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    Gebe I’m sure she read the other comments too and probably the reason she replied was because of me looking it up Myself if she’s not eating enough (which was obvious) we basically said the same thing so hopefully she does the right thing which is probably go to a doctor

    a doctor??? um, which section should I go to><?
    (public hospitals in my area are super crowded and dirty)

    Here in the US, most people would go to a general practitioner (GP) or family doctor. That doctor would then refer you to a specialist if needed. You should talk to the doctor about your constipation, and also your weight goals.
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    The fact that you haven't pooped in 2 weeks is alarming, and probably the reason you're not losing weight. I'd consider taking some over the counter meds at the very least. Also, EAT MORE FOOD. That's how you get poop.
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    Take magnesium daily. It will help with the bowels. 😉
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