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Is requiring posting calories of menu items going to help reduce obesity?



  • tbright1965tbright1965 Posts: 830Member, Premium Member Posts: 830Member, Premium Member
    lgfrie wrote: »
    I find it IMMENSELY helpful to have calorie info so broadly available on menus nowadays - a complete game changer that's had a vast impact on what I eat when I'm out.

    I was at Red Lobster tonight, and the calorie info probably saved me 1,000 calories and helped me make a much healthier choice for dinner.

    As to people who don't count calories, it certainly doesn't hurt them to have a little number next to each dish, so I don't see what the objection would be. If those little numbers help 5 or 10 % of the population make better choices and become more fit, what could the complaint possibly be?

    I have no objection to the VOLUNTARY placement of such numbers.

    I have a big problem with those who would FORCE any enterprise to publish such numbers. If you want them and a place doesn't have or post them, don't dine there.

    As far as will it help. It will help for those who take an interest in such numbers. Those who don't care will not care more simply because the number is there.
  • rdthomsrdthoms Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    It can't hurt. I know it makes me think twice or maybe shift an order based on what I see. But it is true that it is up to the person to use/understand the info. If they ignore it then it won't help.
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