If it didn't have calories, right now I would eat...



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    Told you he'd be mad :laugh:
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    That looks gross actually. That bottom bun is completely saturated in grease.

    I hate to break it to you, but if the grease isn't running down your arm, what you've got is a sub-par burger :lol:

    I will settle for subpar then. I don't like moist buns. On top of which my OCD would make me wash my hands, arms, face, chest, and everything else that continually dripped on a 100 times before I could finish it.

    Oh, I don't like the roll to get soppy either, that's why you've got to eat it fast!
    I'm kidding about sub-par by the way, not stepping on your preferences at all. I'm reading folks putting down McD's after an OP said she was craving it and I don't want to be like them!

    I don't generally like greasy food (I sop up excess grease off a slice of pizza with a paper towel) but a cheeseburger is a different story for some reason. :blush:

    I agree. I probably wouldn't have said anything if it had not been @quiksylver296.

    I think it would actually be kind of weird to never crave McD again. Most of us grew up eating it. I'd day 99 percent of the time I would never want a Big Mac because it is not worth the calories but 1 percent of the time it is I guess. Some of the other menu items it is more like 75/25 but a Big Mac is not that good to me unless I am in some nostalgia mode.

    I'm the kicking post now?!? I thought it was @tacklewasher!

    I crave McD's McGriddles breakfast sandwiches once in awhile. I have them about twice a year. Sooooo nastily good.

    It's your celebrity status. Everyone loves you and picks on you. It's like dipping your braids into the inkwell.

    And TW will be kittened that you tagged him. He gets testy about that :lol:

    He does?!?



    How'd I get dragged into this. I was working.....

    Think I told you two elsewhere, I'm having crack trail mix issues these days. Do you know how tiny a 160 calorie serving of that *kitten* is?

    And I need a Big Mac maybe once a month.

    That's what made me start this thread, actually.
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    I'd even pay for it!