100 yards of each other.

    Last year we were driving through and my daughter says, "Do you think, when the girls act up that the nuns say to them 'If you keep this up, you're going to end up just like those girls at Beansnappers!'"

    I laughed so hard I spit all over the windshield.

    Two weekends ago we were sitting around laughing with friends at a bar b que when we were discussing life insurance and how we really need to get more.

    She turns to her dad and said "Hey Dad, you're almost 50! Pretty soon you can get Colonial Penn, I see the commercial all the time, it's less than a $1 a day! But you'll have to pay more for Mom, though she's not old enough"

    I love my kid
  • jahilmerjahilmer Member Posts: 47 Member Posts: 47
    Definitely, I can say after reading the last 4 pages I just read, you have nailed it. Your child is a marvelous reflection of a loving father who has done one hell of a job raising him. This was just such a moving story and your child sounds amazing.
  • aharper84aharper84 Member Posts: 67 Member Member Posts: 67 Member
    "Mom, I love you too much on a stick. Everything is better on a stick."
  • SANDRA_F26SANDRA_F26 Member Posts: 180 Member Posts: 180
    my son was 4 hes sitting on the couch next to my boyfriend starring very intently at my boyfriends arm pit. my boy friends says " do you like it ?" my son says "yes I think its awesome." my son then looks at me and says mom why cant everyone have a awesome mushstache in their arm pit . . .thats no fair!" . So I told him "some day son you to will have a awesome mushtache in your armpit just like Brandon" that made him feel better.
  • PrettymisssparklesPrettymisssparkles Member Posts: 1,280 Member Member Posts: 1,280 Member
    3 year old son conversations:

    Son- "Mommy, may I have some more chocolate?"

    Me- "No Sweety, you have had enough chocolate today."

    Son- "What!? That's imposable!"

    Me- "Eat your chicken nugget, Sweety."

    Husband- "It's pork not chicken." (Was chinese food)

    Son- "Oh, it's a porkin nugget?" (With his voice it totally sounded like he said "f***in nugget")

    Me- Tears running down my face, trying not to laugh out loud.

    Husband- "What did he just say?!" :O

    We then realised the posible logic of porkin nugget. ( Chick-in-nugget= chicken nugget so a pork nugget must be a pork-in-nugget ) <3

    When my son was 2 he was crying in the car seat, my husband was driving so I turned around and handed him something to help calm him down.

    Me- "Here, Sweet heart. Maybe this will help you feel better."

    Son- (Throws it down) "No, Mommy! That won't make me feel better! Only you will make me feel better!"

    Awwwwwwww <3 Tantrums suck but that was so cute. He rocks! <3

    Cute thread OP:flowerforyou:
  • graceiregraceire Member Posts: 323 Member Member Posts: 323 Member
    Since those of us with furry kids were invited to join in...

    I have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, big boys. One of them, Beau, likes to watch me work out doing my step aerobics program. The first time I went ahead and did the ab workout at the end of it, I laid down on the floor and put my feet on the step. He was lying in the hall and immediately jumps up and comes in and starts nudging at me in the sides and stomach. I laughed so much I decided I'd done enough ab work for the day. :tongue:

    From that point on, I closed the door when I got to that part of the workout. One day he was in the other room so I decided to chance it. I was on the floor 0.2 seconds before he raced in and started nudging me hard again (I'm really ticklish so I was laughing my butt off). He finally got his nose underneath my side and completely flipped me over onto my stomach. Having finished saving me he just sat down beside me, satisfied in his day's work. I love that dog.
  • amluvstldamluvstld Member Posts: 212 Member Posts: 212
    My youngest is full of witty and cute sayings. He fell asleep in my bed the other night, and I picked him up to carry him into his own room. When I picked him up, I said oh my gosh you are getting so big! He opened his eyes, looked into mine and said "No, mom, I'm not getting big, you're just getting little" Awe! Cuteness!!! He's 7.
  • SweetLilyRSweetLilyR Member Posts: 312 Member Posts: 312
    my oldest son (23) when he was 2.5, he was watching the movie "Hook". When the mermaids came swimming around he got so excited and said "look Mom Barbiesharks!". cutest thing ever!!!

    Best. Ever!

    My 3 year old son is going through a "I want to be a doctor" phase, so he'll sit on my lap and examine my eyes and ears and nose and say, "That looks good". After he does all that, he'll open my mouth and say, "I wanna check your marbles". I have my tongue pierced and he likes to see the two balls on the end of my barbell. It's so darn cute!
  • AmyZ46AmyZ46 Member Posts: 776 Member Member Posts: 776 Member
    I love all of your stories BTW !

    One day after picking up my then 3.5 year old daughter from preschool she was saying how she really hates this little boy . My oldest son (15 at the time) asks her why she is so angry at him .
    She explains that when they were singing "this little light of mine" and holding pretend candles ,the little boy kept blowing out everyone's candle.
    So of course my son tells her " listen to yourself , you cannot blow out a pretend candle "
    She Immediately says "yes you can Kodi, You can pretend blow out pretend candles " !

