Do you plan on counting calories your whole life in order to maintain?



  • HoneyBadger302
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    I'm not in maintenance just yet, but historically (most of my life prior to the dreaded desk job) I was, and while it was helpful to occasionally track, it wasn't a daily process like it is right now. Right now I need it to stay honest about my portions and to help my appetite and body adjust to what it actually needs. Once I'm back to maintenance and holding there, I will back off on the tracking. I'll still pick it up on some challenges and such to be sure I'm staying honest, and it's good for me to still measure and track weight, but the constant calorie check? Nope.
  • scrubman
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    I will log my food for the foreseeable future. Keeps me honest and accountable
  • sytchequeen
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    I don't "plan" to, but if it turns out I need to, then I will
  • BitofaState
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    I plan to keep looking at the labels and portion sizes. I plan to keep regularly checking my weight and how my clothes fit.

    If I then need to make an intervention I know I can log and stick to a routine to keep back on track.

    I've found it useful to come back for a couple of months at times and start logging again, this is to do with having a staged weight loss plan, cut a chunk, maintain and then cut the rest, but it gets me back on track.

    Maybe I'll carry on doing a January log each year to keep aware of what's going in and out and what's changed over time.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    I'd like to say no, but in reality probably yes. Perhaps less religiously or only with more calorie dense foods.
  • ITUSGirl51
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    Interesting. It seems almost like some folks think counting calories forever is a bad thing and something to try to wean off of? What harm is there in it? I can see being a little less strict about it but if it works where is the negative? Unless of course you just hate using MFP to log.

    IMO it's okay to log for the rest of your life if you're okay relying on something other than yourself to be healthy.

    This post annoys me for some reason. As if you don't rely on anything or anyone else for your health? Do you not use exercise equipment? Athletic shoes? Food that comes from farms and slaughter houses at which YOU did absolutely no work? Doctors? Gyms? Grocery stores? Medication? I think you can see where I'm going with this...we all rely on something other than ourselves in order to be healthy. If some of us use mfp as an aid, why should that be considered a negative?
    It annoys me too but the person that said it is on MFP so obviously not doing it on his/her own. Also I see it as a comment to upset people with no good evidence to support their case (aka troll)....
  • susann4041
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    I think because we live in a world where foods are so much higher and unhealthy MSG gravings: yes I think we should always look on the backside to see how many calories we take in but to weigh temporary to help you portion control to give you an idea of the food amount.I feel this is now a life style so I only weigh things I cook or make.So yes I think it is positive for people that over eat it helps like me!
  • Zodikosis
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    No, not really. I don't have a problem maintaining without counting if I'm being mindful of what I'm eating/eating when I'm truly hungry. Losing weight while not counting is a lot harder, though.