If it didn't have calories, right now I would eat...



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    Can I just have one taste of everything? Just one? I promise I can stop at one. :wink:
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    Weird craving for a dutch baby....


    That looks delicious..
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    I ate more of these than I planned.


    Happy New Year!

    What are these, is there something inside?

    It's cornbread. What's inside is goodness. It's a tradition in parts of the USA to have cornbread for New Year's. It's supposed to be lucky. Some say the gold color attracts wealth. Black-eyed peas are also lucky - they are said to represent coins. Collard greens - that's the cash money.

    Sometimes I add fresh/frozen corn. I used to add cheddar; usually not anymore. This time I kept it simple with some hot chilies. It's not a sweet version; I make mine with the tiniest amount of sugar. I also use very little whet flour, and it's 100% stone ground whole wheat. The rest of the ingredients are a mix of corn meal, polenta, and masa. The liquid is buttermilk. I have two corn stick pans and one "corn bread" pan - all cast iron. This makes for lots of crust on every piece, and I put butter all over the top about five minutes before they are done to crisp them up. Preheat the pans and put some butter in right before adding the batter - it sears and gets crispy. It's one of my most-requested foods, but I only really make it a few times per year. Great for potlucks and, of course, wishing every one a HAPPY NEW YEAR. The batch I took out last night all got eaten pretty quickly. I had some left, and I took them to work... but I decided not to share. Yeah. They're tasty.

    I think I'd really like these 🙂

    It would be unusual if you didn't. I'm happy to share my recipe. Main thing is CAST IRON. and the corn stick pans are the bomb. I prefer them to the triangles, but... they both make me smile on my face and in my tummy. Not sweet, and with a nice tooth. Not at all like cake or bread, but.... I better go get some more buttermilk......

    They sound amazing! I got package mixes to use with my new scone pan, I bet your recipe would come out great in it!

    You got it:

    My Cornbread Recipe:

    Get three cast iron corn stick pans or three cast iron cornbread pans or some combination. A second choice is either steel corn stick pans or a 10-inch cast iron pan. I used to just have ONE corn stick pan and one corn bread pan - I would either make a few sticks in a steel pan or use a small cast-iron pan. LONG time ago I just used cast iron pans before I inherited the cornbread pan and bought stick pans.

    Preheat oven to 425F.

    Do mix together:
    0.5 cups stone ground whole wheat flour
    0.5 cups coarse polenta
    0.5 cups cornmeal
    0.5 cups masa harina
    0.125 cups sugar (optional)
    0.5 tsp salt
    1.5 tsp baking powder
    1.0 tsp baking soda
    Crushed red chilies (optional)
    Be sure to mix this together well.

    Do mix together in another bowl:
    one egg
    0.25 cups oil
    2 cups cultured buttermilk
    Beat with a fork to make an emulsion

    Heat cast iron in oven for ten minutes as you mix these two bowls.

    Have on hand any optional ingredients you might want to add including:
    Some frozen corn kernels
    Some shredded cheddar or hard cheese
    Some diced fresh hot chilies or crushed dried/smoked chilies

    Remove cast iron from oven.

    Mix wet ingredients with dry ingredients and mix just enough to get rid of any dry chunks.

    Take a stick of butter and rub it inside each corn stick, triangle, or in your pan. It may start to brown if the pans are too hot; work quickly.

    Pour about a quarter cup of batter in each compartment. It will probably sizzle and start to rise right away.

    Pop into the oven and set the timer to about 22 minutes or so. This is about five or eight minutes less than it actually takes, but you don't want to burn it, and the cast iron will keep cooking it after it comes out of the oven. When it is just barely getting brown, the surface will be dry. Carefully open the oven and rub more butter over the top of each piece making sure some butter runs down the sides and into the cast iron. This is the last thing that crisps it up. Put it back in the oven about five minutes.

    Pop out onto cooling racks and TRY to wait at least a few minutes before you devour them. You DO know how the hipster burned the roof of his mouth, right? Ate cornbread before it was cool.

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    Dinner was chips and perfect salsa, a couple of delicious margaritas 🍹 and these bad boys! Tacos al carbon. 🌮 😋



    With this on the side.

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    All of the chocolate covered pretzels 2kxt3ol25bhn.jpeg
    And SPONGE candy 😍. Orange chocolate flavor.
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    All of the chocolate covered pretzels 2kxt3ol25bhn.jpeg
    And SPONGE candy 😍. Orange chocolate flavor.

    gosh...can they make it more enticing???...seems a little bit TOO easy for several of these cute little containers to fly into ones shopping cart😜
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    Oh my gosh! I ate a banana earlier... and we all know that none of this can compare to a banana :D:D I am literally salivating at the mouth!
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    Peanut butter thumbprint with white chocolate drizzle cookies 5yy5l9ogluk7.jpeg

    Ooh those look good!
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    I'm in the mood for some dark chocolate/nutty/granola-ie/figgy/date crunchy/chewy concoction...a3k92j00thtr.png
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    Bacon Ritz crackers - a whole sleeve. My daughter is eating them in front of me right now.
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    Bacon Ritz crackers - a whole sleeve. My daughter is eating them in front of me right now.

    Didn't even know they had different flavored Ritz now lol!
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    Ooh that burger and fries would be calling my name.


    ended up getting the Reuben! So good... saved the fries for tonight :p

    OMG 😍 that pumpernickel bread looks amazing!

    This cookie dough burrito lol

    I don't know about Rice Krispie treats, but ice cream in there would be heaven!
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    Pancakes for breakfast, then pizza and ice cream (any kind, they’re all good, lol) Yum 😋