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The awesomest thing your kid has ever said...



  • cmcollins001cmcollins001 Member Posts: 3,550 Member Member Posts: 3,550 Member
    Being the type of father I am, you know, all up in his business..because, my house, my rules, and until you move out there is no such thing as privacy...I had it set up for me to monitor his texts to make sure things weren't going on that were too out of hand at his ripe old age of 16. He's 19 now.

    I was skimming through the usual texts of LOL, IDK...basically the slew of poor grammar and lacking the ability to type out a whole sentence when I ran across the him texting with one of his several girl interests and they were doing the whole "getting to know you" by asking and answering questions. She asked him who his hero was, his answer, "My dad. has to be my dad."
  • UsedToBeHuskyUsedToBeHusky Member Posts: 15,455 Member Member Posts: 15,455 Member
    "Dad, Can I talk to you? but first you have to promise not to be sarcastic or facetious until we are done talking."

    Your son knows you well. :laugh:
  • AnthonydamanAnthonydaman Member Posts: 854 Member Member Posts: 854 Member
    Just recently my son told a friend of mine, " My dad is the handiest guy I know, he does laundry and bar tends"
    That's my boy!
    Side note, I am not a bar tender by trade, just around the house.
  • So_Much_FabSo_Much_Fab Member, Premium Posts: 1,147 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,147 Member

    ...'cause I only have cat kids.
  • odusgolpodusgolp Member Posts: 10,648 Member Member Posts: 10,648 Member
    Three Years Old:
    I'm in my room naked picking out my work clothes... he points at the boobs, "Put those things away and come help me find Spiderman."

    Six Years Old, This Morning:
    "For the love of gravy, mom! Go brush your teeth!"
  • odusgolpodusgolp Member Posts: 10,648 Member Member Posts: 10,648 Member
    recently ...

    "Dad, Can I talk to you? but first you have to promise not to be sarcastic or facetious until we are done talking."

  • 3743495837434958 Member Posts: 457 Member Member Posts: 457 Member
    ..... pretty cool for 8 months.

    That soooo CUTE <3
  • LauraMacNCheeseLauraMacNCheese Member Posts: 7,214 Member Member Posts: 7,214 Member
    I shared this one with my FL...

    Last weekend, my 11-year old daughter asked me to take her clothes shopping for some "mom & me" time. We're at Kohls & she's picking through some shirts when she goes, "EWWWW!!!!!" So, I asked her what's wrong and she said: "I just touched a Justin Bieber shirt...I need to wash my hands now."
  • jenbitjenbit Member Posts: 4,309 Member Member Posts: 4,309 Member
    Mommy you are the most awesomest mommy ever.....This from my son(7)

    I call french fries chips now...If you watch enough Doctor who you starting calling fries chips--from my daughter(9)........
  • UsedToBeHuskyUsedToBeHusky Member Posts: 15,455 Member Member Posts: 15,455 Member
    When my oldest was two, she kept asking me for a "tennis shoe". She had done this 2 or 3 times on the way to day care. I would look at her and I would say "but you're wearing tennis shoes?" And of course, she would get frustrated and would cry. This went on for a couple of weeks. Then, one day, she sneezed really hard and long rivers of snot hung down from each nostril. Then, she cries "Mommy, I need a tennis shoe!"

    I was like... oh.
  • jodynoltejodynolte Member Posts: 243 Member Member Posts: 243 Member
    So, when my son was 4 and it was Christmas day at my parents house. My whole family was there. My younger brother, who had been collecting Fisher Price Pirate Ship and figures for him, instead of keeping in original packing, found the biggest box he could, which happened to be the box from a huge child car seat to put it all in, that of course, was as big as my son. Wrapped it. Put it "under" the tree. My son went to open it, knowing it was his AND the biggest box in the room, and was incredibly excited. He ripped into it with a huge grin, paper flying in all different directions, until he finally got it all off and still excited, proudly exclaims from behind the box, jumping up and down, "I got a car seat!" Didn't matter really what was in that box, as long as it was his box! Had us all laughing so hard... for a long time. :laugh:
  • branflakes1980branflakes1980 Member Posts: 2,521 Member Member Posts: 2,521 Member
    Everytime they tell me they love me it is the most awesome moment of every day, but other than that....

    Me - What are you most thankful for?

    Kaylee (4 at the time) - Ummmmmm, I'm going to have to say eyebrows mom.

    Me - Uh, okay babe, why eyebrows.

    Kaylee - Because eyebrows are RAD!

    Just shook my head and laughed!
  • Tony_BrewskiTony_Brewski Member Posts: 1,385 Member Member Posts: 1,385 Member
    One morning I'm at the table enjoying my coffee and my boys are watching Saturday morning cartoons. Justice League is on. My older son (7 at the time) sits down beside me at the table puts his hand on mine and says, "Dad I know Superman isn't real, but to me you are Superman."
  • figee17figee17 Member Posts: 7 Member Posts: 7
    My three year old, husband, and I were on vacation and we were joking around calling each other monsters and other silly things. "Daddy" said, "Is mommy a monster" and my son looks at him incredulously..."mommy's not a monster, she's my best friend!" Hahaha, melted my heart.
  • Jennisin1Jennisin1 Member Posts: 574 Member Member Posts: 574 Member
    My newly minted 3 year old daughter on our walk the other day, with her and her little sister in the double stroller:

    Me: Here comes the big bump!

    Her: Hold on to your diapers, kids!

    Coming into my room, putting her hand delicately on my cheek, leaning in close and saying: Good Morning, my Sunshine.

    The other day I got up before her and she usually gets to come into my room and snuggle with me before we get up for the day. She sees me dressed for work and starts bawling:

    I hate your clothes.. they are ugly.... get back into your nightgown.
  • smaihleesmaihlee Member Posts: 171 Member Member Posts: 171 Member
    About 10 years ago my husband came home from a yard sale with a portrait of John F. Kennedy. He showed it to our son (who was in pre-school at the time) and jokingly asked him if he knew who it was. Son lit up like a bulb and announced, "THAT'S GEORGE BUSHINGTON!!!"

    To this day, whenever we see any photo or video of JFK we laugh and repeat the phrase, much to the chagrin of our now-teenager :bigsmile:
  • jenny95662jenny95662 Member, Premium Posts: 1,005 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,005 Member
    I was looking in the mirror and said oh I need to workout and she looks at me and says
    "mom you are perfect just the way you are and you are beautiful"
    O hugged her so tight she is so sweet!
  • atb0821atb0821 Member Posts: 473 Member Member Posts: 473 Member
    My 4 year old is on vacation with her grandparents out West. She called me and said "hi mama. I'm waiting for Old Faithful to erupt but I wanted to tell you that my butt itches."

    So cute.
  • jenjencin78jenjencin78 Member Posts: 4,458 Member Member Posts: 4,458 Member
    My 5 yr old daughter told me "Mama you're beautiful just the way you are, you don't even need makeup." She's
    so sweet :)
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