Need to crack this sugar addiction.....if I could just do that I know I would succeed !



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    Thank u it's just that when I eat say a small sweet or a cereal bar it just seems to make me crave more it's like I have no self control at all. Wish it was different.

    If you waited, say, 15 - 20 minutes would you still be hungry?

    How often do you eat/snack? Sometimes if you wait too long - depends on your body, timing isn't crucial but it is different for everyone - and then you put something into your mouth you will feel ravenous because you're really hungry.

    Plus it can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to register that you ate something and you're no longer hungry. See if you can wait it out and if you're still hungry, eat a little something more. Further, the instant sugar rush can be making you feel hungrier too. If you change up your snack - like maybe try some fruit and yogurt or some nuts/seeds and an apple. Or some cheese and crackers - these kinds of snacks are packed with an appropriate amount of carbs and protein which will help you feel fuller for longer and you likely won't get those extra urges to snack
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    Good luck, I find myself getting off the sugar and doing really well for a while, then spiraling back. Usually it takes me a week to get over it again. During that time I do a few things, I tell myself there’s always tomorrow if I really still want it, and I drink a water and have a piece of fruit and try to ignore the craving (I find after that and about 20 minutes it helps!)

    Mid afternoon is my weak time, so I try to busy myself right before the cravings normally hit, distractions help!

    Also, I brush my teeth around 8:30 at night, after I put my daughter to bed. That way I don’t like the feeling of food in my mouth :smile: I’m not a night snacker so that’s just reinforcing it for me, but my husband is very much a night snacker and doing that helps him a lot!

    Good luck! It’s so hard but even though I keep lapsing, every time it is easier- I’m learning how to flex my willpower muscles
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    I had to break the sugar habitat in January if I was going to lose any weight. First I rid my home of all foods with added sugar, then I cut out eating starchy carbs with dinner. It only took 3-4 days of doing this before I noticed I wasn’t craving anymore. I use Stevia to sweeten my coffee or steel cut oats in the morning. I’m down 9 lbs so far and it’s not difficult to stick to my plan. Cutting starchy carbs at dinner was a break through for me. That really helped to cut the cravings. I still have 1 treat meal a week so I don’t feel deprived. Good luck on your journey.

    Not sure why this got "woo"ed. It sounds like a pretty sensible plan that's working well for you. Granted it might not work for everyone, but good for you.
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    Whatever works for you. Will you be able to eat this way for the long term? Is it sustainable over time?
    Because over 80% of people that lose weight, gain it back within 5 years and many gain back even more weight than they lost. Some statistics put it at higher that 80%. I am in that over 80% that gain back weight within 5 years. This time, for me, it is going to be all foods in moderation, and that definitely includes sweets.
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    I struggle with sugar issues too. I live with chronic pain from back surgery, avoid using pain meds, and find that eating sugary foods gives me a serotonin "hit" that eases my pain for a few minutes. But this is a vicious cycle, because as soon as my blood sugar levels drop I find myself craving more sugar. I have put on 20 pounds since surgery and menopause because I eat too many sugary foods on top of a healthy diet (whole grains, lean protein, olive oil, lots of fruits and veggies) and daily exercise. I am now trying to find a way to get off the sugar rollercoaster. I don't buy treats for myself because I know I will binge if I do, but my spouse often brings home ice cream, chocolate, and cookies as a treat for me when he buys treats for himself and our son. I have gone so far as to thank him and then quietly throw the food away to keep from eating it myself. I need to find a better way.

    My dad was morbidly obese and diabetic and had major health problems--heart disease, quadruple bypass, vision problems, colon cancer, and foot and leg ulcers. He passed away at age 58, just 5 years older than I am now. I can see the potential landmines ahead and I would prefer to avoid them. I will start the "cold turkey" plan today. Do you use natural sweeteners like stevia that don't impact blood sugar levels, or do you avoid them too?
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    I don't buy anything with sugar, fructose, etc. No fruits.

    Fruit: The silent killer.