Need to crack this sugar addiction.....if I could just do that I know I would succeed !



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    I did forget to say that I WILL eat your birthday cake if it is actually your birthday, or anniversary or whatever. But that comes up VERY seldom.
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    I understand. Who doesn't love something that tastes yummy! I hope you won't be too hard on yourself and be careful about vilifying any food. ;)

    IDK the general consensus on this kind of sweetener (it seems to affect me in a strange way), but have you tried something like this? They have some good recipes on their site. (this isn't a plug for their products).

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    Sugar IS addictive and an addiction. Cocaine is a harmless plant processed into a white addictive powder. Sugar? A harmless plant processed into a white addictive powder. Just because you don't act high or do goofy things, does not mean you don't have an addiction...

    The first time I see somebody on their knees in a dark alley for a sugar hit, maybe I'll believe in "sugar addiction".

    or some disheveled man creeping up to me asking me "hey you got a ho ho on ya"
    This such a a funny comparison because sugar is practically free, legal for everybody to buy and use without a licence, and available everywhere.
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    for those who say its a craving,do you crave fruits,diary,etc? because all those things have sugar in them. wouldnt those things make you crave more and more of those things because of sugar? and table sugar,HFCS and so on all come from natural sources(mostly veggies and some fruits).
    White sugar is destilled from plants. So the sugar is the same. But so called junk food is very easy to eat (practically predigested, simple, strong flavors, it offers no resistance) and has little nutritional value besides the sugar/fat. So there is no "stop" to junk food. Fruit has flavors you have to learn to like, it isn't that intensely sweet, and you get enough. Fruit isn't vilified AND heavily marketed, either.

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    So I need to crack my sugar addiction. I just end up craving it on a night. I kid myself I buy "Healthy" cereal bars.,but I eat one and the taste of sugar just spiralls me into eating more sugary stuff. I chucked my whole cereal bar stash in the bin today. They liken sugar addiction to stopping smoking and I have seen how hard that can be for ppl. I am gonna try and go cold turkey with it and drink more water. I know if I can break my sugar addiction I will succeed in my weight loss journey. :)<3