A friend gave me a couple of green cabbages- what should I make?

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I haven't cooked much with cabbage but I've had it in stir fry and I love sauerkraut so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I just don't know what to make. Any suggestions or favorite recipes to share? I have two green cabbages I don't want to go to waste.

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    Lazy Cabbage rolls, borscht, chicken noodle soup using cabbage to make "noodles". We use it often. EDIT I just saw this on facebook...Cabbage steaks https://www.facebook.com/elymnfarmersmarket/photos/a.346805535387101.82601.157373387663651/1043112809089700/?type=3&theater
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    Quick easy meal smoked turkey sausage sliced 1/4" thick, add chopped onion... Saute until onions are translucent. Add 4 cups chopped cabbage to skillet add 1/2 cup water. Cover and let cook 10-12 min till cabbage is tender. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy
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    Raw sauerkraut - delicious and easy to make (just get over the fear of eating cabbage that's been sitting in the pantry for weeks)
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    Natasha's Kitchen has a lot of cabbage recipes https://natashaskitchen.com/?s=cabbage
    including a really nice borscht recipe https://natashaskitchen.com/2014/02/08/borscht-recipe-with-meat/
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    This is why I am a terrible cook. I wouldn't think "what should I make with this?" I would just put it in a pan, cook it, eat it, call it day.
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    I love cabbage and I love trying new recipes. I just made a stir-fry this evening for dinner with napa cabbage, peppers, mushrooms and some very lean pork loin. I grew up on cabbage rolls, but I'm lazy so I just throw all the ingredients together in a big sautee pan for a deconstructed version.

    I've made my own sauerkraut, but truth be told it is pretty labor intensive if you're using regular cabbage. You have to crush the cabbage with salt until it breaks down and releases most of it's liquid. If you want a good arm workout (and are seriously patient), then give it a try. I had much better results in a lot less time using napa cabbage and making kimchee.

    I'm not low-carb, but both of these recipes are. I've tried the first one (delish) but not the second yet.

    Crack Slaw

    Cabbage Lasagne

    ETA: Another one of my favorite dishes is just sauteed cabbage and apples. Served with sausage or pork chops.
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    Cabbage is good roasted on a sheet pan in the oven. Cut into half inch thick slices. Spray with olive oil, add salt and optional seasoning (I use garam masala) and bake about 15-30 minutes at 400 degrees. Some onion slices, winter squash, and green apples make good additions if you have them.

    I make a one pot with barley, apple cider vinegar, Granny Smith apples, onions, turnips, cabbage, and kielbasa. Just throw everything in a lidded pot with the correct amount of water for cooking the barley, salt, pepper, and optional herbs, simmer 45 minutes, stirring once in a while to keep from sticking. You can substitute milk or v8 juice for part of the water for a richer flavor, but pay close attention because the milk does like to boil over or burn.

    Tip for lower calorie cole slaw: substitute low fat buttermilk for part of the mayo.
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    Haluski - sauteed cabbage and noodles. I make spaetzle for it, but egg noodles work just fine. Ours contains two slices of bacon for flavor.

    Pork tenderloin or chops over sauteed cabbage, onion, and apples

    Fish tacos with cabbage-mango slaw (shredded cabbage, mango cut into matchstick sized pieces, salt, pepper, lime juice - I usually use red cabbage, but white will work just fine)

    Vegetable soup - you can get a ton of cabbage in there as it cooks down, make a big batch and freeze some too!

    Shredded cabbage, onion, pirogi skillet - add some chicken sausage or kielbasa if you'd like

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    Sauerkraut pierogies! I've been dreaming about them lately but the dough has eggs which I can't have right now :(
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    sauteed cabbage, cabbage buns, cabbage and veggie soup, cole slaw. if any of these sound appealing let me know if you would like a recipe
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    All of the above. For some reason, my family loves plain boiled cabbage and chicken. Basically, just take a whole cut up chicken and throw it in some stock or water and any veg or herbs that you'd normally throw into chicken stock. (carrots, celery, onion, thyme, sage, bay leaves, etc.).

    Let the chicken simmer for a bit until cooked and tender (I like cooking for 90-120 minutes or so until the chicken is really tender but not quite falling apart). Cut the cabbage heads into wedges, add to the pot when the chicken is just about where you want it, and let simmer for 30 minutes until tender. Alternatively, you can remove the chicken from the pot before adding the cabbage so as to better control the cooking time or for space considerations.

    Serve the cabbage and chicken in a big bowl with a bit of broth in it. You can add some cooked rice into the bowls before adding the broth if you'd like. If you like asian flavors, you can serve with a bit of oyster sauce, soy sauce, or dumpling sauce on the side for dipping.
  • Lately I've just boiled the leaves for a few mins then tossed in butter. Surprisingly tasty.
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    Lately I've just boiled the leaves for a few mins then tossed in butter. Surprisingly tasty.

    Try boiling in beef stock and add lemon juice and cumin after tossing in butter. Gives it an interesting spin while still simple to make.
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    I love Cabbage soup!
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    I know what you'll be making after you eat two cabbages...
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    Sauerkraut pierogies! I've been dreaming about them lately but the dough has eggs which I can't have right now :(

    Oh my gosh! I forgot about these. My mom used to make them with ground beef and sauerkraut. They were amazing and didn't taste at all "sauer" - just yummy. If you can make 5 kids like cabbage for dinner then that's a win! I actually mentioned this to her a few weeks ago and her response was "way too much work for an old lady". Ahhh, I miss mom's home cooking.
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    Punjabi-style cabbage (cabbage curry with turmeric, peas, and potatoes), cooked with kielbasa, cooked into a stir-fry, shredded thin for tacos
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    Holubtsi! It's Ukrainian stuffed cabbage. You can make it with meat or with barley.
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    Steamed is actually pretty tasty if you don't over cook it and you are too lazy to make one of the fancy things above.
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    Kimchi, cabbage rolls, good old vegetable soup with lots of cabbage!