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Why do people deny CICO ?



  • tigerblue
    tigerblue Posts: 1,623 Member
    tigerblue wrote: »
    I don't deny CICO. I think much, if not all, weight management comes down to it.

    But I don't believe that all the calorie calculators are for everyone. They are based on averages. So your body may not quite be burning the number of calories predicted by "whatever calculator" you are using.

    Many will disagree with me (special snowflake, blah blah blah)--but try being a 50 something woman with hormonal fluctuations that throw everything off (including your metabolic rate), and then try throwing in some hypothyroidism, and maybe some insulin resistance, and it LOOKS like CICO isn't working. It is, but those hormonal problems put a dent in your BMR for sure.

    I am a 50 something woman with a bum thyroid and autoimmune problems. And you know what I read constantly on here?


    I have never understood trying to work forwards from experience and adjusting "facts" to suit what happens to oneself rather than trying to reconcile one's experience with objective scientific fact. If you know something to be true, and your experience doesn't bear it out, the truth isn't wrong, something is off with your data. Reassess, learn more, and move on.

    There's no BUT, in other words.

    So no to BUT try being 50.

    BTW, I lost 90 pounds adjusting expectations to reality instead of trying to adjust reality to expectations. Life is more productive that way.

    Exactly right. You have to adjust to what is actually happening in your body.

    I am just saying that this is one reason some people deny CICO.

    Also, when your BMR tanks and your calorie goal is super low, it is difficult to create a deficit. I just set my goal for 1080 plus exercise, because 1200 plus exercise was not creating a deficit. If I see no results I will lower again.