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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



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    I have so many cute pairs of shorts from tech school i wanna wear
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    MessyApron wrote: »
    My husband's ex wife is extremely large. Not that I have anything against large people in general, I just really dislike her, she's just really lazy and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle on my stepdaughter. And it makes me feel better knowing that I'm really fit, she's probably jealous, and I'm a better role model to my stepdaughter than she is.
    That and my ex boyfriend cheated on me after 6 years and it feels so AMAZING to see the look on his face every time I run into him in public, when he realizes how much weight I've lost since he dumped me for my best friend.

    Ex best friend, I hope.

    Oh, definitely.
    Funny, I miss her every day but I don't miss him at all. We were best friends for 10 years.
    They're both lazy, unmotivated, alcoholic college drop outs. They will likely work at the same gas station the rest of their lives. They spend their free time either drinking or sitting on the couch smoking pot. And everytime I see them, it seems like they're gaining every bit of weight I've lost and then some.
    It feels phenomenal. That situation was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    I'm feeling amazing, in a few short months away from marrying the man of my dreams, and I've begun my career and get my corrections officer certification at the end of the summer. Life couldn't be better.

    The best revenge is showing them not only do you not need them, but their lives are in the toilet without YOU. <3
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