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    Happy Friday Ladies! I hope you all have an incredible weekend :):)
  • roxykona2015
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    I'm soon to be 43 and could use some motivation with friends! Feel free to add me
  • wearefab
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    Thanks @azkunk for thinking of me. Ive been away from home and enduring some stress and good times but back now 😀

    I hope your heart monitor arrives soon? Try not to stress in the meantime though easier said than done. It will arrive when it does. I know how health can be a worry.
    I have to have one too but only 24h.

    I've stuck to my old goals of no dairy milk and only one slice of bread per meal if having any.

    It's time for some new goals! !

    I have not been to gym for weeks since away and moving so let's lock in gym weights 2 x pw and yoga 2 x pw, as well as walking or cycling.

    As well as no dairy and one piece of bread at a time.

    Have a fun day everyone ☺
  • wearefab
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    Ps I have avoided sore boobs and bad pms for the second month in row by taking Go Hormone Harmony supplement. I'm just saying because the water retention before period always made me think I had gained heaps and I felt terrible mood wise. And maybe this comment can help someone else. I take it for 7 to 10 daya before period due until it arrives , even though directions are for daily month long.
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    Hi to all the new people!

    @wearefab I hear you on the period bloat, I’m there right now and trying to remind myself that extra 2-3 lbs will go away soon! It’s super annoying!!
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    Welcome back @wearefab 😊

    Went over calories today because we went out to dinner but I made better choices then I normally do. Went out for Mexican and I ordered a taco and a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. I only ate about half of each but had a few more nachos then I should have had.

    I plan to get lots of steps tomorrow because we are taking the kids to the Renaissance Faire. Depending on the time we leave, I may even try to squeeze in a workout video.

    The doctors office called while I was at dinner and my monitor should be here on Monday or Tuesday. I’m anxious to get this all figured out. My blood pressure was great today it alerted as having an abnormal rhythm.
  • wearefab
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    I've read your latest updates and I see a lot of determination! !
    Let's keep going ! One day at a time. And those days string together and before we know it we have arrived to feeling confident and healthy! !

    I stuck to goals yesterday : yoga or gym, walk or cycle, no dairy, one bread at a time.

    I'll carry those forward to today.

    I also have problems with the evening and night time eating. I was up until 2am watching movies.

    I think I need another goal of bed by midnight even on the weekend as it is the late night snacking that clouds my brain and body the next morning.

    Hang on in the @azkunk I hope you enjoy time with family and don't push too hard of you feel too busy or tired to do workout too.

    For me, I have discovered the best weight help is staying relaxed and not rushing too much around life when I don't need to. Stress hormones make me tense and eat and gain kg. Also sleep and good friends are helpful too ☺
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    Count me among those not having a great weekend. It’s my time of the month and I think that is a big part of it. I just feel sluggish and unmotivated. I’ve stayed within my calorie count and still working out but just feel “blah”. Hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight and get back on track tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  • wearefab
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    @gridirongrrl i find the best thing to do is relax, chill and enjoy the blah. It took me years to elarn to go with my natural ebbs and flows. I hope you get a good sleep too :)

    Well today I broke my goals! I had 2 pieces of toast as a meal, and some dairy in instant coffee drinks.
    BUT I will now do my yoga and mostly because I committed to it here!!!

    Lots of love to everyone.
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    Hi everyone :) I’m 42 and would love some MFP friends so we can support each other! Overall I had 88lbs to lose and I’m down just over 20 now since the start of the year through starting cardio/weights/swimming at the gym and using MFP to track calories. Feel free to add me :)
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    Hi @rainydayhappy ! Welcome to the group.. I sent you a friend request !

    @wearefab thanks. I’m ok with the scale going up and down.. I weigh daily so I’m used to that. I actually slept until 9:45 today and feel better now. I think I was a little tired! Lol!
  • wearefab
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    Okay I need to goal goal goal! !
    1 piece of bread at a time, no dairy apart from.finishing up my instant sachets, walking, yoga or gym.
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    I’m 46 and been on and so many plans. The last year I was busy and lost track of my weight loss journey and somehow jumped up 20 lbs . So now I look to lose about 50 lbs... Looking for some accountability . Please add me as well to group if one was formed .
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    Hello all, I am in aswell. Add me.