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If it didn't have calories, right now I would eat...

quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,293Member Member Posts: 24,293Member Member
What are you craving? Food porn photos get bonus points.

I'd demolish a family-sized bag of Salt and Vinegar Lay's potato chips. At least until my tongue was raw.



  • kami3006kami3006 Posts: 4,849Member, Greeter, Premium Member Posts: 4,849Member, Greeter, Premium Member
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    4 replies and no bacon yet?

    Why is everyone else so bad at eating? - Ron Swanson

    I had a severe stomach bug a few months back and the last thing I ate before it hit was bacon. I haven't been able to eat or even smell it since.

    Now I'm sad. :(

    If there was a foundation looking for the cure for you I would make a donation.

    Thank you for your support.
  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Posts: 2,025Member Member Posts: 2,025Member Member
    My coworkers got turtle sundae ice cream cake for a birthday. Not worth it with calories, but without, I'd be all over it.
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