Women in their 40s!



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    I’ve been maintaining for about a year but only because I weigh myself and track what I eat. When I’m up a few pounds I reduce calories for a week or so. This is so much easier than having a lot to lose. I’m hopeful that I’ll keep this up for my lifetime! Sometimes it’s so hard! Always it’s easier than it was being overweight!
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    Hey All, 45. Nearly 6 weeks weeks with MFP, starting weight 124 kgs (approx. 273 lbs) and now down to 113 kgs (approx. 249 lbs). Keeping it simple, logging all my food and walking/treadmill 40 min a day - 6 times a week. Although still early days it is amazing the extra confidence that builds as the weight sheds. Enjoy your weekend !
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    lutzsher wrote: »
    Hello everyone. Im getting close to the 50's group I guess :( as Im going to be 49 this August, but not there yet so figured I would pop into the group and introduce myself.
    I've been completely faithful to my health and to logging every morsel on MFP since last January, up to over 420 days now. Im only 5'4" and topped the scales at 220 lbs on day 1 and am really proud to report that I have lost just about 80 lbs and am hovering around 141-142 this week. I work out a lot now and am actually in college taking the courses to become a personal trainer currently. Im the oldest person in the class, in fact I joked to my husband that I have house plants older then most of the students!

    I have learned in the last year & a bit:
    1) nothing tastes as good as slim and healthy feels!
    2) what doesn't kill you will definitely make you stronger, but will still be a darn temptation all the same
    3) get a handle on eating at a calorie deficit BEFORE you add in a lot of exercise as it makes you hungrier!
    4) if you have the evening munchies brush your teeth and get the heck out of the kitchen
    5) leave enough room in your calories to treat yourself to a very small portion of something you are craving, if you keep denying your cravings or eating too low you will binge
    6) NEVER eat less than you should, you will stall your weight loss big time, ALWAYS get in your 1200 calories daily

    Well thats all I can think of for now. I am always open to new friends or anyone who needs a helping hand from someone who has been down this road!

    Congratulations on your journey so far !!
    Your advise has obviously been the key to your own success, so thank you for sharing.
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    TamsterC wrote: »
    Hey All, 45. Nearly 6 weeks weeks with MFP, starting weight 124 kgs (approx. 273 lbs) and now down to 113 kgs (approx. 249 lbs). Keeping it simple, logging all my food and walking/treadmill 40 min a day - 6 times a week. Although still early days it is amazing the extra confidence that builds as the weight sheds. Enjoy your weekend !

    What an awesome achievement in just 6 week !
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    Well you have been a bunch of busy bees in this thread today! Hello new women! Just got home from the gym. Upper body interval weights and cardio on the arc trainer. The interval weights are a killer. I love it

    While the scale has not moved a ton this past week, my body fat percentage has gone down, I'll take that any day!

    @neepex27 how low cal? I have a chocolate peanut butter muffin/cupcake recipe saved somewhere, I made carrot cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting and coconut sprinkled on top last weekend, 165 calories each, they are delicious, and my regular chocolate chip cookies are about 130 calories or so. You can make muffins with the kodiak mix too, lots of recipes out there for that. You can take regular cake mix, use unsweetened Apple sauce in place of oil and two egg whites in place of eggs. Use chocolate cake mix, 1 cup water, 1 cup canned pumpkin, bake as cupcakes, or spice cake mix also. Top with cool whip, low cal frosting, or a bit of regular frosting. I'm making another protein cheesecake tonight. It would help to know what you want. You know I'm a foodie with lots of ideas! Lol

    thanks @melissa6771 that is super helpful! I don't really know what I'm looking for to be honest, just new recipes to try, that aren't high in calories. Pinterest has been a huge help, and will be trying some new ones this weekend. Can't wait to hear about your cheesecake you made lastnight!
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    If anyone's looking for a good soup to try (if you haven't already), this one is my favorite! I bag it up when cool, and freeze. So easy to grab a bag on the run, to take to work with you, heat and enjoy!

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    I love Pinterest :) We are so lucky to have the Internet now to search for recipes. Remember the "olden days" when we had to use cookbooks and recipe cards? [/quote]
    This made me laugh!!!! When my Mom passed away I inherited all her good old, and I do mean old cookbooks and her little metal box that had tones of recipes on index cards, boy how times have changed!!!!

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    Well Fabulous Ladies, it's almost quitting time :) I hope every one of you have a FANTATIC weekend!!!!!
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    Prevention has an article called 6 Things You Must Do To Lose Weight After 40


    Thanks for posting this! I bookmarked this one. Insightful with good information for this group!
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    Hi all - I'm new at this and the site too :)

    39 and trying to get from 69kg down to 59 - it's tough but I've already lost 3 kg. Struggling with hunger in-between meals and calorie tracking has made me wake up to all the calories I was eating without a thought - mainly in pasta and rolled oats and sweet fruit.

    I do struggle with hunger (I'm sedentary and 169 cm - calorie allowance is v low) but that has made me seriously consider what I do eat for my meals and stop picking in between. I no longer have sweet coffee powder and lollies at my desk at work lol!

    My diary is open to friends - please add me! I would love to share :)
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    Anyone at the 40s stage is eye candy. Y'all can do it!
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    I will be 47 next month. Lost 12 lb and 8 more to go for my goal. It's been a very slow go....sounds like we all know what this feels like. Feel free to add me!
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    Please add me as well. Turning 40 in a few weeks and have a good 30 lbs to drop.
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    Hey ladies! Please add me as well. I turned 40 last month and have about 45 lbs I need to shed. I recently started a HIIT fitness program and using MFP consistently and could use the motivation and encouragement I see in the thread.
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    I'd love to be added. About to turn 41. I am going to lose 15 lbs with small changes and glad to be back on MFP because I need new ideas for this stage of life!
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    Have a Marvelous Monday Ladies!!!! Let's kick it this week and get out of our comfort zone!!! Who's with me?

    Happy Monday to all you guys! Summer is coming! Count me in! My mini goals this week:

    1. Workout minimum of 5 days this week.
    2. Include at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies per day.
    3. No Doritos! (They're like cryponite for me)
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    Start of Challenge Weight: 198.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 171

    01/08: 196.4
    01/15: 191.6
    01/22: 189.8
    01/29: 189.6 <<<mini goal weight: 190>>>
    02/05: 188.8
    02/12: 185.0
    02/19: 182.8
    02/26: 181.2 <<<mini goal weight: 184 >>>
    03/05: 178.6
    03/12: 178.2
    03/19: 176.8
    03/26: <<<mini goal weight: 176 >>>
    04/16: <<<challenge goal weight: 171>>>