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It's a brand new month for all of us who are committed to making healthy eating and exercise a way of life. This is a good time to start fresh with new ideas and redouble your efforts with the ones that are working.

The name of the thread is Women ages 50+ but all women are welcome to be part of this supportive and encouraging community.

If you had goals for May, how did you do?

What goals have you set for June?

This thread has been around for a long time and there are many of us who have changed our lives as the result of reading and being part of this community.

Please sign your post with your name or alias and your geographic location so we can get to know each other better.

1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif253149qtzkf0ld22.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington

Resolutions for May (with end of the month comments)
*walk at least 15,000 steps a day (averaged over 17,000 steps a day)
*strength training twice a week (no strength training at all)
*act the way I want to feel (excellent)
*work in the yard two or more times a week (almost every day)
*do a plank daily-ish (more than half the days this month)

Resolutions for June:
*15,000 steps a day
*plank daily-ish
*work in the yard three or more days a week
*work on scanning project daily-ish



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    Thank you. Barbie. Happy June, everyone.
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    Ughhh slept from 8 until 10:30 been up ever since and I usually have Fridays off but have to work tomorrow.
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    Good morning all! Happy Friday! Can you believe it is JUNE?! I can't remember my weight in the beginning of May. So I will just start where I am now. I am up from where I was back in March. :( But I am heading back down the scale. I have decided to go against popular opinion, and have decided to weigh myself daily. So far, it seems to be working. I weighed in on Tuesday at 231.4, Wednesday at 230, Thursday at 229, and today I am at 228.6. I think I need the daily accountability to keep me making the "better choice". I know I will have "heavier" weeks/days; and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that; BUT...my plan will be to weigh myself daily, log daily, follow my meal plan, walk, and take it one day at a time.

    Allie- Your hair look fantastic on you! It really brightens up your face and eyes! My DH always preferred me without make up. I have never worn much make up; and when I was younger had days when I would go without. Now that I have passed some invisible "age" line, I have noticed that if I go without make up, everyone asks if I feel okay. :/ I look either tired or sick. SO...I wear mascara every day. (I am not a lipstick person) Weekends, I go without foundation and blush; but I will ALWAYS put mascara on. It opens up my eyes and makes me look a little "healthier". lol

    Heather- Love hearing about your time with the grandchildren! Love, love LOVE the photo of your DH wearing the "spidey-suit" as a cape around his neck! lol

    My body is still battling the cold, which seems to be getting better; but has decided to throw in a pinched nerve bc of how I slept, I am assuming. Ugh!

    ttfn xoxoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Good morning Ladies -

    Thank you Barbie for starting us off again this month!

    My May goal was simple. Did I attain it? Kind of. My goal was to learn the maintenance game. I think I have a handle on the mental side, which was what was most concerning to me. I don't have a handle yet on the actual maintaining my weight side. My weight is down almost 5 lbs from the beginning of May. That means I am almost 5 lbs under my maintenance range. I'm working on it. Obviously I know how to gain weight, I wouldn't have started this journey a year ago obese if I didn't. I did gain a 1/2 lb last week, so I'm moving in the right direction again. One of my second Mom's told me over the weekend I had lost too much when I went to visit her. I was not offended that she would say something. She loves me and is (and always has) looked out for me. She mentioned it, we talked about it, and it was done. I told her I knew I had, that I was working on maintaining and it was harder than I thought it would be getting the right mix going to maintain and not lose. She was completely satisfied with my answer.

    As for June, I would like to maintain without daily logging and weighing of my food. I don't want to weigh everything I eat forever. If I see that I am gaining steadily (once I am in maintenance range), then I will go back to weighing and logging every bite to get it under control. I will continue to weigh and log for the next 5 days so that I hit 365 days of logging every single morsel that has gone in my mouth for one year.

    KJ - I have been weighing daily for quite a while. The fluctuations can be huge for me (3 lbs) depending on what I have eaten the day before. It has become something I chuckle about. It truly doesn't stress me out when I see the weight has gone up. I hope you can reach that point also. You know when it jumps that much that it is water. You can't gain 3 lbs of fat overnight. Well, maybe you can, but I don't see that happening!

    Janet - You are killing it with the weight loss! Congrats!!! I hope you are very proud of yourself!!

    Heather - Happy Cruising! My fingers are still crossed for your house sale/purchase chain to finally work out. I love hearing your tales of outings with the Grands. I so remember pick a mix with my Grandparents. I only got to pick 1 piece though. Sometimes we would stand there for 5 minutes with me trying to decide which one I wanted and debating the benefit of butterscotch over rootbeer. Where do grands get the patience??

    Penny - I hope your bags show up soon so you can make it to the island!

    Have a great weekend Ladies! We have no big plans. I got the yard done yesterday so only playtime on the schedule for the weekend.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

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    Thanks Barbie!

    I did my last sub job for the year yesterday for a fun Kindergarten class. I went to two retirement party this week and was able to walk away from the treats because I am trying to no longer snack. At the one yesterday her daughter sang her the most beautiful tribute. Gorgeous voice.

    Goal for June:
    1. Work on getting a good night sleep.(I am starting to see improvement)
    2. Three meals a day no snacking.
    3. Meals made up of fruits, veggies, protein, a good fat, whole grains (no processed grains ie flour of any kind)
    4. Trying to eliminate as much sugar too. It cannot be one of the first three ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup.
    5. Continue to walk with walking buddy, attend Zumba and drumming class, and start to exercise in the pool again.

    Just completed day 9. I am noticing I am less grouchy even with the heat wave we just had. It does help that I sleep in a room at 67 degrees. We do not have to cool the house down to this temp. Only one room so it helps with the cooling bill.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Happy June to Everyone!

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    Thanks BARBIE for June thread :)

    Nice to have you back PENNY glad your luggage was delivered safely with the added treat of cute 23 year old delivery guy.

    I also weigh daily but only seriously consider the weekly weigh in, it helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

    We've had gorgeous weather this week in NW England but Birmingham, where my daughter lives had horrendous rain earlier in the week 1 months rain fell in an hour and areas were flooded.

    HEATHER it's great when grands are young. mine are now teens and of course I dont see them as much. They still leave their ipads alone and play cards when I'm with them, I miss the family holidays to Centre Parcs and South Wales. Hope you have a lovely cruise and send us lots of pics.

    I'm binging on The Good Wife on Amazon Prime only on series 2 but love it

    Kate UK <3