    He looks at me and said " She's right"
  • cagefancagefan Member Posts: 194 Member Member Posts: 194 Member
    mom I love you soooo much even when you die I will still love you !!!
  • missmegan831missmegan831 Member Posts: 843 Member Member Posts: 843 Member
    From the mouth of my 15 yr old son on his birthday last friday.... 'mom, you always make sure everything is perfect...I can always depend on you to never let me down' .... he said this after his friends and his own father 'forgot' that is was his birthday! BTW, we had a great time !!

    My 7 yr old son told me a year ago...'mum, even big u are beautiful'... Hahhaaa!!
  • AlongCame_MollyAlongCame_Molly Member Posts: 2,835 Member Member Posts: 2,835 Member
    "Mama". :) Just hearing that sweet angel voice say my name makes me melt every time.
  • twistygirltwistygirl Member Posts: 490 Member Member Posts: 490 Member
    We were having a Tornado the sirens were going off, and I made my 5yr old turn off the tv so we could go to the Church basement and as we were running across the street she looked up at the large Tornado that was coming down fast and said " Oh hell, I'm using up my last life"
  • Addis_Daddy12Addis_Daddy12 Member Posts: 548 Member Posts: 548
    I was playing with my 15 month old daughter and she really doesn't have a large vocabulary. But I went to chase after her, and I swear up and down, plain as day, she said "oh my god before she took off running.
  • zagon_the_ultimatezagon_the_ultimate Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    My 4 year old son and I were driving in a car, and we drove past a windmill generator.

    “hey dad, what’s that spinning thing”, well that’s a wind driven generator.
    “how does it work?”, well you know how electricity makes motors go?
    “yeah”, well if you make the motor go, it makes electricity.
    “…………….electricity is polar!!!”

    I was stunned into silence for the next few seconds, because he was completely right, and I didn’t teach him that.
  • MizTerryMizTerry Member Posts: 3,803 Member Member Posts: 3,803 Member
    My youngest girl told me recently (she's 9):
    "Mommy, even though one day I may not want you to kiss me anymore, I want you to always know that I will always love your kissies."
  • Ashkea76Ashkea76 Member Posts: 5,943 Member Member Posts: 5,943 Member
    My 4 year old has several awesome sayings...most revolve around the we're trying to potty train his brother right are a few:

    After pooping, he looked in the toilet and said to hubs "My powers are gone." LOL

    After learning how to pee standing up, then proudly showing me how it's done...burst into the bathroom the next morning (we don't lock the doors, but maybe we should) he finds me going to the bathroom....lets out a long exasperated sigh...then says this: "I showed you how to pee standing up LAST night Mommy." So, apparently I should have learned it

    After coughing, and sort of getting something caught in his throat: "I'm okay Mommy, I just had something in my WinterPipe." Lol

    This kid cracks me up...every day he has something new that he says, there are so many things, it's hard to remember them all, but he's very entertaining..
  • BobMcCloskeyBobMcCloskey Member Posts: 117 Member Posts: 117
    My dad started having me split wood for him in the summers I spent with him, starting when I was 13. He gave me a 10 lb. hammer and a wedge, and told me "In the morning use your right hand to swing, and in the afternoon, use your left hand to swing. You don't want one side to be stronger than the other, do you?" So when my boy turned 11 he wanted to start lifting weights. I wouldn't let him because growth plates aren't developed fully, etc. etc., so I had him start splitting wood with me, giving him the same advice my dad gave me. Every summer, since then we've split fire wood together, usually about 3 chords total each year.

    Well, a few months ago I started splitting all of the oak we got from downed trees from Hurricane Sandy with my trusty 25 lb. maul ax. My 6 foot 3, 180 lb. 15 year old all star basketball and football player comes home from school, and comes to the back yard and watches me for about two minutes. As soon as I stopped to take a break, he asks me, "Are you OK Dad? Your sweating really hard!" I said, "Yeah, I'm OK, of course I'm sweating, it's hard work!." He then asked, "How long have you been out here?" to which I said, "About 2 hours now." He replied, " Maybe you should take it easy, you're 52 now! I don' want you to have a heart attack." I was thinking to myself, what a great kid, he's worried about me! After a brief silence he said, "Dad, can I go down to the park and shoot some hoops with my friends?" "I said, "If you're so worried about me, don't you think you should go get the other maul ax and start helping me? He said completely serious, "Nah, it might ruin my shot."
  • ElBenceElBence Member Posts: 286 Member Member Posts: 286 Member
    This happened when my oldest was four.

    Son: Dad, pass the salt.
    Me: What's the magic word?
    Son: Abraca-damn-ya

    I couldn't stop laughing because we don't use that kind of language ever or allow him to be exposed to it.
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