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Best Fitness Tracker?

sammalla0sammalla0 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hey there!
Im looking for the most accurate fitness tracker. Specifically, most accurate steps.
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  • mortikarobinettemortikarobinette Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    I have the pacer app but it doesn't seem to count all my steps. Maybe I just don't have it set right.
  • hiparihipari Posts: 263Member Member Posts: 263Member Member
    For tracking every step, choose something that goes with you everywhere, and I mean everywhere. If you don’t always take your phone to the bathroom or when you go to a different room in your house, pick a wearable. Personally, I have Fitbit Alta HR and I love it. It’s accurate* for steps, heart rate and calorie count, works as a watch as well and because of the changeable wristbands, it looks more like a watch and less like a fitness tracker. The brand bands from Fitbit are a bit pricey though, but I got some good ones from Amazon.

    *Of course I can never really know if it’s absolutely 100% correct all the time, but it’s consistent with how many steps my frequently taken routes take, how much calories I burn on a regular day, and accurate enough to make the calorie burn - intake = weight loss math check out.
  • Jadub729Jadub729 Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    I have a fitbit HR and I LOVE it. I've had a fitbit for years now and it has definitely given me motivation to move more. I average 15k steps per day now.
  • AshloveswalkingAshloveswalking Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    I’ve had Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Polar. The polar m430 is my favorite.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 6,993Member Member Posts: 6,993Member Member
    there are so many options out there. it depends on what your primary activity is, what your price range is, what other things you want it to do other than track your main activity.
    i do garmin products, if you are an apple person-apple watch is nice.
  • DocMcStuffensDocMcStuffens Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
    I’ve had two Garmins and one Fitbit. I prefer the Garmin - I have the Forerunner 230 now. Holds battery charge long time and is very accurate
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Posts: 2,991Member Member Posts: 2,991Member Member
    Fitbit is a good place to start, they have a few options and aren't super pricey. People find they don't last a terribly long time but mine did, although I only ever used the clip on not the bracelet ones. I use Apple Watch now and love it.
  • mkculsmkculs Posts: 307Member Member Posts: 307Member Member
    Think about what you really want. I thought step tracking would be fine, but now I realize I want a heart rate monitor and GPS in my device. I'm using the Flex for now--cheap, easy--but will buy something else once I find out which is most accurate for the main functions I want. Apparently HRMs are not terribly accurate without a chest strap. I'm going to see if that changes with the next generation of devices.
  • DanpDanp Posts: 452Member Member Posts: 452Member Member
    I wear a watch and don't like having two items on my wrists so bought an WearOS (Android Wear) watch so I could have both in one device.

    It's the first thing I put on in the morning before even climbing out of bed and it's the last thing I take off when I go to sleep so it's with me every moment tracking my steps.

    The downside (and this is the same with pretty much all smart watches) is that you need to put it on to charge each night. This isn't a problem for me as I don't like wearing my watch to bed anyhow but it does mean that you can't get the sleep analysis that some fitness trackers offer.
  • HealthyRebirthHealthyRebirth Posts: 13Member, Premium Member Posts: 13Member, Premium Member
    What is the WearOS? Does it clip onto your other watch bor clothes? Thanks! I too am looking for a new/1st tracker.
  • DanpDanp Posts: 452Member Member Posts: 452Member Member
    WearOS is the operating system for Android smart watches (Used to be called Android Wear).

    There are loads of different watches that run WearOS. They're best compatible with an Android smartphone but can work perfectly well with an iPhone.

    The one I have is the Huawei Watch, but there are WearOS watches from LG, Garmin, Asus, Fossil, Misfit, and loads of others.
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