Unhealthy Coping Habits

SabotageinStilettos Posts: 4,833 Member
When I’m depressed I like to listen to the saddest music I can find until I’m so depressed I’m ready to eat a gun.

When I’m physically traumatized my entire body shuts down and I will nap for hours on end.

When I am stressed or overwhelmed I will binge eat garbage.

What are some of your unhealthy coping mechanisms?


  • CaptainFantastic00
    CaptainFantastic00 Posts: 4,619 Member
    You need more hugs.

    Also i will drink myself sick, refuse to let myself just lie down and sleep and spend hours on my phone, causing me to be late, adding even more stress
  • km8907
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    I'll procrastinate and eat mindlessly
  • caco_ethes
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    When I don’t feel good, I eat garbage. Delicious garbage like raw cake batter obviously, but it’s not unlike a dog eating grass to try to make itself throw up.
  • caco_ethes
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    When I’m sad..

    That actually never happens. I’m apathetic as *kitten*.
  • Just_J_Now
    Just_J_Now Posts: 9,551 Member
    When I'm not at work or have to drive, I drink way more alcohol than I should.

    When I'm bored at work, I spend too much time on MFP.
  • angelxsss
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    I go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls a lot to distract myself from negative feelings
  • W8WarI
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    I just cry, no matter what because harming myself, won't help myself!
  • Versicolour
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    Eat and eat and eat. Which is why I am here
  • sw33tp3a1
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    I'm a very emotional person so I usually lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I have also used alcohol to cope with depression, anger... I've noticed I don't really use food as comfort anymore but I replaced that with alcohol so it doesn't make it any better. And music is my therapy when I can't drink.
  • Just_J_Now
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    When I feel lonely and depressed (and very drunk), I pour my heart out via uninhibited text messages. :o
  • KeepRunningFatboy
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    Yes to all in the original post. I will also run for hours a la Gump to numb the pain.