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CICO is overrated in my opinion

GlorianasTearsGlorianasTears Posts: 212Member Member Posts: 212Member Member
CICO is important definitely but i think it shouldn't be a priority we want to LOSE FAT not just WEIGHT because weight includes those wonderful muscles you work so hard to build (and other stuff) . Also the human body is very intelligent if you eat low calorie for a long time like i did in the past you might come to find that your body adjust to your low calorie lifestyle and you lose weight but you look unhealthy . If you want to make your body let go of fat you have to be healthy , being malnourished is not healthy or pleasant. So please promote fat loss not weight loss .

Im not trying to rain on anyones parade but i just think that we should focus on health and nutrition more than obsessing over CICO. Have a nice day :)
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  • AnotherPlateAnotherPlate Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    h1udd wrote: »
    I don’t get it ??? Why is CICO overrated ... it’s the basic principle for fat loss. That fat isn’t going anywhere unless the body has need to burn it, and the only reason it has, is that it needs the energy from the stored fat ... and it’s only going to need that if you haven’t consumed enough calories continually to keep your body running without hitting the stores

    Thats the thing CICO done wrong can cause lots of muscle loss as well. I definitely support CICO but i feel that health and nutrition should be the main focus because its more important.

    CICO is physics. Maybe you should reopen your school text books.

    OP is clearly wrong in her assessment of CICO but there's no need for pettiness.

    Science is important....

    We can agree on that :smile:
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