"Help! I'm eating HEALTHY but not losing weight!"

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It's all about the calories, folks. :)


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    Bread is clean?

    Or flavoured Chobani? Or light Italian dressing? :D

    You don't think a person new to weight loss would look at the above food items and consider them fairly healthy? Especially if they're coming from a formerly junk food predominant diet?

    You said clean.

    Clean, healthy, tomato, tomato (pronounce them differently in your head...)

    I apologize for not using the proper nomenclature. :D I hope the message and intent of the image is clear enough for newbies to understand!

    Tough crowd today.

    Eating clean is not the same as eating healthy. They are completely different!

    Anywho...if that was a regular diet, I wouldn't consider it particularly healthy or clean.

    I think the image is fairly tongue-in-cheek. I've seen it on the forum a million times. Tons of new people think flavored yogurt is healthy, whole wheat is inherently healthier than white, sugary protein/granola bars are healthy, etc. All those dieting myths. The image is meant to portray a new person who has fallen for the myths of what is considered "clean/healthy" eating and is baffled by their lack of weight loss. Hope that clears it up.

    I don't see anything in the list that is not healthy. But as noted above clean and healthy aren't the same things.

    I think it would be a good meme if it used the word healthy instead of clean. The problem isn't that those foods are not healthy, it's that (presumably) too many calories are being consumed.

    It... it does use the word "healthy"?

    So it does. I guess I was projecting from the original title.
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    Too many calories; it's about Calories In and Calories out. Try limiting your calories to 1500 a day. Don't eat back your calories either...

    Another thing to consider is changing the types of foods you are eating.

    Example of my typical week day meals:

    Breakfast: 2 HB eggs and 100 g of cold boiled organic potatoes (source of resistant starch) with sea salt and ground pepper (243 calories)

    Lunch: 8 oz Trader Joe's 8 veggie chopped salad with raw apple cider vinegar and 3 oz of organic chicken or turkey breast (170 calories)

    Snack: 1.5 oz EPIC bar (Savory high protein snack with grass fed meat, fruit, and nuts) (120 to 200 calories)

    Dinner: 4 to 6 oz of lean meat, cooked green veggie (green beans, kale, spinach, rocket, bok choy), cooked squash (pumpkin, butternut) or sweet potato, or mixed veggies (like mushrooms, peppers, onions); sometimes fresh spaghetti sauce (24 oz tomatoes, some onion and butter, spices) mixed with HALF a serving of pasta per person that is cooked and then dumped in to soak up the sauce - this reduces the carbs but because the pasta soaks up the sauce no one will really notice. I do something similar with noodles in goulash or rice in a stir fry. Per serving most of my dinner meals are 600 to 700 calories.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Wow. Did you even read the first post? :huh:

    That's got to be a new record.